Encyclopedia of Food Safety

1st Edition

Editor-in-Chiefs: Yasmine Motarjemi
Hardcover ISBN: 9780123786128
eBook ISBN: 9780123786135
Imprint: Academic Press
Published Date: 27th December 2013
Page Count: 2304
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With the world’s growing population, the provision of a safe, nutritious and wholesome food supply for all has become a major challenge. To achieve this, effective risk management based on sound science and unbiased information is required by all stakeholders, including the food industry, governments and consumers themselves. In addition, the globalization of the food supply requires the harmonization of policies and standards based on a common understanding of food safety among authorities in countries around the world. With some 280 chapters, the Encyclopedia of Food Safety provides unbiased and concise overviews which form in total a comprehensive coverage of a broad range of food safety topics, which may be grouped under the following general categories: History and basic sciences that support food safety; Foodborne diseases, including surveillance and investigation; Foodborne hazards, including microbiological and chemical agents; Substances added to food, both directly and indirectly; Food technologies, including the latest developments; Food commodities, including their potential hazards and controls; Food safety management systems, including their elements and the roles of stakeholders. The Encyclopedia provides a platform for experts from the field of food safety and related fields, such as nutrition, food science and technology and environment to share and learn from state-of-the art expertise with the rest of the food safety community.

Key Features

  • Assembled with the objective of facilitating the work of those working in the field of food safety and related fields, such as nutrition, food science and technology and environment - this work covers the entire spectrum of food safety topics into one comprehensive reference work
  • The Editors have made every effort to ensure that this work meets strict quality and pedagogical thresholds such as: contributions by the foremost authorities in their fields; unbiased and concise overviews on a multitude of food safety subjects; references for further information, and specialized and general definitions for food safety terminology
  • In maintaining confidence in the safety of the food supply, sound scientific information is key to effectively and efficiently assessing, managing and communicating on food safety risks. Yet, professionals and other specialists working in this multidisciplinary field are finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with developments outside their immediate areas of expertise. This single source of concise, reliable and authoritative information on food safety has, more than ever, become a necessity


The Encyclopedia will be useful for professionals and other specialists working in, but not limited to, the following institutions:  Regulatory and Enforcement Agencies; Food Industry; Trade and Industry Organizations; Audit and Certification Bodies; Academic Institutions; Private and Governmental Scientific and Research Institutions; and International and Non-Governmental Organizations with an interest in food.

Table of Contents



Foreword I

Foreword II

Further Reading


Co-Editors Biography

Editorial Advisory Board

Abbreviations of Technical Terms

Abbreviation of Selected Organizations Involved in Food Safety

Volume 1: History, Science and Methods


History of Food Safety and Related Sciences

History of Food Safety and Related Sciences: History of Foodborne Disease – Part I – Ancient History




The Biblical Period

See also

Further Reading

History of Food Safety and Related Sciences: History of Foodborne Disease – Part II – The Greek and Roman Periods (1200 BCE–CE 500)



Not-so-Funny Honey

Lead Adrift

Middle Ages (CE 500–1500)

St. Anthony's Fire

See also

Further Reading

History of Food Safety and Related Sciences: History of Foodborne Disease – Part III – The Renaissance and the Enlightenment (CE 1300–1750)



The Constant Menace of Mold

Royal Parasites

Part V: The Industrial Revolution (CE 1750–1900)

See also

Further Reading

History of Food Safety and Related Sciences: History of Foodborne Disease – Part IV – Modern Times (CE 1900–Present Day)



Mercury in Minamata

Tainted Oil in Spain

The Birth of a Beast


See also

Further Reading

History of Food Safety and Related Sciences: History of Foodborne Disease in Asia – Examples from China, India, and Japan



Food Safety in Chinese Mythology

Food Safety in Ancient Times

Food Safety in Asia in Modern Times

Food Safety Legislation in Modern Times





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About the Editor-in-Chief

Yasmine Motarjemi

Yasmine Motarjemi holds a Masters degree in Food Science and Technology from the University of Languedoc, Montpellier, France (1978) and a Doctoral degree in Food Engineering from the University of Lund, Sweden (1988). In 2003, she followed a training at the IMD business school in Lausanne, Switzerland and in 2014 a course on Human Rights at the University of Geneva Switzerland. After her research and academic career at the University of Lund, in 1990 she joined the World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva as Senior Scientist. In WHO, she was responsible for the surveillance and prevention of foodborne illnesses (including education of professional and domestic food handlers), the development of the food safety assurance system (e.g. Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point system), and for assistance to the WHO Member States in strengthening their national food safety programme and the development of the risk analysis process. She has served in the Secretariat of various sessions of the Codex Alimentarius Commissions and its Committees. From 2000 to 2011, she held the position of Assistant Vice President in Nestlé and worked as the Corporate Food Safety Manager. In this capacity, she has, among others, developed the Nestlé Food Safety Management system and managed various emerging food safety issues and crises. She was active in several industry organizations, among others FooddrinkEuorpe (formerly Conféderation des Industries Agroalimentaires (CIAA)) where she advised management of international crisis. She is the author, co-author or editor of numerous peer-reviewed articles, books, training manuals and other publications, including a book on food safety for children. In 2014 she published Encyclopedia on Food Safety and the book Food Safety Management: A Practical Guide for the Food Industry (both published by Elsevier/Academic Press).

Affiliations and Expertise

Editor-in-Chief, FOSA and FOSIN, Nyon, Switzerland


"...this authoritative, one-stop reference will be useful for academics, consumers, decision makers, managers, public officials, food industry professionals, and nongovernmental specialists. Summing Up: Recommended" --Choice Reviews Online, 2014

"...there is nothing like this encyclopedia for its comprehensiveness in combining as many food safety related topics as possible less than one source...If you want to expand your knowledge over the whole field of food safety you can look no further than dipping into this encyclopedia." --Journal of Food Quality & Hazards Control,Vol. 1, No. 2, 2014

"With such a collection of information, whoever needs first-hand, reliable and authoritative information on food safety does not need to consult various books, periodicals or websites. All of what is presently known in this domain can be found in this comprehensive work." --Professor Fritz Käferstein, DVM, PhD (Former Director of the Department of Food Safety and Food Aid (1980-1998) World Health Organization).