Equine Exercise Physiology

1st Edition

The Science of Exercise in the Athletic Horse


Key Features

  • Topics include: the musculoskeletal system and physiology; tendon, ligament and joint physiology; the biomechanics of locomotion; respiratory, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal systems; metabolism and nutritional management; thermoregulation; hematology and immunology
  • Written by the top experts currently working in the area of equine exercise physiology
  • Designed for those seeking comprehensive information in a digestible format about the basic science of equine exercise physiology, rather than the clinical aspects
  • Over 250 high quality illustrations that amplify and illustrate important points
  • Information available in a readily accessible format.

Table of Contents

Section 1: Integrative physiology and exercise testing

1. Integrative physiology of exercise

2. Laboratory assessment of fitness NEW!

3. Exercise testing in the field

Section 2: Musculoskeletal system

4. Muscle physiology: responses to exercise

5. Skeletal physiology: responses to exercise

6. Tendon physiology: responses to exercise and training

7. Joint physiology: responses to exercise and training

8. Biomechanics of locomotion in the athletic horse

Section 3: Respiratory System

9. Upper airway function of normal horses during exercise

10. Lower airway function of normal horses: responses to training and exercise

Section 4: Cardiovascular System

11. Heart and vessels: functions during exercise and response to training

Section 5: Metabolism and Nutrition

12. Metabolic responses to exercise and training

13. Endocrine responses to exercise and training

14. Nutrition

Section 6: Fluids and electrolytes

15. Physiology of body fluids in the equine athlete

16. Acid-base physiology during exercise and in response to training

17. Thermoregulation NEW!

Section 7: Hematology and Immunology

18. Hematologic responses to exercise and training

19. Immunological responses to exercise and training

Section 8: Gastrointestinal

20. Effects of exercise and training on hepatic and gastrointestinal function


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