Failure Analysis Case Studies II - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9780080439594, 9780080545554

Failure Analysis Case Studies II

1st Edition

Authors: D.R.H. Jones
eBook ISBN: 9780080545554
Hardcover ISBN: 9780080439594
Imprint: Pergamon
Published Date: 1st June 2001
Page Count: 456
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The first book of Failure Analysis Case Studies selected from volumes 1, 2 and 3 of the journal Engineering Failure Analysis was published by Elsevier Science in September 1998. The book has proved to be a sought-after and widely used source of reference material to help people avoid or analyse engineering failures, design and manufacture for greater safety and economy, and assess operating, maintenance and fitness-for-purpose procedures. In the last three years, Engineering Failure Analysis has continued to build on its early success as an essential medium for the publication of failure analysis cases studies and papers on the structure, properties and behaviour of engineering materials as applied to real problems in structures, components and design.

Failure Analysis Case Studies II comprises 40 case studies describing the analysis of real engineering failures which have been selected from volumes 4, 5 and 6 of Engineering Failure Analysis. The case studies have been arranged in sections according to the specific type of failure mechanism involved. The failure mechanisms covered are overload, creep, brittle fracture, fatigue, environmental attack, environmentally assisted cracking and bearing failures. The book constitutes a reference set of real failure investigations which should be useful to professionals and students in most branches of engineering.


For professionals and students in a wide range of engineering subjects.

Table of Contents

Overload Failures.

Bursting of a silo (R. Kieselbach). Shear failure of a road-vehicle steering shaft (J.H. Cleland, D.R.H. Jones). Breakup of the firewall between the B and C modules of the Piper Alpha platform - I. Analysis by hand calculation (A.C. Palmer). Failure of a flexible pipe with a concrete liner (M. Talesnick, R. Baker). Torsional failure of a wire rope mooring line during installation in deep water (C.R. Chaplin).

Creep Failures.

Type III creep cracking at main steam line welds (K.G. Sedman et al.).

Creep failure of a spray drier (P. Carter).
Catastrophic failure of a polypropylene tank Part I: primary investigation (P.R. Lewis, G.W Weidmann). Catastrophic failure of a polypropylene tank Part II: comparison of the DVS 2205 code of practice and the design of the failed tank (G.W. Weidmann, P.R. Lewis).

Brittle Fracture.

Investigation of the MV Kurdistan casualty (S.J. Garwood). Creep failure of a spray drier (P. Carter). Catastrophic failure of a polypropylene tank Part I: primary investigation (P.R. Lewis, G.W Weidmann) Catastrophic failure of a polypropylene tank Part II: comparison of the DVS 2205 code of practice and the design of the failed tank (G.W. Weidmann, P.R. Lewis).
Investigation of failed actuator piston rods (T.F. Rütti, E.J. Wentzel).
Premature failure of prestressed steel bars (A. Valiente, M. Elices).
Premature fracture of a composite nylon radiator (P.R. Lewis).


Catastrophic failure of a raise boring machine during underground reaming operations (A. James).
Fatigue failure of the de Havilland Comet I (P.A. Withey).
Low-cycle fatigue of titanium 6Al-4V surgical tools (H. Velasquez et al.). Failure analysis and experimental stress analysis of a threaded rotating shaft (R.B. Tait).
An investigation of the failure of low pressure steam turbine blades (N.K. Mukhopadhyay et al.). Vibration-induced fatigue failure of an impulse line (K.R. Al-Asmi, A.C. Seibi). Malfunctions of a steam turbine mechanical control system (J.H. Bulloch, A.G. Callagy).
Fatigue failure of hold-down bolts for a hydraulic cylinder gland (C. Tao et al.).
Analysis of a vehicle wheel shaft failure (J. Vogwell).
Fatigue failure analysis of a leg press exercise machine (P.J.Vernon, T.J Mackin). Failure analysis of rubber fuel pipes in aero-engines (G. Fu).

Environmental Attack.

Failure of austenitic stainless steel components used in nitrogen oxide plant (V.M.J. Sharma et al.).

Corrosion of central heating systems (D.R.H. Jones). Crevice corrosion of 316L caused by chloride partition in water-butanone mixtures (J.H. Cleland). Type I pitting of copper tubes from a water distribution system (P.J.L. Fernandes). Corrosion of flexible waveguides (D. Papatheodorou et al.). Failure of automobile seat belts caused by polymer degradation (J.M. Henshaw et al.). Oxidation failure of radiant heater tubes (K.B. Yoon, D.G. Jeong.).

Environmentally Assisted Cracking.

Sustained load crack growth leading to failure in aluminium gas cylinders in traffic (J.W.H. Price et al.).

Hydrogen-assisted stress-corrosion of prestressing wires in a motorway viaduct (L. Vehovar et al.). Failure analysis of carrier chain pins (G.A. Slabbert et al.). Unusual cases of weld-associated cracking experienced in a high temperature catalyst reduction reactor (M.L. Holland).
Hydrogen cracking of ferritic stainless steel thermal storage tanks (S. Konosu, T. Nakaniwa). Hydrogen embrittlement failure of hot dip galvanised high tensile wires (N.K. Mukhopadhyay et al.).

Bearing Failures. Contact fatigue in rolling-element bearings (P.J.L. Fernandes). An air crash due to fatigue failure of a ball bearing (I. Salam et al.). Failure analysis of a condensate pump shaft (A.M. Lancha et al.). Author Index.


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