This book concentrates on the electrochemistry/environment relationship including, among others, chapters on design and operation of electrochemical reactors and separators, process simulation, development and scale-up, optimization and control of electrochemical processes applied to environmental problems, also including economic analysis, description of unique current and future applications, in addition to basic research into developing new technologies. It is hoped that this volume will be considered interesting and extremely timely to specialists in electrochemistry and environmental sciences.

Table of Contents

List of Contributors. Preface. Water Care and Treatment Processes. Electrochemical techniques for the treatment of dilute metal-ion solutions (F.C. Walsh, G.W. Reade). Electrochemical methods for purification of waste waters (I. Rousar, K. Micka). Electrochemical oxidation of organic pollutants for wastewater treatment (C. Comninellis). Electrochemical oxidant generation for wastewater treatment (P. Tatapudi, J.M. Fenton). Batteries and Environment. Batteries and the environment (P. Bro, S.C. Levy). Alkaline manganese dioxide - zinc batteries. Primary and rechargeable cells with and without mercury (W. Taucher, K. Kordesch). Electrochemical generators and the environment. Fuel cells and metal/air batteries (P.S.D. Brito, C.A.C. Sequeira). The prospective role of magnesium in the development of environment-friendly solid-state batteries (L.P.S. Araújo, A.M.G. Pacheco, C.A.C. Sequeira). Sensors for Pollution Control. Overview of gas sensors for environmental use (T.Seiyama, T. Nakahara, T. Takeuchi). Piezoelectric crystal detectors for environmental pollutants (A.A. Suleiman, G.G. Guilbault). The electrochemistry of gases of medical interest and electrochemical gas sensors (P. Tebbutt). Techniques for Pollution Monitoring. Environmental pollution monitoring using DC pulse techniques (M.I. Ismail, A. Asiri, A. Al-Turkait). Bacterial-environmental interactions in corrosion on buried pipes (F. Kajiyama). Influence of ohmic drop on the determination of electrochemical parameters (G. Rocchini). Photoelectrochemistry for a Cleaner Environment. Semiconductor photoelectrochemistry for cleaner environment: utilization of solar energy (Yu. V. Pleskov). Prospective usage of photoelectrochemistry for environmental control (S.K. Haram, K.S.V. Santhanam). Electrochemical storage of solar energy (Yu. I. Kharkats, Yu. V. Pleskov). Miscellaneous Environmentally Orientated Electrochemica


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