Stories in Mental Health

1st Edition

Reflection, Inquiry, Action


  • Debra Nizette
  • Margaret McAllister
  • Peta Marks
  • Key Features

    Workbook and online format

    • Workbook - each story features:

      • Introduction
      • Teaching and learning strategies - Reflection, Inquiry and Action
      • Weblinks
      • Text links - aligned to Part 3 of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing 3e
      • References for further reading
      • A final word
      • Transcripts of all interviews included in the back of the book


      • The online component features all content from the workbook with videos embedded

    Table of Contents

    About the authors



    About this resource

    Part 1: Behind the scenes

    Part 2: Setting the scene

    Makhala’s story: Resilience

    Jennifer, Anne and Christine: Cultural and social inclusion

    Toby’s story: Being authentic

    Bernie’s story: The lived experience

    Jean’s story: Carers

    Toby: Recovery

    Clinical supervision: Learning about self and others

    Part 3: Stories from consumers, carers and clinicians

    Claire’s story: How mental health has changed

    Lisa’s story: Experiencing a major life transition

    Mike’s story: Facilitating empowerment

    Gordon’s story: Fatherhood

    Rachel’s story: Relating to young people

    Nadine’s story: Having a parent with a mental illness

    Tara’s story: Humanising dementia care

    Jeremy’s story: Beliefs and perceptions

    Toby’s story: Providing an accessible service

    Lorraine’s story: A creative consumer advocate

    Christine’s story: Primary mental healthcare

    Catherine’s story: Reframing personality disorder

    Louise’s story: On conversational models

    Jarrad’s story: Containing fear

    Todd’s story: Consultation liaison

    Sonja’s story: Finding strengths Collaborative practice

    Kay’s story: The social and physical impacts of alcohol

    Colleen’s story: Health education as core to mental health nursing

    Zoe’s story: Living with multiple selves

    Jay’s story: Being non-judgemental

    Bill’s story: Cultivating a therapeutic milieu



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    About the authors

    Debra Nizette

    Affiliations and Expertise

    Mental Health Nursing Advisor, Office of the Chief Nursing Officer; Queensland Health

    Margaret McAllister

    Affiliations and Expertise

    Professor of Nursing, Mental Health Faculty of Science, Health, Education and Engineering University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland

    Peta Marks

    Affiliations and Expertise

    Director, Australian Health Consulting (Mental Health), Senior Projects Officer, Australian College of Mental Health Nurses