This volume focuses on issues of vital interest in environmental policy making. Knowledge is needed about the impacts of economic processes on the environment and vice versa; people's preferences regarding the environmental quality (including the availability of (non)renewable natural resources) must be known; and knowledge concerning the effectiveness and efficiency of the available policy instruments is essential. These issues are dealt with in various contributions on environmental-economic modelling, valuation of the environment, the design of environmental policies and the economic consequences of environmental policy.

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Environmental Policy and the Economy: An Introduction (F.J. Dietz, F. van der Ploeg, J. van der Straaten). Environmental-Economic Modelling. Three Decades of Environmental-Economic Modelling: Economic Models of Pollutant Emissions (W. Hafkamp). Optimal Growth with Stock Pollution (O. Tahvonen and J. Kuuluvainen). An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Planet Earth (H. Peer). Valuation of the Environment. Preference Learning and Contingent Valuation Methods (T.D. Crocker, J.F. Shogren). The Economic Value of Wilderness Areas: An Application to the Krutilla-Fisher Model to Scotland's "Flow Country" (N. Hanley, S. Craig). Ecological Perception and Distributional Conflicts: A Historical View (J. Martinez-Alier). Environmental Policy. Political Economy Aspects of Environmental Policy Instruments (H. Verbruggen). Legal Aspects of Marketable Pollution Permits (M.G.W.M. Peeters). The Firm as an Actor in an Ecological Economy (F. Beckenbach). Economic Consequences of Environmental Policy. Carbon Taxes and the UK Manufacturing Sector (A. Ingham, A. Ulph). Consequences of Ammonia Emission Abatement Policies for Agricultural Practice in The Netherlands (P.J.J. Veenendaal, F.M. Brouwer). Innovation and Environmental Quality: The Case of EC and US Agriculture (D.G. Abler, J.S. Shortle). Environmental Policy in Single-Product and Joint Production Input-Output Models (A.M. Idenburg, A.E. Steenge). Index.


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