EPS - High Energy Physics '89 - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9781483228938, 9781483257297

EPS - High Energy Physics '89

1st Edition

Proceedings of the International Europhysics Conference on High Energy Physics

Editors: R. Fernandez Alvarez-Estrada C. Lopez F. Barreiro
eBook ISBN: 9781483257297
Imprint: North Holland
Published Date: 1st January 1990
Page Count: 728
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EPS - High Energy Physics '89 presents the proceeding of the International Europhysics Conference on High Energy physics, held in Madrid, Spain, on September 6–13, 1989. This book outlines several topics on the interface between cosmology/astrophysics and particle physics. Organized into two parts encompassing 181 chapters, this compilation of papers begins with an overview of the implications of the cosmic light element abundances. This text then examines the various aspects of lattice field theory. Other chapters consider the theoretical evidence of a fundamental length in string theory and outline the main features of the higher order corrections to the heavy quark inclusive cross section. This book discusses as well the theory of heavy quark production in hadron collision. The final chapter deals with the idea of low-energy supersymmetry, which relates the scale of supersymmetry breaking to the origin and stability of the electroweak scale. This book is a valuable resource for astrophysicists, physicists, and scientists.

Table of Contents



Part 1. Plenary Sessions

Particle Physics in Astrophysics and Cosmology

Lattice Field Theory

Hadron Collider Physics at the CERN SPS

Hadron Collider Physics at Fermilab

Flavour Mixing, Rare Decays, CP Violation and the Columbus Paradigm

Electroweak Physics

Superstrings and Unification

e+e- Physics Below Z0

Production and Decay of Heavy Flavors

Hard Processes: the Phenomenology of Perturbative QCD

Non Accelerator Particle Physics

QCD at Short Distances

New Developments in Accelerator Technology

Summary Talk

Part 2. Parallel Sessions

2.1. Tests of the Electroweak Standard Model

Higher Order QED Radiative Corrections for Electron-Positron Collisions

Electroweak Tests at PEP and PETRA

Electroweak Physics with Muons at CDF

Standard Model Parameters from UA2

Electroweak Radiative Corrections

Search for vμ-vT Oscillations in BEBC

Tests of the Electroweak Model at TRISTAN

A Measurement of the Z Boson Resonance Parameters at the SLC

Preliminary Electroweak Results from CDF Electron DATA

2.2. QCD/Fragmentation

Nucleon Structure Function in the Prescaling Region

Quark Distribution and ΔQCD at HERA

A Combined Analysis of S LAC Experiments on Deep Inelastic e-p and e-d Scattering

Results on QCD from PEP and PETRA

New Muon Collaboration Results on the EMC Effect

Direct Photon, J/ψ, and High Mass e-Pair Production

The Structure of Higher Order QCD Corrections

e+e- Annihilation on QCD - Two Specific Problems

Testing QPM↔QCD with Real Photons. Recent Results from WA69

QCD Studies by CDF

Exact and Approximate Methods for Multi-Gluon Scattering

The Pomeron Structure Function in QCD

Recent Results on QCD from TRISTAN

Study of Hadronic Final States of Æ Boson Decays

The Scale of α8

New Results of F2n/F2p from Deep Inelastic Lepton Scattering at CERN

Latest Results on Jets from UA2

QCD Tests in e+e- → Hadrons

Color Transparency and Mini-Hadron Dynamics

The W and Z Production Cross Sections and QCD Effects

Test of QCD Parton Scattering Amplitudes in High PT Pp Interactions

Higher Twist Signal from R= σL/σT Data in Deep Inelastic Electron Scattering

Implications of Recent Deep Inelastic Scattering Data

2.3. Flavour Physics

Production of Prompt Electrons in the Charm PT-Range in Pp Collisions at √s=630 GeV

Threshold Production of C and B Meson Pairs in e+e- Annihilation

Search for the Top Quark in UA2

A Measurement of the Weak Axial Couplings of the b- and c-Quark

Top Mass from Electroweak Data

CDF Top Quark Searches

Charm Hadroproduction with an Impact Parameter Trigger

A Search Fc Non-qq Mesons in the Central Region

Angular Distributions in Exclusive Semi-Leptonic Bottom Meson Decays

Measurement of Heavy Quark Charge Asymmetries at 35 and 43 GeV and Heavy Flavour Physics with CELLO

