Engineering Drawing from the Beginning

Engineering Drawing from the Beginning

The Commonwealth and International Library: Mechanical Engineering Division

1st Edition - January 1, 1970

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  • Author: M. F. Cousins
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483184272

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Engineering Drawing from the Beginning, Volume 2 discusses the methods for communicating technical engineering concepts through illustrations and drawings. This volume covers the more advance techniques in engineering drawing. The coverage of the text includes the helix, which is the path traced by a point moving uniformly around the surface of a right cylinder that is moving axially. The book also covers drawings of solid objects such as prisms, pyramids, and cones, along with hollow objects made from sheet material. In Chapter 5, the text presents the conventional representations of common features. The sixth chapter deals with all forms of fastenings, while the seventh chapter talks about metrication in the drawing office. The last chapter details the working drawings of assemblies and parts taken from those assemblies. The text will be most useful to students and professional engineers, as both learning material and reference source.

Table of Contents

  • List of Illustrations

    Editor's Preface

    Author's Acknowledgments

    1 Revision and Introduction

    1.1 Revision of Previous Work from Volume 1

    1.2 Types of Projection

    1.3 Dimensioning

    1.4 Sectional Views

    1.5 Part or Detail Drawing

    1.6 Assembly Drawing

    1.7 Sub-assemblies

    1.8 Division of a Line into Equal Parts

    1.9 Joining of Straight Lines to Curves

    1.10 Pencil Point

    1.11 Division of Circumference of a Circle

    1.12 Radius Corners

    2 The Helix

    2.1 Definition of the Helix

    2.2 The Construction of a Helix

    2.3 The Construction of a Double Helix

    2.4 The Construction of a Helical Groove in a Cylinder

    2.5 A Helical Spring (Round Wire)

    2.6 A Square Thread

    2.7 A Helical Spring (Square Wire)

    2.8 The Ellipse

    3 Interpenetration of Solids

    3.1 Simple Rectangular Objects

    3.2 Hexagonal Prisms

    3.3 Square Pyramids

    3.4 Auxiliary Views and True Shapes

    3.5 Hexagonal Prisms

    3.6 Hexagonal Pyramids

    3.7 Cylinders

    3.8 Cones

    4 Development

    4.1 Cylinder

    4.2 Cube

    4.3 Rectangular Object

    4.4 Hexagonal Object

    4.5 Cube (Cut)

    4.6 Square Pyramid

    4.7 Square Pyramid (Cut)

    4.8 Square Pyramid (Double Cut)

    4.9 Cylinder (Cut)

    4.10 Cylinder (Cut)

    4.11 Elbow, 90°

    4.12 T with Equal Diameter Pipes

    4.13 T with Unequal Diameter Pipes

    4.14 45° Angle 1

    4.15 Branch T. Development of Pipes of Unequal Diameters

    4.16 Branch T. Development of Pipes of Unequal Diameters

    4.17 Offset T. Complete Development

    4.18 Cone Development

    4.19 Cone Cut Development

    4.20 Cone (Double Cut). Complete Development

    4.21 Cone? (Cut). Development of Curved Surface Only

    5 Conventional Representations of Common Features

    5.1 Screw Threads

    5.2 Springs, Compression

    5.3 Springs, Tension

    5.4 Knurling

    5.5 Hexagon Nut

    5.6 Hexagon Bolt

    5.7 Square End on Shaft

    5.8 Holes of Circular Pitch

    5.9 Holes on a Linear Pitch

    5.10 Bearings

    5.11 Round Rod

    5.12 Round Tube

    5.13 Rectangular Bar (Metal)

    5.14 Rectangular Bar (Wood)

    6 Fastenings

    6.1 Riveting

    6.2 Lap Joints

    6.3 Butt Joint. Single Cover Plate

    6.4 Butt Joint. Double Cover Plate

    6.5 Angle-riveted Joint

    6.6 Angle-riveted Joint

    6.7 Built-up Girder

    6.8 Built-up Box Girder

    6.9 Taper Keys

    6.10 Parallel Keys

    6.11 Leather Key

    6.12 Woodruff Key

    6.13 Gib Head

    6.14 Cotter

    6.15 Butt Weld

    6.16 Lap Weld

    6.17 Fillet Weld

    6.18 Seam Weld

    6.19 Drawing Welded Joints

    6.20 Lock Nut

    6.21 Nuts Pinned

    6.22 Sawn Nut

    6.23 Spring Washers

    6.24 Two Plates Clamped

    6.25 Cable Clamp

    6.26 Mounted Plates

    6.27 Clamped Plates

    6.28 Multiple Plates

    6.29 Multiple Plates with Spacers

    6.30 Shaft Location

