Epilepsy Syndromes

1st Edition

Expert Consult - Online, Print, and DVD


  • Mary Ann Werz
  • Ignacio Pita
  • Key Features

    • Access the fully searchable contents of the text and a downloadable image library all at expertconsult.com, and 60 EEG videos of actual patient monitoring sessions in longitudinal bipolar, transverse, and referential montages on an accompanying DVD.
    • Reference the experiences of your patients to those of patients recorded during video-EEG monitoring sessions and access links to the relevant imaging used.
    • Reformat montages and filters as if you were reviewing patient data in an epilepsy monitoring unit with the EEG review software on the DVD.
    • Avoid misdiagnoses by differentiating between epilepsy and non-epileptic seizures.
    • Examine patient cases across all age groups so you can treat the widest range of patients: adult, pediatric and neonatal.
    • Determine and evaluate when surgery is appropriate and when it is not.

    Get quick and easy reference to diagnosis and management with organization by epilepsy syndrome.

    Table of Contents

    Section I: Introduction 1

    1 Epilepsy Seizures and Syndromes: Clinical Cases and Video-EEGs • Mary Ann Werz 3

    2 How To Use This Book • Mary Ann Werz 5

    Section II: Generalized Idiopathic Seizures 11

    3 Childhood Absence Epilepsy • Rabon Allen 13

    4 Juvenile Absence Epilepsy • Jeffrey L. Sponsler 17

    5 Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy • Mary Ann Werz 21

    Section III: Generalized Symptomatic Epilepsy 25

    6 Infantile Spasms/West Syndrome • Arie Weinstock and Michelle Hartley McAndrew 27

    7 Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome • Jennifer R. Avery 33

    8 Myoclonic Astatic Epilepsy • Chaiyos Khongkhatithum 43

    Section IV: Undetermined Epilepsy Syndromes 47

    9 Neonatal Seizures • Mark Scher 49

    10 Landau-Kleffner Syndrome (Acquired Epileptic Aphasia) and Continuous Spike and Waves during Slow Wave Sleep Syndrome • Ignacio L. Pita 59

    Section V: Idiopathic Localization-Related Epilepsies 65

    11 Benign Focal Epilepsy of Childhood with Centrotemporal Spikes • Tobias Loddenkemper 67

    Section VI: Localization-Related Epilepsies 71

    12 Temporal Lobe Epilepsy • Mary Ann Werz 73

    13 Frontal Lobe Epilepsy • Ignacio L. Pita 91

    14 Parietal Lobe Epilepsy • Ignacio L. Pita 103

    15 Occipital Lobe Epilepsy • Mary Ann Werz 109

    16 Gelastic Seizures • Shahram Amina 117

    Section VII: Presurgical Evaluation, Surgical Procedures, and Pathology 121

    17 Evaluation for Epilepsy Surgery by the Epilepsy Team • Pamela A. Lang 123

    18 MRI and Epilepsy • Barbara A. Bangert 127

    19 Nuclear Imaging and Epilepsy • Peter F.


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