ARGUS Results on Antideuteron Production

Recent Results from CLEO on B Physics at the ϒ(4S)

Recent ψ" Results from Mark III

Measurement of B0-B0 Mixing Using the Mark II at PEP

Recent ARGUS Results on B Meson Decays

Measurement of τ Decays with the CELLO Detector at PETRA

Theory of Heavy Quark Production in pp Collisions

New Charm Results from ARGUS

Upsilon Spectroscopy: Recent CUSB-II Results

The Search for the Top Quark at UA1

Evidence for Semileptonic Charmless B Decays at ARGUS

2.4. CP Violation in K and B

Contribution of Penguin Graphs in K→2π, K→3π Decays

Strong CP Violation: the Neutron Electric Dipole Moment in Lattice QCD

CP and CPT: Reassessment of Penguin Induced CP Violation in B Decays

CP Violation in B-Meson Decays

The NA31 ϵ"/ϵ Measurement

KL → π°e+e- and CP-Violation

Weak Matrix Elements on the Lattice

The Search for the Electric Dipole Moment of the Neutron

A New Measurement of CP Violation Parameter ϵ"/ϵ

Measurement of the Phases Φ+- and Φ00 of the CP-Violating Amplitudes in K° →2π Decay and Test of CPT Invariance

2.5. Heavy Ion Collisions

The Production of Φ in 200 GeV/Nucleon S-U and O-U Interactions

Nucleus-Nucleus Interactions in Reggeon Theory

J/ψ Suppression: A Higher Twist Effect?

Transition to Colour Deconfinement in QCD

Studies of Multiparticle Production in Heavy Ion Collisions Using a Time Projection Chamber

On the Pion System Produced in High Energy Nuclear Collisions

Strangeness Production in Sulphur-Tungsten Interactions at 200 GeV/c Per Nucleon

Comprehensive Results on Nucleus-Nucleus Interactions at 200 GeV/Nucleon

Large-Angle Two-Particle Correlations in Nucleus-Nucleus Collisions at 3.6 GeV/Nucl.

Results from the WA80 Experiment

2.6. Soft Hadronic Interactions

Log(s) Physics Results from CDF

Measurement of Pp Elastic Scattering and Total Cross Section at √s =1.8 TeV

Particle Production in Meson-Proton and Meson-Nucleus Interactions at 250 GeV/c

Soft Hadronic Interactions

Effects of Gluon Radiation in Hadronic Collisions

Colour Screening Effects in High-Energy Hadron Collisions

Review on Intermittency in Particle Multiproduction

Is Intermittency Explainable By Conventional Wisdom?

2.7. Rare Processes, New Particles

Search for Supersymmetry with the UA2 Detector

The Experimental Study of the π-→e-vy Decay in Flight

b" Decay Modes: Implications for Discovery

A Search for New Particles in Z Decay

Recent Results on New Particle Search from TRISTAN

Rare Kaon Decays at NA31

2.8. Non-Accelerator Physics

Soudan II Progress

Muon Bundles Observed in the Fréjus Underground Detector and Primary Cosmic Ray Composition

Present and Future Low Energy Experiments in the Gran Sasso Underground Laboratory

The Baksan Gallium Solar Neutrino Experiment

The Gran Sasso Laboratory Higher Energy Experiments

First Results from the MACRO Detector at the Gran Sasso Laboratory

Results from the Fréjus Experiment on Nucléon Decay Into a Charged Lepton and Mesons and Results on nn Oscillation

Study of Neutrino Oscillations in the Fréjus Experiment

The EAS-TOP Array at Gran Sasso: Results of the Electromagnetic Detector

Simultaneous Observation of Extensive Air Showers and Underground Muons at the Gran Sasso Laboratory

Search for Double Beta Decay and Dark Matter in the Gotthard Germanium Experiment

Measurement of the Mass of the Electron Neutrino Using Electron Capture in 163Ho

2.9. Detector Technology

Beam Profile Monitor for Very Low Energy Antiprotons Using Position Sensitive Photomultiplier

Test Results from a High-Resolution Proportional Chamber with Interpolative PAD Readout

Left-Right Ambiguity in the SQS Mode

D0 Calorimetry Tests

Position Sensitive Radiation Detector Using a Heterojunction of Amorphous and Crystalline Silicon

Azimuthal Influence on Dead Time Effects in the SQS Mode

The UA2 Scintillating Fibre Detector

Preliminary Results on Aluminium and Zinc Superconducting Granules at Very Low Temperature

