This volume is the product of the International Conference on Cohesive Sediment Transport (INTERCOH 2003) held at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science, U.S.A., during October 1-4, 2003. The topics included in this monograph range from basic research on cohesive sediment dynamics to practical applications. Also included with this book is a database that contains all experimental results as well as a comparison of numerical simulation results supported by the COSINUS project.

Key Features

* Provides fundamental knowledge of the dynamics of cohesive sediments * Presents practical applications of new finds on sedimentary processes * Includes valuable ready-for-use data


Marine geologists, sedimentologists, and researchers in coastal & hydraulic engineering

Table of Contents

Preface. Preliminary findings of a study of the upper reaches of the Tamar Estuary, UK, throughout a complete tidal cycle: Part I: Linking hydrodynamic and sediment cycles (S.J. Bass, A.J. Manning, K.R. Dyer). Preliminary findings of a study of the upper reaches of the Tamar Estuary, UK, throughout a complete tidal cycle: Part II: In-situ floc spectra observations (A.J. Manning, S.J. Bass, K.R. Dyer). Aggregation and breakage rates in the flocculation of estuarine cohesive sediments (L.E. Neumann, T. Howes). An experimental study into the evolution of the size distribution of kaolinite flocs (F. Maggi, J.C. Winterwerp). Constancy of the relation between floc size and density in San Francisco Bay (N.K. Ganju et al.). Effects of different erosion techniques on sediment beds in the laboratory (G. Sills, G. Lintern, J. Leung). Approximate equations for sediment erosion rates (W. Lick et al.). Estimation of annual average propeller erosion rate in San Diego Bay, California (J.P.-Y. Maa, B. Chadwick). Organic-rich fine sediments in Florida, Part 1: Sources & nature (R. Kirby). Organic-rich fine sediments in Florida, Part II: Resuspension in a lake (J.E. Gowland et al.). A modular entrainment model for cohesive sediment (T.R. Keen, Y. Furukawa). On the sedimentation rate of cohesive sediment(J.C. Winterwerp). A preliminary study on the hindered settling of kaolinite flocs (P.J.T. Dankers, J.C. Winterwerp, W.G.M. van Kesteren). A parameterized consolidation model for cohesive sediments (G.J. de Boer, L.M. Merckelbach, J.C. Winterwerp). Estimation of mud rheological parameters using genetic algorithm for a two-layer wave-mud system (Qing-He Zhang, O.W.H. Wai and Z.-D. Zhao). The critical diameter for distinguishing bed material load and


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