Experimental Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics 1993 - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9780444816191, 9780444598608

Experimental Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics 1993

1st Edition

Editors: M.D. Kelleher R.K. Shah K.R. Sreenivasan Y. Joshi
eBook ISBN: 9780444598608
Imprint: Elsevier Science
Published Date: 21st October 1993
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The papers contained in this volume reflect the ingenuity and originality of experimental work in the areas of fluid mechanics, heat transfer and thermodynamics. The contributors are drawn from 27 countries which indicates how well the worldwide scientific community is networked. The papers cover a broad spectrum from the experimental investigation of complex fundamental physical phenomena to the study of practical devices and applications. A uniform outline and method of presentation has been used for each paper.

Table of Contents

Abbreviated. Plenary Lecture. Nusselt-Reynolds Prize Lecture. Keynote Lectures. Measurement techniques in high enthalpy hypersonic facilities (J.M. Simmons). Experimental techniques in natural convection (I. Tanasawa). Density-sensitive whole-field flow measurement optical speckle photography (W. Merzkirch). Invited Lectures. Experimental heat transfer, fluid mechanics and thermodynamics in the development of large air-cooled heat exchangers (D.G. Kröger). Experimental thermal hydraulic studies for pressurized heavy water reactors - an update and review (V. Venkat Raj). CONTRIBUTED PAPERS. Heat Exchangers and Heat Pipes. Modelling of cooling tower splash pack (A.A. Dreyer, P.J. Erens). Local heat transfer and flow losses in fin-tube heat exchangers with vortex generators: A comparison of round and flat tubes (M. Fiebig, A. Valencia, N.K. Mitra). Power, Refrigeration Systems and Fluid Machinery. Application of spectral analysis techniques to cavitation in centrifugal pumps (O.E. Eralp, S. Oruç). A method for temperature measurements in circulating fluidized bed boilers (M.R.G. Golriz, B. Sundén). Forced Convection. A study on heat/mass transfer from rectangular cylinders using naphthalene sublimation technique (C.H. Chung, M.K. Chung, S.Y. Yoo). Experimental investigation on exponential heating of a laminar flow (S. Piva, G. Pagliarini). Additional Papers - Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer. Heat and mass transfer between two reservoirs through a liquid interface (M. De Salve, G.D. Tin, B. Panella). Inverse problem of steady-state, two-dimensional heat conduction in a hollow cylinder wall: Theory and applications (M. Mosaad). Natural and Mixed Convection. Effects of power pulsations on natural convection from discrete heat sources (Y. Joshi, S. Larsen, E.M. Akdeniz). Analysis of natural convection on a horizontal-edge convex dihedron with on-both-sides step discontinuity in heat production (M. Cappelli D'Orazio, C. Cianfrini, M. Corcione). Additional Papers - Fluid Mechanics.Unsteady characteristics of the cavity flow around a rough circular cylinder (T. Kaga, T. Ota). Induced vibrations in fluid dynamics for energy conservation - theory and experiment (G. Nicoletti, R. Arienti). Turbulent Flows.Measurements on the redistribution of turbulent flow in a rod bundle downstream of a partially blocked spacer grid (K. Rehme). Effects of incipient separation on the mean and turbulent fluctuating velocities in a conical diffuser flow (R.K. Singh, R.S. Azad). Reacting Flows. Combustion aerodynamics of a gas fired furnace with peripheral fuel injection (A.M.A. Kenbar, S.A. Beltagui, N.R.I. MacCallum). Removal of NOx, contained in exhaust gas by N2 arc plasma injection (T. Morimune, Y. Ejiri, T. Tsukakoshi). Aerodynamics. Lee-side support interference effects on delta wings at Mach 8 (R. Ramesh, M.A. Ramaswamy, B. Vasudevan). Lift by magnus effect - experimental investigation about the influence of the surface conditions (A.C. Caputo, G. Cavanna, V. Delle Site). Boiling. Subcooled void growth for finned and circular annular geometries at low pressures and low velocities (E.L. Bibeau, M. Salcudean, J.E. Kowalski). Leidenfrost temperature on an extremely smooth surface (N. Nagai, S. Nishio). Boiling Critical Heat Flux. Characteristics of the critical heat flux for downward flow in a vertical tube at low flow rate and low pressure conditions (S.W. Ruan, G. Bartsch, S.M. Yang). Critical heat flux and post CHF heat transfer of steam water two phase flow in helical coil tubes (T.K. Chen, Q.C. Bi, X.J. Chen). Two Phase Flows and Condensation. Two-phase flow characteristics in vertical up-and-down flow across a horizontal tube bundle (Q.-J. Wang et al.). Two-phase flow transitions in horizontal nuclear fuel channels (D. Datta et al.). Gas-Liquid Flows. Measuring 3-D distribution of void fraction in gas-liquid two-phase flow using holography and computer image processing (Y.-Z. Song, Z.-Y. Guo). An experimental investigation of carbon dioxide bubble clouds rising and dissolving in an ocean environment: The effect of flow rate, partial pressure and seawater salinity (M. Cerza, W.T. Shaffer). Multi-Component\Multi-Phase Flows. Heat transfer in a baffled bubble columns of dilute slurries of fine powders and viscous liquids (S.C. Saxena, Z.D. Chen). Explosive thermal interactions with molten lava and water (G. Fröhlich, B. Zimanowski, V. Lorenz). Optical and Non-Intrusive Experimental Methods. Flow birefringence measurements in a gap between two rotating rolls (St. v. Bose, D. Mewes). Intermittent liquid spray characterization by laser attenuation (C.W. Savery, K. Gebert). Novel Phenomena, Sensors and Applications. A multi-position hot-wire technique for the study of swirling flows in vortex chambers (A. Fitouri, M.K. Khan, H.H. Bruun). An accurate electrical probe for plasma diagnosis and simulation of time-dependent sheath characteristics (S. Kato et al.). Thermodynamic and Thermophysical Properties. Measurement of the effective thermal conductivity of a metal hydride bed with chemical reaction (J. Kapischke, J. Hapke). Determination of the density of non-Newtonian fluids (K. Cho, T.F. Irvine, Jr.). Author Index.


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