Encyclopedia of Toxicology - 3rd Edition - ISBN: 9780123864543

Encyclopedia of Toxicology

3rd Edition

Editor-in-Chiefs: Philip Wexler
Hardcover ISBN: 9780123864543
Imprint: Academic Press
Published Date: 24th March 2014
Page Count: 5220

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The third edition of the Encyclopedia of Toxicology presents entries devoted to key concepts and specific chemicals, and is updated to reflect current advances in the field. It contains new information on nanotoxicology, epigenetics, persistent organic pollutants, computational toxicology and bioinformatics, controversial chemicals, and much more. Along with the traditional scientific entries, new articles focus on worldwide initiatives, the potential health and environmental effects of new technologies, and the societal implications of global legal and regulatory issues.

With thoroughly updated articles, references, and resources for recommended reading, the third edition has been expanded in length, breadth, and depth, and continues to provide an extensive overview of the many facets of toxicology.

Key Features

  • Provides easy access to content on chemicals and all core areas of toxicology
  • Thoroughly updated with the latest advances in toxicology, including epigenetics, nanotoxicology, computational toxicology, and translational toxicology
  • New topics include implications of global legal and regulatory issues, persistent organic pollutants, REACH, SAICM, e-waste, and many more


Toxicologists, pharmacologists, professors and students of pharmacology and toxicology, drug companies, toxicology testing labs, libraries, poison control centers, physicians, pharmacists and other health care professionals, legal and regulatory professionals (EPA, government), and chemists

Table of Contents

  • Foreword
  • Preface
  • Preface to the Second Edition
  • Preface to the First Edition
  • Editor-in-Chief
  • Associate Editors
  • How to Use the Encyclopedia

    • A Note about the format of Entries
    • 1 Contents
    • 2 Cross-references
    • 3 Index
    • 4 Contributors
    • 5 Glossary and Appendix
  • Acknowledgments
  • Dedication
  • Notes on the Glossary
  • Notes on the Subject Index
  • Article Titles

    • A

      • Absorption

        • Abstract
        • Introduction
        • Passive Transport
        • Active Transport
        • Filtration
        • Endocytosis
        • Absorption by the GI Tract
        • Absorption through the Skin
        • Absorption by the Lung
        • See also
        • Further Reading
      • Academy of Toxicological Sciences

        • Abstract
        • Contact Details
        • See also
        • Relevant Website
      • Acceptable Daily Intake (ADI)

        • Abstract
        • Limitations of RfD
        • See also
        • Further Reading
      • Accutane

        • Abstract
        • Background Information
        • Uses
        • Environmental Fate and Behavior
        • Exposure and Exposure Monitoring
        • Toxicokinetics
        • Mechanism of Toxicity
        • Acute and Short-Term Toxicity (or Exposure)
        • Chronic Toxicity (or Exposure)
        • Immunotoxicity
        • Reproductive Toxicity
        • Genotoxicity
        • Carcinogenicity
        • Clinical Management
        • Ecotoxicology
        • Exposure Standards and Guidelines
        • See also
        • Further Reading
        • Relevant Websites
      • Angiotensin Converting Enzyme (ACE) Inhibitors

        • Abstract
        • Background (Significance/History)
        • Uses
        • Environmental Fate and Behavior Routes
        • Physicochemical Prop


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About the Editor-in-Chief

Philip Wexler

Philip Wexler is a Technical Information Specialist at the National Library of Medicine’s (NLM) Toxicology and Environmental Health Information Program. A recipient of the NLM Regents Award for Scholarly or Technical Achievement and the Distinguished Technical Communication Award of the Washington chapter of the Society for Technical Communication, he is team leader for the development of the ToxLearn online multi-module tutorials, a joint activity with the SOT. Mr. Wexler is also project officer for the LactMed file on drugs and lactation, and the IRIS and ITER risk assessment databases. He is federal liaison to the Toxicology Education Foundation (TEF), past Chair of SOT’s World Wide Web Advisory Team, and past President of its Ethical, Legal, and Social Issues Specialty Section. Mr. Wexler led the World Library of Toxicology project prior to its migration to the INND/Toxipedia group, and remains a federal liaison to the project. He was a member of the Education and Communications Work Group of the CDC/ATSDR’s National Conversation on Public Health and Chemical Exposure. A co-developer of the Toxicology History Room, he is co-founder and federal liaison to the Toxicology History Association. Mr. Wexler has lectured and been published widely in the U.S. and abroad on toxicology and toxicoinformatics. He is the Editor-in-Chief of three editions of the Encyclopedia of Toxicology (Third Edition, 2014) and four editions of Information Resources in Toxicology (Fourth edition, 2009), as well as numerous other books and articles. In 2010, he was named the recipient of the US Society of Toxicology’s Public Communications Award. Mr. Wexler also serves as an associate editor for a toxicology journal.

Affiliations and Expertise

National Library of Medicine’s (NLM) Toxicology and Environmental Health Information Program, Bethesda, MD, USA


BMA Medical Book Awards 2015: Highly Commended, Public Health, British Medical Association


Praise for Previous Editions:
"...provides an invaluable interface of experimental, applied, and regulatory toxicology...superior to many textbooks..." --Journal of Toxicology: Clinical Toxicology