    6.31 Gear Reduction Unit Assembly

    6.32 Screwed fitting Metal Lamp Holder

    6.33 Simple Sliding Platform

    6.34 Captive Screw

    6.35 Packing Gland

    7 Metrication in the Drawing Office. Limits, Fits, and Tolerances

    7.1 Metrication

    7.2 Machined Surfaces

    7.3 Definition of Terms

    7.4 Types of Fits

    7.5 Crank Shaft Assembly

    7.6 Crank Shaft Part No.1

    7.7 Connecting Rod. Part No. 2

    7.8 Bearing Bracket. Part No. 3

    7.9 Bearing Cap. Part No. 4

    8 Working Drawings

    8.1 Gear Casing

    8.2 Assignment A. Gear Casing

    8.3 Assignment B. Gear Casing

    8.4 Sole Plate

    8.5 Assignment A. Sole Plate

    8.6 Wall Bracket

    8.7 Assignment B. Wall Bracket

    8.8 Drillhead Bracket

    8.9 Assignment A. Drillhead Bracket

    8.10 Value Case

    8.11 Assignment. Valve Case

    8.12 Stuffing Box Assembly

    8.13 Assignment. Stuffing Box

    8.14 Assignment. Screwed Flange

    8.15 Assignment. Stop-valve Body

    8.16 Angle Cross-Pipe Joint

    8.17 Assignment. Pipe Joint

    8.18 Tilting Platform

    8.19 Assignment A. Tilting Platform

    8.20 Assignment B. Tilting Platform

    8.21 Tilting Platform. Part Drawings

    8.22 Upper Platform

    8.23 Spindle

    8.24 Base Bracket

    8.25 Bracket Bearing

    8.26 Assignment A. Bracket Bearing

    8.27 AssignmentB. Bracket Bearing

    8.28 Assignment C. Bracket Bearing

    8.29 Bell Crank Lever

    8.30 Assignment A. Bell Crank Lever

    8.31 Assignment B. Bell Crank Lever

    8.32 Overhung Crank

    8.33 Assignment. Overhung Crank

    8.34 Spindle Bearing Assembly

    8.35 Assignment. Spindle Bearing Assembly

    8.36 Spindle Bearing. Part Drawings

    8.37 Assignment. Spindle Bearing

    8.38 Right-angle Drive Assembly

    8.39 Assignment. Right-angle Drive Assembly

    8.40 Lathe Face Plate

    8.41 Assignment. Lathe Face Plate

    8.42 Fast and Loose Pulley Assembly

    8.43 Assignment. Fast and Loose Pulley Assembly

    8.44 Universal Coupling Assembly

    8.45 Assignment. Universal Coupling Assembly

    8.46 Simple Screw Jack

    8.47 Assignment. Simple Screw Jack

    8.48 Footstep Bearing

    8.49 Assignment. Footstep Bearing

    8.50 Pedestal Bearing Assembly

    8.51 Assignment. Pedestal Bearing Assembly

    8.52 Pulley Bearing Assembly

    8.53 Assignment. Pulley Bearing Assembly

    8.54 Parr Drawings for Overhung Crank

    8.55 Assignment. Part Drawings for Overhung Crank

    8.56 Parr Drawings of Gear Box for Right-angle Drive

    8.57 Assignment. Gearbox

    8.58 Assignment A. Bell Crank Lever

    8.59 Assignment B. Bell Crank Lever

    8.60 Assignment. Part Drawings for Pulley Bearing Assembly

    8.61 Assignment. Part Drawings for Right-angle Drive

    8.62 Assignment. Bearing Bracket

    8.63 Wall Box

    8.64 Assignment. Wall Box

    8.65 Assignment. Fast and Loose Pulleys

    8.66 Part Drawings for Stuffing Box Assembly

    8.67 Spindle Bearing. Frame

    8.68 Assignment. Part Drawing of Spindle Bearing Frame

    8.69 Assignment. Main Bracket

    8.70 Assignment. Part Drawings for Universal Coupling

    8.71 Assignment. Part Drawings for Footstep Bearing

    8.72 Assignment. Part Drawings for Pedestal Bearing Assembly

    8.73 Assignment. Part Drawings for Simple Screw Jack

    8.74 Bearing Bracket Assembly

    8.75 Offset Lens Mount Assembly

    8.76 Assignment A. Assembly Drawings for Offset Lens Mount

    8.77 Assignment B. Detail Drawings for Offset Lens Mount

    8.78 Assignment C. Isometric View of Offset Lens Mount

    8.79 Bearing Bracket Assembly

    8.80 Assignment A. Assembly Drawings for Bearing Bracket

    8.81 Assignment B. Detail Drawings for Bearing Bracket

    8.82 Assignment C. Isometric view of Bearing Bracket

    8.83 Flanged Offset! Assembly

    8.84 Assignment A. Assembly Drawings for Flanged Offset!

    8.85 Assignment B. Detail Drawings for Flanged Offset T

    8.86 Assignment C. Isometric View of Flanged Offset T

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  • No. of pages: 192
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Pergamon 1970
  • Published: January 1, 1970
  • Imprint: Pergamon
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483184272

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