Encyclopedia of Reproduction, Four-Volume Set - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9780122270208, 9780080917894

Encyclopedia of Reproduction, Four-Volume Set

1st Edition

Editor-in-Chiefs: Ernst Knobil Jimmy Neill
Authors: Michael A. Skinner
Hardcover ISBN: 9780122270208
eBook ISBN: 9780080917894
Imprint: Academic Press
Page Count: 4768
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The more than 550 articles in the Encyclopedia of Reproduction encompass every aspect of the biology of reproduction throughout the entire animal kingdom, covering invertebrates to humans. Each article includesa glossary and an introduction, as well as illustrations and a bibliography. Extensive aids to the reader are provided through a detailed subject index, cross references to related articles, and an index of articles by category. The Encyclopedia isdesigned to answer any and all questions related to this fundamentally important field, in non-mammalian as well as mammalian systems, from the most basic to the latest advances in assisted reproduction in humans.

Key Features

@introbul:Key Features @bul:* The first and only work to cover all aspects of reproduction in the animal kingdom, including humans and other primates, mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibia, fish, and invertebrates

  • Four-volume set with topics arranged A to Z for easy reference
  • More than 550 separate articles, all commissioned for this work
  • Editorial direction by Ernst Knobil and Jimmy D. Neill, noted reproductive biologists and co-editors of the standard reference in the field
  • Distinguished Editorial Board composed of 15 experts and prominent scientists serving as Associate Editors.
  • Articles by more than 700 authors from leading institutions of reproductive science around the world
  • 1350 figures and 300 tables complement the text of the articles
  • 3000 glossary entries explain key terms
  • Further Reading lists appear at the end of each entry
  • Extensive cross-referencing system links related articles
  • Large 8 1/2 x 11 page size, easy-to-read double-column format


Aimed at a broad audience of varied expertise. Appropriate for students as well as researchers and professionals seeking specific information on topics outside of their immediate expertise. Should be of interest to laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, graduate and medical school libraries, departmental libraries, undergraduate, and select high school libraries.

Table of Contents

@inhd:PROJECTED LIST OF ARTICLES @context:S.J. Sondheimer, Abortion. D.W.T. Crompton, Acanthocephala. C. Gillott, Accessory Glands, Insects. G.S. Kopf, Acrosome Reaction. R.H. Schwall, Activin and Activin Receptors. C.B. Smikle, Adrenal Androgens. F. Gonzalez, Adrenarche. A.S. Raikhel, Aedes aegypti. D. Edwards, Aggressive Behavior (Aggression). S.A. Sower, Agnatha. F.W. Bazer, Allantochorion (Chorioallantois). F.W. Bazer, Allantoic Fluid. F.W. Bazer, Allantois. S.S. Tobe, Allatostatins. L.G. Moore, Altitude, Effects on Humans. C.A. Ducsay, Altitude, Effects on Reproduction. F.M.A. McNabb, Altricial and Precocial Birds. L. Packer, Altruism in Insect Reproduction. S. Berga, Amenorrhea. N.C. Rose, Amniocentesis. R.A. Brace, Amniotic Fluid. A. Polzonetti, Amphibian Ovarian Cycles. M.H. Wake, Amphibian Reproduction, Overview. R.K. Rastogi, Amphibian Reproductive System, Female. R. Pierantoni, Amphibian Reproductive System, Male. K. Selcer, Androgen Effects and Receptors, Subavian Species. V.L. Fuh, Androgen Inhibitors/Antiandrogens. B. Robaire, Androgens. C.F. Harding, Androgens, Effects in Birds. S. Bhasin, Androgens, Effects in Mammals. P. Troen, Andrology: Origins and Scope. D. McHugh, Annelida. R.B. Page, Anterior Pituitary. D. McDonnell, Anti-Estrogens. P. Van Look, Antiprogestins (Ru-486, etc.). J. Dancis, Apgar Score. J. Hardie, Aphids. S. Arch, Aplysia. P.F. Terranova, Apoptosis (Cell Death). R.D. Peppler, Armadillo. A.J. Conley, Aromatization, Mammals. G.V. Callard, Aromatization, Non-Mammals. G.V. Callard, Artificial Insemination, in Animals. G.V. Callard, Ar


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About the Editor-in-Chief

Ernst Knobil

Affiliations and Expertise

The University of Texas, Houston, U.S.A.

Jimmy Neill

Affiliations and Expertise

The University of Alabama, Birmingham, U.S.A.

About the Author

Michael A. Skinner

Affiliations and Expertise

Senior Lecturer


"...an encyclopedic reference work such as this is needed and welcomed... A wide variety of illustrations including tables, graphs, drawings, and excellent photographs are well utilized in each entry. This encyclopedia provides an attractive, comprehensive review of clinical and basic science involved in reproductive biology. It assembles a vast amount of information into an extremely well researched four-volume set which is unique to the literature." @source:--DOODY'S PUBLISHING REVIEWS