Encyclopedia of Health Economics

1st Edition

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eBook ISBN: 9780123756794
Imprint: Elsevier
Published Date: 24th March 2014
Page Count: 1664

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The Encyclopedia of Health Economics offers students, researchers and policymakers objective and detailed empirical analysis and clear reviews of current theories and polices. It helps practitioners such as health care managers and planners by providing accessible overviews into the broad field of health economics, including the economics of designing health service finance and delivery and the economics of public and population health. This encyclopedia provides an organized overview of this diverse field, providing one trusted source for up-to-date research and analysis of this highly charged and fast-moving subject area.

Key Features

  • Features research-driven articles that are objective, better-crafted, and more detailed than is currently available in journals and handbooks
  • Combines insights and scholarship across the breadth of health economics, where theory and empirical work increasingly come from non-economists
  • Provides overviews of key policies, theories and programs in easy-to-understand language


Students, researchers, and policy makers in health and related fields, in business, government, and academia

Table of Contents

  • Editor-in-Chief
  • Section Editors
  • Preface

    • What Do Health Economists Do?
    • ... And How Do They Do It?
    • A Schematic of Health Economics
    • A Word on Textbooks
    • Acknowledgments
    • Further Reading
  • Permission Acknowledgments
  • Demand for Health and Health Care

    • Collective Purchasing of Health Care

      • Collective Purchasing of Health-Care Inputs
      • Collective Purchasing of Health Insurance
      • Collective Purchasing of Health-Care Treatments: The Role of Insurers
      • Summary
      • See also
      • References
      • Further Reading
    • Demand Cross Elasticities and ‘Offset Effects’

      • Abstract
      • Glossary
      • Introduction
      • Empirical Literature Cross Elasticities
      • A Model of Offsets in Health Insurance
      • Rule for Welfare Effects
      • A Simple Rule for When Offsets Increase Welfare
      • Final Comments
      • See also
      • References
      • Further Reading
    • Demand for Insurance That Nudges Demand

      • Abstract
      • Introduction
      • The Core Model
      • The Setting and the Behavioral Model
      • Deviations from Optimality
      • The Gain from ‘Nudging’
      • Modeling Deviation
      • The Best Case for Voluntary Value-Based Cost Sharing: Positive Insured Cost Offsets
      • A Good Case for Voluntary Value-Based Cost Sharing: The Consumer Looking to the Future Seeks to Control His Irrational Current Self
      • Better Information as the Solution
      • The Cost of Bother
      • Perception of Nonmonetary Cost
      • Other Threats: Heterogeneity
      • The Mixed Case
      • Focus Group Evidence
      • Solutions
      • See also
      • References
    • Education and Health: Disentangling Causal Relationships from Associations

      • Abstract
      • Glossary
      • Introduc


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The ...volumes have many strengths. They will be comprehensive, up to date, and linked to web sites with additional information. The papers to be included will be readable and therefore accessible to a wide audience. The plans to have more than one paper on the same subject and to include all schools of thought are especially appealing. The volume has in my view no weaknesses. --Michael Grossman, National Bureau of Economic Research, USA