Failure Modes Driven Strategy

1st Edition

Allied Reliability Group Pocket Consultant Series


  • Ricky Smith
  • Failure Modes Driven Strategy

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    Although the Predictive Maintenance technologies themselves can get quite complicated, the basic concept of PdM is simple enough: Most industrial equipment does not suddenly break down and stop working. The truth is equipment breaks down gradually – over a period of weeks or months. The problem is that one or two technologies alone can’t detect the majority of the warning signals in your plant. As a result, a single-technology PdM program will miss far more faults than it catches. Failure Modes Driven Strategy provides maintenance supervisors and engineers with the numerous warning signals to avoid costly equipment breakdown. These early warning signs – for instance, slight changes in temperature, vibration or sound – can be detected by PdM technologies. As a result, PdM gives you time to plan, schedule and make repairs – before the equipment fails.

    Key Features

    • A clear definition of the roles and responsibilities in the planning and scheduling process
    • Tools and techniques for effectively identify and prioritize work orders
    • Advice for reducing time spent waiting for jobs to be assigned
    • Rules for streamlining complex down-days and shutdowns.


    Maintenance/Facility Managers, Maintenance Supervisors, Plant And Facility Engineers, Maintenance Planners and Schedulers, Maintenance Staff, Manufacturing Managers, Operations Engineers and Managers and Storeroom Managers

    Table of Contents

    Part One: Knowledge is Power: What is a Failure Mode?

    Part Two: Developing an Effective Failure Modes Driven Strategy

    Part Three: Executing and Optimizing a Failure Mode Driven Strategy


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    About the authors

    Ricky Smith

    Ricky has over 30 years in maintenance and reliability as a maintenance manager, maintenance supervisor, maintenance training specialist, field engineer, maintenance mechanic, maintenance consultant and is a well known published author. Ricky has worked with maintenance organizations in hundreds of facilities, industrial plants, ships, etc, world wide in developing reliability, maintenance and technical training strategies. Prior to joining Allied Reliability in 2008, Ricky worked as a professional maintenance employee for Exxon Company USA, Alumax (this plant was rated the best in the world for over 18 years), Kendall Company, and Hercules Chemical providing the foundation for his reliability and maintenance experience. Ricky is the co-author of “Rules of Thumb for Maintenance and Reliability Engineers”, “Lean Maintenance” and “Industrial Repair, Best Maintenance Repair Practices”. Ricky also writes for different magazines during the past 20 years on technical, reliability and maintenance subjects. Ricky holds certification as Certified Plant Maintenance Manager from the Association of Facilities Engineering as well as a Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional from the Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals. Ricky lives in Charleston, SC with his wife. Aside form spending time with his 3 children and 3 grandchildren, Ricky enjoys kayaking, fishing, hiking and archaeology.