Encyclopedia of Virology

Encyclopedia of Virology

2nd Edition - July 27, 1999

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  • Editors: Allan Granoff, Robert Webster
  • eBook ISBN: 9780080547978

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In recent years, progress in the field of virology has advanced at an unprecedented rate. Issues such as AIDS have brought the subject firmly into the public domain and its study is no longer confined solely to specialist groups.The Encyclopedia of Virology is the largest single reference source of current virological knowledge. It is also the first to bring together all aspects of the subject for a wide variety of readers. Unique in its use of concise 'mini-review' articles, the material covers biological, molecular, and medical topics concerning viruses in animals, plants, bacteria, and insects. More general articles focus on the effects of viruses on the immune system, the role of viruses in disease, oncology, gene therapy, and evolution, plus a wide range of related topics. Drawing on the latest research, the editors have produced the definitive source for both specialist and general readers. Easy-to-use and meticulously organized, the Encyclopedia of Virology clarifies and illuminates one of the most complex areas of contemporary study. It will prove an invaluable addition to libraries, universities, medical and nursing schools, and research institutions around the world. The Second Edition has been thoroughly updated with approximately 40 new articles. This edition includes more illustrations and color plates in each volume.

Key Features

  • Updated thoroughly with approximately 40 new articles
  • Presents more illustrations than the first edition, with color plates in each volume
  • Contains a complete subject index in each volume
  • Provides further reading lists at the end of each entry, allowing easy access to the primary literature
  • Extensive cross-referencing system links all related articles
  • Contains the most recent information of particular viruses described at the 7th International Committee on Taxonomy and Classification of Viruses
  • Provides the ability to search for entries alphabetically or via the taxonomical listings to access articles of different viruses


Animal and plant virologists, medical virologists, microbiologists, immunologists, pathologists, clinicians, health care workers, nurses, researchers and technicians in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, and undergraduate and graduate students in the biological and biomedical sciences

