Energy Developments: New Forms, Renewables, Conservation - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9780080254074, 9781483189499

Energy Developments: New Forms, Renewables, Conservation

1st Edition

Proceedings of ENERGEX '84, The Global Energy Forum, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, May 14-19, 1984

Editors: Fred A. Curtis
eBook ISBN: 9781483189499
Imprint: Pergamon
Published Date: 1st January 1984
Page Count: 1050
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Energy Developments: New Forms, Renewables, Conservation is a collection of papers that discusses alternative energy sources. In discussing these energy sources, the text considers factors such as technical, economic, and human dimensions. The first part of the text presents articles that cover forms of energy, such as the feasibility of coal gasification and electric power from salinity gradients by reverse electrodialysis. Next, the book reviews materials about renewable forms of energy that include genetically improved hardwoods as a potential energy source and heat pump investigations for northern climate applications. In the last part, the text provides studies that deal with energy conservation, such as shared savings financing for energy efficiency and consumer information, and government energy conservation incentive programs. The book will be of use to scientists, engineers, and technicians involved in the research, development, and implementation of alternative energy technology.

Table of Contents

Chairman's Foreword

Editor's Foreword

Executive Committee

International Steering Committee


Government Representatives

Major Sponsors


International Organizing Committee

New Forms of Energy

Coal Gasification and Liquefaction

A Mechanistic Model for Combustion at the Cavity Wall during Underground Coal Gasification

The Feasibility of Coal Gasification

Recent Developments of the LSE Process for Producing Gasoline from Coal and Lignite

Approach to Direct Liquefaction of High Ash Low Rank Coals

Methane Gas from Underground Coal Mines: A Clean Source of Energy

Heavy Oil Recovery

Residual Oil in Reservoirs - Problems and Prospects

Alternatives for Heavy Oil Utilization through Fuller Integration of Upgrading and Refining

Dynamic Analysis of Sucker Rod Pumping

Small Scale Heavy Oil Upgraders on Saskatchewan Heavy Oil Fields

Comparison of Enriched Air and Normal Air In Situ Combustion

Monte Carlo Simulation and Heavy Oil Recovery Economics

Oil Sands and Shales

Major Tar Sand and Heavy Oil Deposits of the United States

U.S. Tar Sand Oil Recovery Projects -1984

Advances in In-Situ Oil Sands and Heavy Oil Recovery in Western Canada

The Impact of Oil Sands Derived Synthetic Crude on Conventional Refineries

Use of Critical Surface Tension of Wetting in the Beneficiation of Oil Shales

Oil Shales of Nova Scotia

Tidal Power, Ocean Power, Wave Power

Tidal Power on Demand

Economics of Tidal Plants Calls for Innovation in Technical Fields

The Sea-Clam Wave Energy Converter

Electric Power from Salinity Gradients by Reverse Electrodialysis

The Canadian Vertical Axis Hydro Turbine Program "Tidal Application"

Renewable Forms of Energy

Active Solar Systems (Simulation, Measurement and Evaluation)

Irish Participation in the European Commission's Solar Pilot Test Facility Project

Scientific Monitoring Techniques for Evaluating the Performance of Solar Hot Water Heating Systems

Transient Simulation of a Solar Receiver under a Concentrated Solar Flux

Including the Distribution of the Diffuse Component of Sky Radiation in Solar Simulator Testing

Indoor Transient Tests on Solar Collectors

Performance Evaluation of Three Solar Hot Water Heating Systems in Canada

Performance Evaluation of A Refrigerant-Charged Solar Collector

Potential of Solar Hot Water Heating Systems at Higher Latitude Locations

Biomass Energy

Economic Evaluations of Biomass Plantations

Genetically Improved Hardwoods as a Potential Energy Source in Ontario

Energy Potential of Aspen and Other Hardwoods in the Prairie Provinces of Canada

Biomass (Bagasse) Savings through Energy Conservation in Sugar Factories

Biogas Production and Utilization at Wastewater Treatment Plants

Mesophilic Anaerobic Digestion of Screened Dairy Manure Using Conventional and Fixed-Film Reactors

The Catalytic Effect of Copper (II), Zinc (II), and Nickel (II) on the Anaerobic Digestion of Salvinia Molesta (Mitchell)

Cooling Systems

Passive Generation and Storage of Winter Ice for Summer Cooling Applications

An Annual Storage Ice System for Cooling

Design Optimization for a Solar Air-Conditioning System

Geothermal Energy

Geothermal Energy in Canada - A Review of the Resources

Low Temperature Geothermal Energy in Canada

An Assessment of the Low-Grade Geothermal Potential in a Foothills Area of West-Central Alberta

