Everyday English for International Nurses

1st Edition

A Guide to Working in the UK


  • Chris Brooker
  • Joy Parkinson
    • Print ISBN 9780443073991

    Key Features

    · An extensive list of colloquialisms, phrasal verbs & idioms will enable the nurse to understand most of the informal language encountered in practice.
    · Practical information on getting on the UK register, the IELTS test & adaptation programs will help nurses to get jobs more quickly upon arrival.
    · Information about the organization of the NHS will help nurses to make sense of the health system and settle in more quickly.
    · Practical information on resources will help nurses tackle any organizational problems that they encounter.

    Table of Contents

    1. Nursing in the UK. 2. Registering as a nurse in UK and career development. 3. The National Health Service and Social Services. 4. Nursing documentation, record keeping and written communication. 5. Communication in nursing. 6. Colloquial English - Parts of the body - Body functions - Mental and physical states - General expressions - Reproductive and sexual health problems - Glossary of medical and colloquial names. 7. Idioms: parts of the body. 8. Phrasal verbs. 9. Abbreviations used in nursing. 10. Useful addresses, web sites and other resources. 11. Units of measurement. Appendix: General further reading suggestions.


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