Essentials of Surgical Oncology

1st Edition

Surgical Foundations


  • Michael Sabel
  • Vernon Sondak
  • Jeffrey Sussman
    • Print ISBN 9780815143857

    Key Features

    • Coverage progresses from key basic science knowledge, principles of oncology care and research, and general diagnostic and operative procedures for a variety of cancers, including breast cancer, melanoma, sarcoma, GI malignancies, head and neck cancers and endocrine tumors, so you can face any challenge with confidence.
    • Begins each chapter with a bulleted list of key points, and presents crucial facts in boxes, to facilitate review.
    • Offers abundant illustrations, photographs, and tables to clarify complex concepts.

    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1 Molecular Biology

    Chapter 2 Cellular Biology

    Chapter 3 Cancer Epidemiology

    Chapter 4 Principles of Surgical Therapy

    Chapter 5 Principles of Chemotherapy

    Chapter 6 Radiation Oncology

    Chapter 7 Principles of Immunotherapy

    Chapter 8 Noninvasive Breast Cancer

    Chapter 9 Invasive Breast Cancer

    Chapter 10 Melanoma & Nonmelanoma Skin Cancer

    Chapter 11 Sarcoma

    Chapter 12 Thyroid & Parathyroid

    Chapter 13 Benign & Malignant Adrenal Gland Tumors

    Chapter 14 Endocrine Pancreas

    Chapter 15 Esophagus

    Chapter 16 Stomach & Intestine

    Chapter 17 Exocrine Pancreas

    Chapter 18 Hepatobiliary

    Chapter 19 Colorectal

    Chapter 20 Multimodality

    Chapter 21 Head & Neck

    Chapter 22 Lymphoma & Leukemia

    Chapter 23 Gynecologic Cancers

    Chapter 24 Urologic

    Chapter 25 Pediatric

    Chapter 26 Surgery of Advanced Disease

    Chapter 27 Surgical Emergencies


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