The concept of Sustainable Development, implicating the protection of soil and groundwater, the limitation of waste production and the re-use of soild waste materials is still the leading theme of WASCON '94. Although it is clearly recognized in most countries that products derived from solid waste materials can be applied as construction materials, research is still needed to assess various environmental problems.

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Preface. Section 1: Opening. The International Ash Working Group: A Treatise on Residues from MSW Incinerators (S.E. Sawell et al.). International Progress in Solid Waste Management (J.H. Skinner). Life Cycle Analyses; Results of Some Case Studies (J. Cramer). Section 2: Environmental Aspects. Immobilisation Potential of Cementitious Materials (F.P. Glasser). Coal Fly-Ash Leaching Behaviour and Solubility Controlling Solids (R. Garavaglia, P. Caramuscio). Modelling Ca-Solubility in MSWI Bottom Ash Leachates (R.N.J. Comans, J.A. Meima). Particle Petrogenesis and Speciation of Elements in MSW Incineration Bottom Ashes (T.T. Eighmy et al.). In-situ Utilization of Waste Bentonite Slurry (N. Uchiyama, S. Horiuchi). The Use of MWI Fly Ash in Asphalt for Road Construction (J.B.M. Hudales). Immobilization of Slag Material by Foam Bitumen (J.H. Dijkink). European Standardization of Additions for Concrete (J.M.J.M. Bijen). Measurement of Redox Potential During Standardized Column Tests (J. Keijzer, A.J. Orbons). Role of Facilitated Transport in the Emissions of Secondary Raw Materials (J.J. Steketee et al.). Integrated Treatment of MSWI-residues: Treatment of Fly Ash in View of Metal Recovery (B. Laethem et al.). Section 3: Technical Aspects. Use of Demolition Concrete to Produce Durable Structural Concrete (P.J. Wainwright, J.C. Cabrera). Potentials for Utilisation of PFBC Ash (J. Rogbeck, P. Elander). Quantities and Qualities of Municipal Waste Incinerator Residues in the Netherlands (J.G.P. Born). Upgrading Techniques for the Quality Improvement of Municipal Waste Incineration Residues (F.J.M. Lamers, J.G.P. Born). Applications for Coal-use Residues: An International Overview (L.B. Clarke). Specifications and the Use of Wastes in Construction in the United Kingdom (R.J. Collins, C.J. Atkinson). Overview o


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