The Encyclopedia of the Neurological Sciences, Second Edition develops from the first edition, covering all areas of neurological sciences through over 1000 entries focused on a wide variety of topics in neurology, neurosurgery, psychiatry and other related areas of neuroscience. The contributing authors represent all aspects of neurology from many viewpoints and disciplines to provide a complete overview of the field. Entries are designed to be understandable without detailed background knowledge in the subject matter, and cross-referencing and suggested further reading lead the reader from a basic knowledge of the subject to more advanced understanding.

The easy-to-use 'encyclopedic-dictionary' format of the Encyclopedia of the Neurological Sciences, Second Edition features alphabetic entries, extensive cross-referencing, and a thorough index for quick reference. The wealth of information provided by these four volumes makes this reference work a trusted source of valuable information for a wide range of researchers, from undergraduate students to academic researchers.

Key Features

  • Provides comprehensive coverage of the field of neurological science in over 1,000 entries in 4 volumes
  • "Encyclopedic-dictionary" format provides for concise, readable entries and easy searching
  • Presents complete, up-to-date information on 32 separate areas of neurology
  • Entries are supplemented with extensive cross-referencing, useful references to primary research articles, and an extensive index


Students of all levels and reserchers in neurological sciences as well as individuals from other disciplines who wish to gain an understanding of subjects in the neurological sciences and their impacts

Table of Contents

  • Editors-in-chief
  • Associate Editors
  • Preface
  • Permission Acknowledgments
  • Article Titles
    • A
      • Abducens Nerve (Cranial Nerve VI)
        • Abstract
        • Anatomy
        • Abducens Nerve Palsy
        • Differential Diagnosis
        • Specific Syndromes and Clinical Associations
        • Pathophysiology
        • Evaluation
        • Treatment
        • See also
        • Further Reading
      • Abetalipoproteinemia (ABL, Bassen–Kornzweig Disease)
        • Abstract
        • See also
        • Further Reading
      • Abnormal Illness Behaviors
        • Abstract
        • Introduction
        • Somatoform Disorders
        • Etiology
        • Somatization Disorder
        • Body Dysmorphic Disorder
        • Conversion Disorder
        • Hypochondriasis
        • Pain Disorder
        • Factitious Disorder
        • Malingering
        • Guidelines for Management
        • DSM-V Update
        • See also
        • Further Reading
      • Abscess, Brain and Spine
        • Abstract
        • See also
        • Further Reading
      • Abulia
        • Abstract
        • See also
        • Further Reading
      • Accessory Nerve (Cranial Nerve XI)
        • Abstract
        • Introduction
        • Fuctional Components
        • Anatomy
        • Physical Examination
        • Lesions Affecting the Accessory Nerve
        • See also
        • Further Reading
      • Acetylcholine
        • Abstract
        • Introduction
        • History
        • Metabolism
        • Current and Future Issues
        • See also
        • Further Reading
      • Acoustic Neuroma – Contemporary Management of Sporadic Vestibular Schwannomas
        • Abstract
        • Introduction
        • Observation
        • Gamma Knife Radiosurgery
        • Surgery
        • Patient Selection
        • Conclusion
        • See also
        • Further Reading
      • Acoustic Neuroma, Tre


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Praise for the first edition:
"Here is a work that the busy clinical neurologist - practicing or academic - can keep next to her/his two-volume OED, Webster's Unabridged, and Internet access. Aminoff and Daroff - themselves encyclopedic in their knowledge, breadth, and editorial experience - have put together a truly all-encompassing editorial compendium." --NEUROLOGY, October 2003