Eurosensors IV

1st Edition

Sensoren Technologie und Anwendung


  • K.H. Härdtl
    • Print ISBN 9780444750792


    The EUROSENSORS IV conference was combined with Sensoren – Technologie und Anwendung, the successful national meeting of the Informationstechnische Gesellschaft (ITG) of VDE and the Gesellschaft für Mess– und Automatisierungstechnik (GMA) of the VDI/VDE. In recent years the interest in sensors has grown continuously. This is evident from the increasing number of publications, of national and international conferences, exhibitions, workshops, etc. in this field. EUROSENSORS IV reflects this trend, having more than 800 participants from 27 different countries, 3 plenary, 17 invited and 230 contributed papers presenting the latest work in research, development and application of all types of modern sensors. The Programme Committee of EUROSENSORS IV decided to publish the papers as a special issue of journal Sensors and Actuators to guarantee a worldwide dissemination of scientific knowledge.


    Academic and Industrial Researchers in Applied Physics, Analytical Chemistry and Instrument Development

    Table of Contents

    Volume I: Preface, Organizing Committee, Plenary Papers, Chemical Sensors, Sensor Membranes, Gas Sensors, ISFETs and Related Sensors, Thick–film Sensors, Humidity Sensors, Biosensors, Poster Discussions, Author Index, Subject Index. Volume II: Micromachining, Software Techniques, Packaging and Interconnection, Automotive Sensors, Bus Systems, Infrared Sensors, Optical Sensors, Fibre Sensors, Thick–film Sensors, Humidity Sensors, Tactile and Displacement Sensors, Mechanical Sensors, Acoustic Sensors, Magnetic Sensors, Resonators, Poster Discussions, Authors Index, Subject Index.


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