The Analog Pipeline System for the Zeus Calorimeter Readout

Response of the Zeus Uranium Scintillator Calorimeter to Pions, Protons and Electrons for Kinetic Energies from 0.2 GeV to 10 GeV, and Study of the Calorimeter Uniformity

A Silicon Strip Detector Telescope in the Mark II Detector at the SLC

Construction of a Cylindrical MWPC for the Central Tracking Detector of H1

A Semi Automatic Fortran Translator for the FNAL Second Generation ACP

2.10. Superstrings and Unification

Model Building on Calabi-Yau Manifolds

On the NSR and GS Formulations of Twisted Strings

Universality of the Closed String Phase Transition

N=2 Coset Theories and Four-Dimensional Heterotic Strings

Quantization of Manifestly Supersymmetric Strings

New Strings with Extended Superconformai Symmetries

Duality in Orbifolds and Ginzburg-Landau Models

Two-Loop Amplitudes in the Heterotic String

Symmetries, the Zamolodchikov Metric and Duality in String Theory

2.11. Lattice Field Theory

Some Recent Results on Lattice Fermions

Continuum Limit of QED

Status of Quenched QCD on APE Computers

The Trace Anomaly and the Energy Momentum Tensor in Lattice Gauge Theories


Order Or the Deconfining Phase Transition of the Pure SU(3) Gauge Theory

2.12. Field Theory

Schwinger-Dyson Equations as Ward Identities of Hidden BRST Invariance: Application to the Large N Limit

On the Structure of QCD at High Temperature and Large Distances

Quantum Group Approach to Conformal Field Theory

Renormalization of Non-Linear Sigma Models: A Short Review

High-Energy Equivalence Theorems in Spontaneously Broken Gauge Theories

Two Dimensional Quantum Gravity. A Mini Review

Chiral Perturbation Theory and Spin-1 Mesons

On a Phase Structure of a Two-Dimensional (φ2)2 Field Theory

String Equations of Motion from Conformai Invariance

Off-Criticality Behaviour of the Tricritical Ising Model: Zamolodchikov Mass Spectrum and Supersymmetry

Recent Developments in Chern-Simons Theory and Link Invariants

Gauging the Sigma Model in Two Dimensions

The Delta Expansion - A New Method for Strong-Coupling Field Theories

Chern-Simons and Conformai Field Theories

Review of the Temporal Gauge

2D Quantum Field Theories Away from Criticality: Finite-Size Scaling, the C-Theorem and the S-Matrix

Self-Duality and Modular-Invariance in Large N Gauge Theories

Consistent Anomalies from Hamiltonian Path-Integrals

Chiral Bosons: Bosonic Description and Quantization

Gauged WZW Models and the Coset Construction

Extended Conformai Field Theories

Yang-Baxter Algebras and Quantum Groups

2.13. Beyond the Standard Model

Z" Mass Bounds

The Search of the Standard Model in Superstring Theories

Higgs Bosons in the Standard Model: the Minimal One Doublet and Extended Alternatives

New Constraints on Extra Gauge Bosons

Technicolor Today

Neutrino Masses in Three Generation Calabi-Yau Models

Effects of Cascade Decays on Gluino and Squark Signals from the Tevatron

Radiative SU(2)xU(1) Breaking in Supersymmetric Models: A Reappraisal

2.14. Particle Physics and Cosmology

The Vanishing of the Cosmological Constant from Four-Forms

A General Expression for the Large Scale Matter Distribution of the Universe

Gravitational Equilibria of Self-Interacting Charged Scalar Fields

Neutron Decay in the Early Universe

Distortion of the Cosmic Background Radiation by Radiative Neutrino Decay in a Left-Right Symmetric Model

Observational Tests for Strings and Gravitational Waves: Pulsar Timings and Cosmological Microwave Background Radiation

2.15. Physics at Future Colliders

On the Determination of the Fractionary Momentum of the Gluon in γg Events at HERA

Physics Possibilities at a Tau-Charm Factory

The SSC: Status and Physics Update

Higgs Production at Future Colliders

Limits on Mirror Fermions in ep Collisions

A Large Hadron Collider in the LEP Tunnel

On Processes with Large Impact Parameters for Large ee and ep Colliders

Searches for Supersymmetry at Future Colliders

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