Table of Contents

  • General Entries: alphabetical listing of entries covering general topics.
    Virus Entries: alphabetical listing by taxa of entries covering individual viruses.
    Virus and Taxa Name changes.
    100 Years of Contributions to Virology.
    100 Years of Foot and Mouth Disease.
    VOLUME 1 - A-Hep:
    Adenoviruses (Adenoviridae).
    African swine fever virus (Asfarviridae).
    Aleutian mink disease virus See Parvoviruses.
    Alfamovirus and ilarviruses (Bromoviridae).
    Algal viruses (Phycodnaviridae).
    Alpha 3 bacteriophage See Coliphage ØX174 and related phages.
    Amphibian herpesviruses (Herpesviridae).
    Apoptosis and virus infection.
    Archael phages.
    Arteriviruses (Arteriviridae).
    Ascoviruses (Ascoviridae).
    Astroviruses (Astroviridae).
    Avian type C retroviruses (Retroviridae).
    Baboon herpesvirus See Herpesvirus - baboon and chimpanzee.
    Bacillus phage Ø29 (Podoviridae).
    Bacillus subtilis phages.
    Bacterial identification - use of phages.
    Baculoviruses (Baculoviridae).
    Barnaviruses (Barnaviridae).
    BF23 phage See T5-like phage and related phages.
    Birnaviruses - animal (Birnaviridae).
    BK virus See JC and BK viruses.
    Border disease virus See Bovine diarrhea virus and Border disease virus.
    Borna disease virus (Bornaviridae).
    Bovine diarrhea virus and border disease virus (flaviviridae).
    Bovine herpesvirus (Herpesviridae).
    Bovine immunodeficiency virus (Retroviridae).
    Bovine lukemia virus (Retroviridae).
    Bovine papilloma virus See Bovine Diarrhea Virus and Border Disease Virus.
    Bovine parvovirus See Parvoviruses - rodents, pigs, cattle and waterfowl.
    Bovine spongiform encephalopathy See Prions.
    Bromoviruses (Bromaviridae).
    Bunyaviruses (Bunyaviridae).
    Caliciviruses (Caliciviridae).
    Canine distemper virus See Rinderpest and canine distemper viruses.
    Canine parvoviruses See Parvoviruses.
    Caprine arthritis encephalitis virus.
    Csardioviruses (Picornaviridae).
    Carmoviruses (Tombusviridae).
    Cell structure and function in virus infections.
    Central European encephalitis virus See Encephalitis viruses.
    Chandipura, Piry and Isfahan viruses (Rhabdoviridae).
    Channel catfish virus See Fish herpesviruses.
    Chicken herpesvirus See Marek's disease virus.
    Chickenpox virus See Varicella-zoster virus.
    Chikungunya, O'nyong nyong and Mayaro viruses (Togaviridae).
    Chilo iridescent virus See Tipula iridescent virus.
    Chimpanzee herpesvirus See Herpesvirus - baboon and chimanzee.
    Chlorella virus See Algal viruses.
    Closteroviruses (Closteroviridae).
    Coltiviruses See Orbiviruses and coltiviruses.
    Coliphage Ø X174 and related phages (Microviridae).
    Coliphage lambda (Siphoviridae).
    Comoviruses (Comoviridae).
    Coronaviruses (Coronaviridae).
    Cowpox virus (Poxviridae).
    Coxsackieviruses (Picornaviridae).
    Creutzfeld-Jakob disease See Prions.
    Cricket paralysis virus See Picornaviruses - insect.
    Cryptoviruses (Partitiviridae).
    Cucumoviruses (Bromoviridae).
    Cypoviruses (Reoviridae).
    Cytokines and chemokines.
    Cytomegaloviruses (Herpesviridae).
    Defective interfering viruses.
    Dengue viruses (Flaviviridae).
    Densonucleosis viruses (Parvoviridae).
    Diagnostic techniques.
    Dianthoviruses (Tombusviridae).
    Drosophila C virus See Picornaviruses - insect.
    Drosophila Melanogaster Gypsy Virus See Retroviruses of Drosophila: The Gypsy Paradigm.
    Eastern equine encephalitis virus See Equine encephalitis viruses.
    Ebola virus See Marburg and Ebola viruses.
    Echoviruses (Picornaviridae).
    Ectromelia virus See Mousepox and rabbitpox.
    Emerging and re-emerging virus diseases.
    Encephalitis viruses (Flaviviridae).
    Endogenous viruses.
    Enteric viruses.
    Enterobacteria phage N4 (Podoviridae).
    Enterobacteria phage P1 (Myoviridae).
    Enteroviruses (Picornaviridae).
    Entomopoxviruses (Poxviridae).
    Epidemiology of viral diseases.
    Epstein-Barr virus (Herpesviridae).
    Equine arteritis virus See Arteriviruses.
    Equine encephalitis viruses (Togaviridae).
    Equine herpesviruses (Herpesviridae).
    Equine infectious anemia virus (Retroviridae).
    Eye Infections.
    Fabaviruses (Comoviridae).
    Feline calicivirus See Caliciviruses.
    Feline immunodeficiency virus (Retroviridae).
    Feline leukemia and sarcoma viruses (Retroviridae).
    Feline panleukopenia virus See Parvoviruses.
    Feline sarcoma virus See Feline leukemia and sarcoma viruses.
    Filamentous phages (Inoviridae).