Heat Flow and Geothermal Gradient Studies in the Alberta Basin - An

Essential Part of the Geothermal Potential Evaluation

Assessment of the Geothermal Resources of Atlantic Canada

Application of Existing Data to Low Temperature Geothermal Exploration

Evaluating the Influence of Groundwater Flow Systems on Geothermal Conditions

Regina Geothermal Experiment - Geological and Hydrological Aspects

Modeling of the Regina Geothermal Aquifer

The Regina Geothermal Experiment - Thermal Aspects

Heat Pumps

Status of Heat Pump R&D

Recent Heat Pump Investigations for Northern Climate Applications

Markets for Industrial Heat Recovery Heat Pumps in the UK: Myths and Realities

Implications of Oil-Refrigerant Interactions for Heat Pump Performance

International Renewable Energy Developments and Experiences

An Overview on Renewable Forms of Energy for the Developing Countries

An Overview of New Developments in Renewable Energy Sources

Status of Renewable Energy Programs in Caribbean Islands

IVES: A Concept of Rural Energy Development

Establishment of Design Criterion for Efficient Charcoal Stoves and Improved Kilns

Meteorology and Solar Radiation

Prediction of Atmospheric Parameters for Spectral and Total Solar Irradiances

Improved Estimation of Solar Irradiation From Sunshine Duration

Using Meteorological Constraints

Global Longwave Radiation at Edmonton, Alberta

Passive Solar Building Design and Evaluation

Overview of Passive Solar Technology

Energy Conservation of Buildings in the Hot Humid Climate - An Overview

Evaluation of Passive Solar Cooling or Heating for Different Building Forms

Evaluation of Some Passive Methods for Summer Conditioning of Residential Buildings by Analogue Method

Thermal Behavior of Buildings Subjected to High Fenestration

Energy Conservation Possibilities Through Building Design and Passive Cooling Techniques in Warm Climates

Design and Evaluation of a Solar Wall for a Farm Building

Passive Solar Systems (Simulation, Measurement and Evaluation)

Computer Simulation and Thermal Measurements of Roofs

Thermal Environmental Control of Buildings and 'Temper'

Algorithm for Direct Gain Rooms and Sensitivity Analysis

Chameleon Fassade


Thermal and Electrical Behavior of Multistage Photovoltaic Concentrators

Photoelectrochemical Solar Cells (PESC) Using Li Doped CdS

Semiconductor Photoanodes Obtained by Chemical Bath Deposition

Solarvilla - A Demonstration Project Utilizing Solar Photovoltaic

Energy for Housing in Remote Areas in Saudi Arabia

Solar Heating and Storage Systems

A Domestic Water Heating System with a Self-Controlling Downwards

Heat Transport Device

Experimental Study of the Thermosyphonic and Built-in-Storage Type

Solar Water Heaters

Stratification in Solar Domestic Hot Water Storage Tanks

Thermal Diffusivity in a Stratified Storage Tank

Low Temperature Energy Storage in Calcium Chloride Hexahydrate

Materials for Latent Heat Storage at 573 K

Comparison of Solar-Thermal Energy Storage Performance of Certain

Liquid Oils with Pressurized Liquid Water

Efficiency of Water Thermal Storage

Performance of Integrated Rock Bed Solar Air Heater

Solar Ponds

Thermal Analysis of a Small-Scale Solar Pond with a Planar Reflector

Solar Ponds: Applications in Northern Climates

Performance of a Model Shallow Salt Gradient Solar Pond

Solar Systems Applications

Experience from Three Full Scale Solar Heating Plants with Seasonal Storage

A Performance Study of Solar Stills

A Study of a Solar-Magnetohydrodynamic Power Cycle

Standardization in Solar Energy Thermal Applications

State-of-the-Art of Solar Thermal Industrial Process Heat Technologies for Use in Developing Countries

Solar Furnace for Small Scale Metallurgical Applications

Solar Systems Components and Materials

The Hyperbolic Tube in Solar Collectors

Axially Grooved Gravity Assisted Heat Pipe for Thermal Energy

Recovery Systems

Experimental and Theoretical Analysis of an Evacuated Tube-Plate

Collector Glazed with Assembled Compound Parabolic Concentrators

Further Study of Thermal Constriction Resistance at the Interface of Double-Tubes

Investigation of Nucleate Boiling Heat Transfer on Sintered Porous

Surfaces for a Binary Cycle Exchanger

Design and Development of a Novel Fixed Mirror Solar Concentrator

Wild Energy

A Microprocessor-Controlled Windmill Simulator

Control Schemes for Darrieus Wind Turbines

Performance and Operational Testing of the Swift Current 50 KW

Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

Economic Modeling of WECS Installations

An Approach to Wind Energy Operated Irrigation System

Home Energy Management with Wind Power

New Method to Harness More Wind Energy

Energy Conservation

Energy Conservation in Agriculture

Energy Integrated Farm System (EIFS)

