Key Features

  • Concentrates on the essential core of knowledge on human disease needed by the dentist.
  • Focuses on the implications of conditions and drug treatment for dental practice, with important practice points emphasized in boxes.
  • Uses standardised headings for each condition and concise text to make instant reference easy in clinical situations.
  • Provides comprehensive coverage of relevant conditions from cardiovascular and respiratory disease through to psychiatric disorders, extremes of age and pregnancy.
  • Covers an area that has considerable medicolegal relevance for today's dentists - failure to take account of pre-existing conditions or drug treatments may lead to litigation.
  • Includes procedures for dealing with medical emergencies in the dental surgery are described.
  • Illustrated in full colour.

Table of Contents

1 Assessment and risk management
2 Cardiovascular history and examination
3 Respiratory examination
4 Gastroenterology
5 Neurological disorders
6 Endocrine disease
7 Musculoskeletal diseases
8 Liver and renal disease
9 Haematology
10 Skin diseases
11 Infectious diseases
12 ENT disorders
13 Immunologically mediated diseases
14 Psychiatric disorders
15 Extremes of age
16 Pregnancy
17 Transplant patients
18 Malignant disease
19 Disability
20 Health promotion
21 Medical emergencies in dental practice
22 Emergency kit
23 Intravenous cannulation and IM injection


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