    Fish herpesvirus (Herpesviridae).
    Fish viruses.
    Food and mouth disease viruses (Picornaviridae).
    Fowlpox virus (Poxviridae).
    Frog virus 3 (Iridoviridae).
    G4 bacteriophage See Coliphage Ø X174 and related phages.
    Geminiviruses (Geminiviridae).
    Genetics of animal viruses.
    Giardiaviruses (Totiviridae).
    Gibbon ape lukemia virus (Retroviridae).
    Goat pox virus See Poxviruses.
    Genometa virus See Picornaviruses - insect.
    Goose parvovirus See Parvoviruses.
    Granuloviruses See Baculoviruses.
    Guanarito virus See Lassa, Junin, Machupo and Guanarito viruses.
    Hantaviruses (Bunyaviridae).
    Hare fibroma virus See Poxyviruses.
    Hepatitis A virus (Picornaviridae).
    Hepadnaviruses (Hepadnaviridae) Human hepatitis B virus.
    Hepatitis C virus (Flaviviridae).
    Hepatitis delta virus.
    Hepatitis E virus.
    VOLUME 2 - Her-Pol:
    Herpes simplex viruses (Herpesviridae).
    Herpesviruses 6 and 7 - human (Herpesviridae).
    Herpesvirus sylvilagus (Herpesviridae).
    Herpesviruses - baboon and chimpanzee (Herpesviridae).
    Herpesviruses saimiri and ateles (Herpesviridae).
    History of virology.
    Hog cholera virus (Flaviviridae).
    Honey bee viruses.
    Hordeviruses (Hordeivirus).
    Host genetic resistance.
    Host-controlled modification and restriction.
    Human immunodeficiency viruses (Retroviridae).
    Human T-cell leukemia viruses (Retroviridae).
    Hypoviruses (Hypoviridae).
    Ilaviruses See Alfamoviruses and ilarviruses.
    Immune response.
    Infectious pancreatic necrosis virus See Birnaviruses - animal.
    Influenza viruses (Orthomyxoviridae).
    Insect pest control by viruses.
    Interferons - General features.
    Iridoviruses - invertebrate.
    Isfahan virus See Chandipura, Piry and Isfahan viruses.
    Japanese encephalitis virus (Flaviviridae).
    JC and BK viruses (Polyomaviridae).
    Junin virus See Lassa, Junin, Machupo and Guanarito viruses.
    Killer virus See Totiviruses and yeast RNA virus.
    Kyasanur forest disease See Encephalitis viruses.
    Lassa, Junin, Machupo and Guanarito viruses (Arenaviridae).
    Leystad virus See Arteriviruses.
    Lumpy skin disease See Poxyviruses.
    Lymphocystis disease virus (Iridoviridae).
    Lymphoproliferative disease virus of turkeys (Retroviridae).
    Lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus (Arenaviridae).
    Lysogeny and prophage.
    Machlomoviruses (Tombusviridae).
    Machupo virus See Lassa, Junin, Machupo and Guanarito viruses.
    Mammalian hepadnaviruses See Hepatitis B viruses.
    Marburg and Ebola viruses (Filoviridae).
    Marek's disease virus (Herpesviridae).
    Mayaro virus See Chikungunya, O'nyong nyong and Mayaro viruses.
    Measles virus (Paramyxoviridae).
    Mink enteritis virus See Parvoviruses.
    Molluscum contagiosum virus (Poxviridae).
    Monkeypox virus See Smallpox and monkeypox viruses.
    Morbilliviruses See Rinderpest and distemper viruses.
    Mouse mammary tumor virus (Retroviridae).
    Mousepox and rabbitpox viruses (Poxviridae).
    Mu-like phages (Myoviridae).
    Mumps virus (Paramyxoviridae).
    Murine leukemia viruses (Retroviridae).
    Murine parvoviruses See Parvoviruses.
    Murray Valley encephalitis See Encephalitis viruses.
    Myxoma virus See Poxviruses.
    Necroviruses (Tombusviridae).
    Nepoviruses (Comoviridae).
    Nervous system viruses.
    Newcastle disease virus (Paramyxoviridae).
    Nodaviruses (Nodaviridae).
    Nonoccluded baculoviruses.
    Norwalk and related viruses (Caliciviridae).
    Nucleopolyhedrosis viruses See Baculoviruses.
    Omsk hemorrhagic fever virus See Encephalitis viruses.
    O'nyong-nyong virus See Chikungunya, O'nyong-nyong and Mayaro viruses (Togaviridae).
    Orbiviruses and coltiviruses (Reoviridae).
    Organ system infections.
    P2, 186 and related phages (Myoviridae).
    P4 phage (Satellites).
    Papillomaviruses - human (Papillomaviridae).
    Papillomaviruses - animal.
    Parainfluenza viruses (Paramyxoviridae).
    Parapoxviruses (Poxviridae).
    Partiviruses - fungal (Partitiviridae).
    Paroviruses (Paroviridae).
    Pea enation mosaic virus (Luteoviridae).
    Persistent viral infection.
    Peste des petis ruminants virus See Rinderpest and distemper viruses.
    Phage Ø 6 (Cystoviridae).
    Phage ecology, evolution and speciation.
    Phage RPD1 (Tectiviridae).
    Phage homologous recombination.
    Phage taxonomy and classification.
    Phage toxins and disease.
    Phage transduction.
    Phages as cloning vehicles.
    Phages in industrial fermentations.
