Essential Skills for a Medical Teacher

1st Edition

An Introduction to Teaching and Learning in Medicine


  • Jennifer Laidlaw
  • Ronald Harden
  • Table of Contents

    Section 1 The roles and competences of a "good" teacher

    • What is a good teacher?.
    • Understanding basic educational principles.
    • Being an enthusiastic and passionate teacher
    • Knowing what works best.
    • Checking your performance as a teacher and keeping up-to-date.

    Section 2 Defining Learning outcomes

    • The need for an outcome-based approach.
    • Specifying learning outcomes and competencies.
    • Describing and communicating the learning outcomes.
    • Implementing an outcome-based approach in practice.

    Section 3 Organising the learning programme

    • What constitutes a curriculum
    • Ten questions to ask when planning a curriculum
    • Sequencing the content and the spiral curriculum.
    • Adopting a student-centred approach
    • Building learning around problems and clinical presentations
    • Using an integrated and inter-professional approach
    • Making the apprenticeship model and work-based learning more effective.
    • Building options into a core curriculum
    • Recognising the importance of the education environment.
    • Mapping the curriculum

    Section 4 Facilitating learning

    • The teachers toolkit
    • The lectures and teaching with large groups
    • Learning in small groups.
    • Independent learning
    • Teaching and learning in the clinical context
    • Simulation of the clinical experience
    • E-learning


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