The Energetics of Canadian Prairie Wheat Production 1948-1981

The Impact of Alternate Export Scenarios on Energy Use in Saskatchewan - An Input-Output Approach

Optimization of Farm Field Operations

An Assessment of Current Energy Use Levels and Conservation

Practices on Saskatchewan Farms

Energy Implications from Extending Wheat Rotations in the Brown Soil Zone of Western Canada

Energy Savings by Efficient Operation of Farm Tractors

Energy Conservation in Institutional and Commercial Buildings

Energy Conservation for a Provincial Office Building

Energy Conservation in School Buildings and Its Financial Impact on Operating Expenses and on the Space's Physical Environment

How to Waste Energy Without Even Trying or an Easy Way to Conserve Energy in Ventilating Systems

An Energy-Based Analysis of Interior Illumination Systems in Office Buildings

Computer Model for Determining the Effect of Heat Distribution

Balancing on Heating Energy Usage in Buildings

Building Energy Targeting

Energy Retrofitting: An Office Building Case Study

Energy Conservation in Residential Buildings

The Design of an Energy Efficient Residential Building Standard for Northern Canada

Energy Conservation in Rural Dwellings

Development of Header Insulation

Cranbrook Residential Energy Survey

Energy Economics

An Assessment of the Market Potential and Economic Impacts of Energy Conservation in the Canadian Residential/Commercial/ Industrial Sectors

Shared Savings Financing for Energy Efficiency: Feasible but Complex

Time-of-Use Rates and Load Management in the Water Industry: Cost Savings or Energy Conservation?

House Heat Supply Functions

Potential for Interfuel Substitution in Canada

Energy Efficient Land Use Planning

Passive Solar Urban Planing - A Cellular Technique

A Strategy for Energy Efficient Residential Land Use: City of Lethbridge Case Study

Energy Conservation Opportunities in Ontario Legislation for Residential Project Planning

Energy Use and Land-Use Patterns in the City

Solar Access Law in Canada

Engine and Fuel Systems

The Production of Distilled Water Using Waste Heat from the Jacket- Cooling Water of Diesel Engines

Thermostatically-Controlled Engine Block Heaters for Energy Conservation and Load Management

Scope of Fuel Conservation in Agriculture Sector in India

Computer Control in Spark Ignition Engines

Boiler Fuel Savings by Heat Recovery and Reduced Standby Losses

Sime Power Engine

Government Energy Conservation Incentive Program

The Institutional Conservation Program: A Success Story

Energy Conservation: Canadian Department of External Affairs

Changing Incentives for Municipal Energy Conservation: New Directions

Consumer Information, Government Incentive Programs, and the Residential Retrofit Decision

"Don't Pay for Insulation...Buy Conservation!" Implementing a RECAP, The Next Step in Residential Conservation

Cranbrook Community Energy Audit

Energy Conservation for Developing Countries

The Canadian Conservation and Alternative Energy Demonstration Programs

Manitoba's Energy Efficient Housing

Canada - New Brunswick Conservation and Renewable Energy Demonstration Agreement

Retrofitting - A Yukon Approach

Industrial Energy Conservation Management and Programs

Industrial Energy Management: The Potential for Government and Consultancy - Current Mismatches and Future Opportunities

The Application of Energy Management Systems to Remote Northern Communities

Energy Management Techniques at Garrett Manufacturing Limited, Rexdale, Ontario

The Changing Role of the Energy Manager

Industrial Energy Efficiency Reporting - A Bridge to Information Transfer

On the Efficiency of Energy Accounting and Auditing Methods in Terms of Energy Conservation: An Industrial Survey

Municipal and Industrial Waste Conversion

Conversion of Solid Municipal Wastes Tar to Liquid Fuel

Ottawa-Carleton Energy From Waste/District Heating Project

Renewable Forms of Energy Utilized in District Heating Systems in Europe

Modular Controlled Air Incineration of Municipal Waste for Energy

Recovery - The Prince Edward Island Experience

Transportation Energy Conservation

Energy for Tomorrow's Air Transport

An Aerodynamically Efficient Design for an Automotive Vehicle

Vancouver ALRT System: Energy Efficiency Evaluation

The Application of Wayside Energy Storage Systems to Electrified


Retention of the Vancouver Trolley Bus System

Energy Use in the Transport Sector of Developing Countries: A Case Study of Sierra Leone

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