    Phages in soil.
    Phages of Streptococcus thermophilus.
    Phocid distemper virus See Rinderpest and distemper viruses.
    Phytoreoviruses (Reoviridae).
    Picornaviruses - insect (Picornaviridae).
    Piry virus See Chandipura, Piry and Isfahan viruses.
    Plant pararetroviruses (Caulimoviridae).
    Plant pararetroviruses.
    Plant resistance to viruses.
    Plant retroelements.
    Plant virus disease - economic aspects.
    Polioviruses (Picornaviridae).
    Polyomaviruses - murine (Polyomaviridae).
    VOLUME 3 - Pom-Z:
    Poxviruses (Poxviridae).
    Propagation of viruses.
    Pseudorabies virus (Herpesviridae).
    Rabbit fibroma virus See Poxviruses.
    Rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus See Caliciviruses.
    Rabbitpox virus See Mousepox and rabbitpox viruses and poxviruses.
    Rabies virus (Rhabdoviridae).
    Rabies-like viruses (Rhabdoviridae).
    Recombination of viruses.
    Reoviruses (Reoviridae).
    Replication of viruses.
    Respiratory syncytial virus - human (Paramyxoviridae).
    Respiratory viruses.
    Reticuloendotheliosis virus (Retroviridae).
    Retrotransposons of fungi.
    Retroviral oncogenes.
    Retroviruses - type D (Retroviridae).
    Retroviruses of Drosophila: The gypsy paradigm.
    Rhabdoviruses (Rhabdoviridae).
    Rhinoviruses (Picornaviridae).
    Rinderpest and distemper viruses (Paramyxoviridae).
    Ross River virus and Barmah Forest virus (Togaviridae).
    Rotaviruses (Reoviridae).
    Rubella virus (Togaviridae).
    Russian spring summer encephalitis virus See Encephalitis viruses.
    Salmonella phage P22 (Podoviridae).
    Satellite RNAs and satellite viruses.
    S13m bacteriophage See Coliphage Ø X174 and related phages (Microviridae).
    San Miguel sea lion virus See Calciviruses.
    Scrapie See Prions.
    Semliki Forest virus See Sindbis and Semliki Forest viruses.
    Sendai virus (Paramyxoviridae).
    Sequiviruses (Sequiviridae).
    Sheep poxvirus See Poxviruses.
    Shrimp viruses.
    Shope fibroma virus See Poxviruses.
    Shope papilloma and bovine viruses See Papillomaviruses - animal.
    Sigma rhabdoviruses (Rhabdoviridae).
    Simian hemorhagic fever virus See Encephalitis viruses and arteriviruses.
    Simian herpesvirus See Herpesvirus saimiri and ateles.
    Simian immunodeficiency viruses (Retroviridae).
    Simian virus 40.
    Sindbis and Semliki Forest viruses (Togaviridae).
    Single-stranded RNA phages (Leviviridae).
    Smallpox and monkeypox viruses (Poxviridae).
    SPO1 phage (Myoviridae).
    Spongiform encephalopathies See Prions.
    Spumaviruses (Retroviridae).
    Squirrel fibroma virus See Poxviruses.
    St. Louis encephalitis virus See Encephalitis viruses.
    Swine herpesvirus 1 See Pseudorabies virus.
    Swine vesicular exanthema virus See Caliciviruses.
    Swinepox virus See Poxvirus.
    Synergism - Plant viruses.
    T1-like phages (Siphoviridae).
    T4-like phages (Myoviridae).
    T5-like phages (Siphoviridae).
    T7-like phages (Podoviridae).
    Tanapox virus See Yabapox viruses.
    Taxonomy, classification and nomenclature of viruses.
    Tetraviruses (Tetraviridae).
    Theiler's viruses (Picornaviridae).
    Tick-borne encephalitis virus See Encephalitis viruses.
    Toroviruses (Coronaviridae).
    Tospoviruses (Bunyaviridae).
    Totiviruses (Totiviridae).
    Transformation - Animal viruses.
    Transplantation and virus infections.
    Transportable bacteriophages See Mu-like phages.
    Tree shrew herpesviruses (Herpesviridae).
    Tumor viruses - human.
    Turkey herpesvirus See Marek's disease virus.
    Ty elemens See Retrotransposons of fungi.
    Ustilago maydis viruses See Totiviruses.
    Vaccines and immune response.
    Vaccinia virus (Poxviridae).
    Varicella-zoster virus (Herpesviridae).
    Variola virus See Smallpox and monkeypox viruses.
    Vector transmission of plant viruses.
    Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus See Equine encephalitis viruses.
    Vesicular exanthema virus See Caliciviruses.
    Vesicular stomatitis viruses (Rhabdoviridae).
    Viral membranes.
    Viral receptors.
    Virus species.
    Virus structure.
    Virus-host cell interactions.
    Visna-Maedi viruses (Retroviridae).
    Waikaviruses (Sequiviridae).
    Wesselbron virus See Encephalitis viruses.
    West Nile encephalitis virus See Equine encephalitis viruses.
    Western equine encephalitis virus See Equine encephalitis viruses.
    Yabapox and Tanapox viruses (Poxviridae).
    Yeast RNA viruses (Totiviridae).
    Yellow fever virus (Flaviviridae).
    Color Plate Sections.

