Stories in Mental Health

1st Edition

Reflection, Inquiry, Action


  • Peta Marks
  • Debra Nizette
  • Margaret McAllister
  • Key Features

    Workbook and online format

    • Workbook - each story features:

      • Introduction
      • Teaching and learning strategies - Reflection, Inquiry and Action
      • Weblinks
      • Text links - aligned to Part 3 of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing 3e
      • References for further reading
      • A final word
      • Transcripts of all interviews included in the back of the book


      • The online component features all content from the workbook with videos embedded

    Table of Contents

    About the authors



    About this resource

    Part 1: Behind the scenes

    Part 2: Setting the scene

    Makhala’s story: Resilience

    Jennifer, Anne and Christine: Cultural and social inclusion

    Toby’s story: Being authentic

    Bernie’s story: The lived experience

    Jean’s story: Carers

    Toby: Recovery

    Clinical supervision: Learning about self and others

    Part 3: Stories from consumers, carers and clinicians

    Claire’s story: How mental health has changed

    Lisa’s story: Experiencing a major life transition

    Mike’s story: Facilitating empowerment

    Gordon’s story: Fatherhood

    Rachel’s story: Relating to young people

    Nadine’s story: Having a parent with a mental illness

    Tara’s story: Humanising dementia care

    Jeremy’s story: Beliefs and perceptions

    Toby’s story: Providing an accessible service

    Lorraine’s story: A creative consumer advocate

    Christine’s story: Primary mental healthcare

    Catherine’s story: Reframing personality disorder

    Louise’s story: On conversational models

    Jarrad’s story: Containing fear

    Todd’s story: Consultation liaison

    Sonja’s story: Finding strengths Collaborative practice

    Kay’s story: The social and physical impacts of alcohol

    Colleen’s story: Health education as core to mental health nursing

    Zoe’s story: Living with multiple selves

    Jay’s story: Being non-judgemental

    Bill’s story: Cultivating a therapeutic milieu



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