Encyclopedia of Food Microbiology - 2nd Edition

Encyclopedia of Food Microbiology

2nd Edition

Editors: Carl Batt Carl A. Batt
Editor-in-Chiefs: Richard Robinson
Imprint: Academic Press
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Written by the world's leading scientists and spanning over 400 articles in three volumes, the Encyclopedia of Food Microbiology, Second Edition is a complete, highly structured guide to current knowledge in the field. Fully revised and updated, this encyclopedia reflects the key advances in the field since the first edition was published in 1999

The articles in this key work, heavily illustrated and fully revised since the first edition in 1999, highlight advances in areas such as genomics and food safety to bring users up-to-date on microorganisms in foods. Topics such as DNA sequencing and E. coli are particularly well covered.

With lists of further reading to help users explore topics in depth, this resource will enrich scientists at every level in academia and industry, providing fundamental information as well as explaining state-of-the-art scientific discoveries.

Key Features

  • This book is designed to allow disparate approaches (from farmers to processors to food handlers and consumers) and interests to access accurate and objective information about the microbiology of foods.
  • Microbiology impacts the safe presentation of food. From harvest and storage to determination of shelf-life, to presentation and consumption. This work highlights the risks of microbial contamination and is an invaluable go-to guide for anyone working in Food Health and Safety.
  • Has a two-fold industry appeal (1) those developing new functional food products and (2) to all corporations concerned about the potential hazards of microbes in their food products.


Academic and professional/industrial microbiologists; industry and public analysts in Food Health and Safety; under-post graduate students, teachers, lecturers in all areas of Food Science (including Nutritionists and Dieticians).

Table of Contents

  • Editor-in-Chief
  • Editor
  • Editorial Advisory Board
  • How to Use the Encyclopedia

    • Contents
    • Cross-references
    • Index
  • Foreword
  • Notes on the Subject Index
  • Article Titles

    • A

      • Acetobacter

        • Abstract
        • Characteristics of the Genus Acetobacter
        • Methods of Detection
        • Identification
        • Importance to the Food Industry
        • See also
        • Further Reading
      • Acinetobacter

        • Abstract
        • Introduction
        • The Genus
        • Acinetobacter Species
        • Ecology
        • Methods of Detection and Enumeration of Acinetobacters in Foods
        • Identification at the Genus Level and Metabolic Characteristics
        • Identification at the Genomic Species Level
        • Epidemiological Typing
        • Acinetobacters in Foods
        • Acinetobacters in Water and Soil
        • Acinetobacters in the Clinical Environment
        • Biotechnological Applications
        • See also
        • Further Reading
      • Adenylate Kinase

        • Abstract
        • General Introduction of Adenylate Kinase
        • AK as the Detection Target in ATP Bioluminescence Assay
        • Application of AK in ATP Regeneration for Ultrasensitive Bioluminescence Assay
        • Conclusion
        • See also
        • Further Reading
      • AEROMONAS | Introduction

        • Abstract
        • Characteristics of the Genus Aeromonas
        • Clinical Relevance
        • Molecular versus Phenotypic Identification
        • Epidemiology
        • Virulence Factors
        • Virulence Genes and Complete Genomes
        • Detection of Virulence in Food Isolates
        • Preservation and Control
        • See also
        • Further Reading
      • AEROMONAS | Detection


Academic Press
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About the Editor

Carl Batt

Editor-in-Chief of Academic Press Food Microbiology.

Affiliations and Expertise

Cornell University, Department of Food Science, Ithaca, New York, U.S.A.

Carl A. Batt

Affiliations and Expertise

Leatherhead Food Research Association, Surrey, U.K.

About the Editor-in-Chief

Richard Robinson

Affiliations and Expertise

Department of Food Science and Technology, The University of Reading, Berkshire, U.K.


"...a multi-author comprehensive treatise on the very specific field of food microbiology--the preparation of fermented foods, food preservation, and the analysis and prevention of food spoiling. Substantial articles or groups of articles are devoted to each of the different groups of microorganisms involved, each of the various analytical and preparative techniques, and each of the various foods...Clear and authoritative presentations cover the expected topics..." —D. Goodman in CHOICE (September 2000)

"Food microbiology is a topic of increasing concern to the general public; everything from the genetic modification of crops to food safety in packing plants is now in the news. This three-volume encyclopedia pulls it all together for those with a casual interest in how cheese is produced to those looking for information on the effectiveness of ultrasound in killing salmonella on chicken skin...Essential for any library supporting the food industry or related research fields; larger public libraries that have the budget should also acquire." —Eric D. Albright, Duke Medical Center Library, for LIBRARY JOURNAL (April 2000)