Encyclopedia of Modern Optics - 1st Edition

Encyclopedia of Modern Optics

1st Edition

Editors: Bob Guenther Duncan Steel
Imprint: Elsevier

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The encyclopedia provides valuable reference material for those working in the field who wish to know more about a topic outside their area of expertise, as well as providing an authoritative reference source for students and researchers. Undergraduate students should find it a useful source of material, as will teachers and lecturers. It will also be useful at the postgraduate level for summarizing a broad range of theoretical topics, for practical advice on research techniques and for insights into new ways of approaching research problems.

Subjects covered: light and optics, lasers, optical fibers, and optical fiber systems, optical materials, and LED's, and applications of all these in control and manufacturing, data processing and storage, applications in environment, engineering, defence, ocean study, medicine and biology.

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Key Features

  • Unparalleled reference work for all researchers in field of Optics, Fiber Systems, Material Science, Atomic and Molecular Physics, Laser Physics
  • Covers all the sub fields of Optical Physics as well as related fields as Engineering, which impact manufacturing and many practical applications
  • Alphabetically arranged for ease of use; cross-references to aid in tracking down all aspects of a topic under investigation


Researchers, teachers and lecturers, students, postgraduate and undergraduate level

Table of Contents

The encyclopedia will be divided into 3000-4000 word articles with large subject areas being sub-divided and covered by a number of articles.


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About the Editor

Bob Guenther

Prof. Guenther uses femtosecond pulsed laser systems to study ultrafast phenomena. Current research includes characterization of quantum well devices, development of terahertz electronics, and analysis of bunched relativistic electron beams. Because these projects are of fundamental interest to physicists, engineers, and material scientists, Dr. Guenther's research involves collaboration with other departments at Duke and other major universities. He is presently working on the application of femtosecond technology to the study of solids, the development of terahertz sources, and new measurement techniques associated with electron beams. He has used a Michaelson Interferometer to observe the temporal characteristics of the electron-beam used in the FEL.

Affiliations and Expertise

Duke University, Durham, USA

Duncan Steel

Affiliations and Expertise

University of Michigan, USA


"Among reference sources for optics, none offers this set's depth of coverage across many disciplines: physics, engineering, information processing, imaging, materials, and nonlinear optics. ...Highly recommended" --A. N. Murrell, New Mexico State University, September 2005, CHOICE

"...you will find answers to many questions you might have in optics, thus it can be recommended ...to the libraries of the institutes who have to be up to date in modern optics" --(CIE NEWS, 73, 2005, JS), Electronic version available on ScienceDirect.com