Equations of Membrane Biophysics

Equations of Membrane Biophysics

1st Edition - June 28, 1984

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  • Author: N Lakshminarayanaiah
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483272160

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Equations of Membrane Biophysics provides an introduction to the relevant principles of thermodynamics, kinetics, electricity, surface chemistry, electrochemistry, and other mathematical theorems so that the quantitative aspects of membrane phenomena in model and biological systems could be described. The book begins by introducing several phenomena that arise across membranes, both artificial and biological, when different driving forces act across them. This is followed by separate chapters on thermodynamic principles related to properties of dilute aqueous electrolyte solutions along with a review of the principles of electrostatics, electrochemical principles, Fick's laws of diffusion, and the rate theory of diffusion; the quantitative aspects of the electrochemistry of solutions and membranes, and the quantitative relations between charges and electrostatic potentials related to surfaces and interfaces; and membrane theories pertaining to electrical potentials arising across a variety of membranes. Subsequent chapters deal with steady-state thermodynamic approaches to several transport phenomena in membranes; tissue impedance, cable theory, and Hodgkin-Huxley equations; and fluctuation analysis of the electrical properties of the membrane.

Table of Contents

  • Preface

    Chapter 1 Introduction


    Chapter 2 Basic Principles

    I. Thermodynamic Concepts

    II. Electrostatics

    III. Physical and Electrochemical Principles


    Chapter 3 Electrochemistry of Solutions and Membranes

    I. The Debye-Hiickel Theory

    II. Debye-Hiickel Theory and Activity Coefficients

    III. Debye-Hiickel Theory and Electrolyte Conductance

    IV. Distribution of Ions and Potential Differences at Interfaces

    V. Electrokinetic Phenomena

    VI. Donnan Equilibrium

    VII. Donnan Equilibrium in Charged Membranes

    VIII. Membrane Potential

    IX. Some Applications of the Double-Layer Theory

    X. Model-System Approach to Evaluation of Surface Charge Density


    Chapter 4 Electrical Potentials across Membranes

    I. Bi- and Multi-Ionic Potentials

    II. Determination of Selectivity Coefficients Kpotij

    III. Integration of Nernst-Planck Flux Equation

    IV. Other Models

    V. Liquid Membranes

    VI. Thermodynamic Approach to Isothermal Membrane Potenti;

    VII. Kinetic Approach to Membrane Potentials


    Chapter 5 Kinetic Models of Membrane Transport

    I. Equations of Enzyme Kinetics

    II. Schematic Method of Deriving Rate Equations

    III. Enzyme Kinetics of Mediated Transport

    IV. Eyring Model for Membrane Permeation

    V. Eyring Model and Biological Membranes

    VI. Model for Lipid-Soluble Ions

    VII. Model for Carriers of Small Ions

    VIII. Models for Channel-Forming Ionophores


    Chapter 6 Steady-State Thermodynamic Approach to Membrane Transport

    I. Basic Principles

    II. Electrical Parameters

    III. Electrokinetic Phenomena

    IV. Transport of a Solution of Nonelectrolyte across a Simple Membrane

    V. Permeation of Electrolyte Solution through a Membrane

    VI. Nature of Water Flow across Membranes


    Chapter 7 Impedance, Cable Theory, and Hodgkinhuxley Equations

    I. Impedance

    II. Elements of the Cable Theory

    III. Models to Relate Input Impedance to Electrical Cell Constants

    IV. Hodgkin-Huxley Equations


    Chapter 8 Fluctuation Analysis of the Electrical Properties of the Membrane

    I. Nonmathematical Description of Noise Analysis

    II. Statistical Concepts

    III. Mathematical Preliminaries

    IV. Spectral Density and Rayleigh's Theorem

    V. Spectral Density and Source Impedance

    VI. Filters

    VII. Correlation Function and Spectra

    VIII. Types of Noise Sources



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  • No. of pages: 436
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Academic Press 1984
  • Published: June 28, 1984
  • Imprint: Academic Press
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483272160

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N Lakshminarayanaiah

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