Energy, Resources and Environment

Energy, Resources and Environment

Papers Presented at the First U.S.-China Conference on Energy, Resources and Environment, 7-12 November 1982, Beijing, China

1st Edition - January 1, 1982

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  • Editor: S.W. Yuan
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483135830

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Energy, Resources and Environment documents the first U.S.-China Conference and discusses the concerns about the world's energy situation, such as its resource, environmental effects, and possible alternative sources. The book is comprised of 72 chapters including the keynote address, five lecture papers, and 66 technical papers that are organized according to its contents, specifically the type of energy it discusses. The text begins with the keynote address, and then discusses the plenary and technical papers. The plenary papers discuss the importance of energy, resources, environment, and future development. The technical papers cover the technological advancement of alternative energy source and their application. The conference covers the following theme: chemical fuels, coal energy, electric power systems, energy conservation, geothermal and other natural energy, hydropower, ice storage for cooling, solar energy, wind energy, economic aspect of energy utilization, and impact of energy on the environment. The book will be of great interest to individuals concerned with the development of alternative energy sources. Researchers whose work involves alternative energy will be able to make use of this book as a reference material.

Table of Contents

  • Preface

    I. Keynote Address

    International Cooperation for Effective Utilization of Energy, Resources, and Environment

    II. Plenary Lectures

    Renewable Fuels for the Future

    Strategies for Fossil Fuel Technology: Multiple Options for Unpredicted Futures

    An Overview of Energy Alternatives and Related Resource and Environment Issues in the United States

    Water and Other Natural Energy

    Energy Transition in the United States

    Energy, Resources, and Environment in China

    III. Chemical Fuels

    Aquatic Biomass as a Source of Fuels and Chemicals

    Biological Conversion of Light Energy into Methane

    Energy From Biomass

    Oilseeds as Alternative Fuels for Lighting, Cooking and Engine

    Shape Selective Catalyst for Synthesis of Motor Fuel

    IV. Coal Energy

    Advanced Optical Techniques for Diagnostics, Control and Safety in Fossil Energy Conversions

    Air Quality Control Systems for Coal Fired Plants in the People's Republic of China (PRC)

    The Coal Industry and the Comprehensive Utilization of Coal in China

    Conceptual Design of an Advanced Pulverized-Coal Power Plant

    Engineering and Costing Coal Slurry Pipeline for Electric Utilities and Port Delivery

    Heating and Burning Characteristics of Single Coal-Water Slurry Droplet Used as a New Form of Fuel

    High Speed Three-dimensional Diagnostics in Combustion

    The Prospects of the Application of New Techniques in the Utilization of Coal and Oil Shale in China

    Technical Advances in Coal Utilization

    V. Electric Power Systems

    Advanced Operational Performance and Behavior of a 300 MVA Superconducting Generator

    Capital Requirement Analysis on Electric Power System Expansion in China Towards Year 2000

    End Use of Small Scale Energy Systems in Rural Areas

    Gas-Cooled Nuclear Power Reactors for the Production of Electricity and Process Steam

    Interconnection of Power Systems in China

    VI. Energy Conservation

    Analysis of Waste Energy Recovery for a Typical Food Processing Plant

    Approach of Development of Town Gas in China

    Combined Electric and Heat Generation at Coal-Fired Plants

    Coal-Oil Mixture and Its Use in Industrial Oil-Fired Boilers

    Design and Optimization of Solar Industrial Process Heat Plants

    Energy Conservation in Alternative Urban Transportation Systems

    Energy Conservation in Swedish Buildings

    Energy Choices: Optimal Path Between Energy Efficiency and Cost

    Technology for Energy Efficient Buildings

    U.S. Energy Conservation Research in Transportation and Building

    VII. Geothermal and Other Natural Energy

    Cost-Effective Safe Disposal of Geothermal Fluid

    Effects of Size and Geometry on Stability of a Geothermal Reservoir Contained by Dry Rock

    The Hydrothermal Activities and Exploitation Potentiality of Geothermal Energy in Southern Xizang (Tibet)

    The Organic Rankine Cycle for Geothermal Power Generation

    Pneumatic Wave Energy Conversion

    VIII. Hydropower

    The Corps of Engineers Planning Process as it Relates to the Assessment of the Environmental Impacts of Low-Head Hydropower Development

    The Experiences of Small Hydro Power Construction in China

    Hydroelectric Development of a Large Irrigation System

    Hydropower Potential in China and Its Development

    The Niagara Hydroelectric Development Expansion Project

    IX. Ice Storage for Cooling

    An Annual Storage Ice System for Cooling Applications

    Daily and Seasonal Ice Storage with Plastic Tubes

    The Ice Pond: Production and Seasonal Storage of Ice for Cooling

    Long-term Latent Energy Storage: The Canadian Perspective

    Reduction of Energy Consumption by Enhancing the Thermal Resistance of Cold Storage Buildings

    X. Solar Energy

    The Architecture of Solar Energy, Conservation and Energy Management for Large Buildings

    On the Development of Solar Energy Utilization in China

    High Performance Solar Energy Collector

    Power Generation with Solar Central Receivers

    Remote Area Applications of Solar Cell Technology

    Solar Air Heating: Technology and Application

    The Solar Curing of Concrete Products

    Solar Photovoltaic Cells

    Solar Ponds Research and Development

    XI. Wind Energy

    The Development of ØLFD-5 Darrieus Wind Turbine

    Dynamics and Control of Large Horizontal-Axis Wind Turbines

    Wind Energy for Pumping Agricultural Water

    A Wind Powered Heat Pump

    XII. Economic Aspect of Energy Utilization

    Economic Feasibility of Methane Production with Alternative Energy Technologies

    Energy, Resources and Environmental Policy: Survey of Analytical Approaches

    Planning for Alternative Energy Strategies

    The Potential Role of Multilateral Lenders in Stimulating Oil Exploration in Developing Countries

    Study of a Regional Energy Base by Using Systems Analysis Methods

    XIII. Impact of Energy on the Environment

    Assessment of the Environmental Effects of Constructing the Three Gorge Project on the Yangtze River

    Emissions from Electric Power Plants and their Impact on the Environment

    New Developments in Acid Precipitation Research

    Some Environmental Impacts of Energy Utilization in China

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  • No. of pages: 624
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Pergamon 1982
  • Published: January 1, 1982
  • Imprint: Pergamon
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483135830

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