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  • No. of pages: 2000
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Academic Press 1999
  • Published: July 27, 1999
  • Imprint: Academic Press
  • eBook ISBN: 9780080547978

About the Editors

Allan Granoff

Dr. Allan Granoff carried out virology research for over 36 years, first at the Public Health Research Institute of New York and then at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, where he was also Chairman of the Department of Virology & Molecular Biology for 26 years. In 1988, he stepped down from the Chair to devote full-time as Deputy Director of the institution. Since July 1992, he has served as the interim Director of St. Jude. Dr. Granoff is highly published in the areas of influenza virus, paramyxovirus, herpesvirus, and iridovirus research. He has also served on national and international advisory committees and on a number of editorial boards.

Affiliations and Expertise

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Memphis, Tennessee, U.S.A.

Robert Webster

Dr. Robert Webster has worked in the field of Virology for over 30 years, first in New Zealand and then at the John Curtin School of Medical Research in Australia. He has spent the past 25 years at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in the Department of Virology & Molecular Biology. In addition to his position as Chairman at St. Jude, Dr. Webster is Director of the U.S. Collaborating Center of the World Health Organization dealing with the ecology of animal influenza viruses. He has served on numerous national and international advisory boards and is a Fellow of the Royal Society. Dr. Webster has published extensively on influenza in areas covering the origin of pandemic strains, genetic variation, structure and function of virus and, in conjunction with Graeme Laver, was responsible for the development of influenza subunit vaccines.

Affiliations and Expertise

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Memphis, Tennessee, U.S.A.

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