Encyclopedia of Environmental Biology, Three-Volume Set

1st Edition

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In today's world, knowledge about the environment and our relationship with it is extremely crucial. Academic Press proudly presents the Encyclopedia of Environmental Biology, a much-needed reference with detailed information on the environmental issues affecting you. Written for law offices, environmental groups, city planners, and government officials, these three volumes contain 150 expressly prepared articles exploring the impact of global change on plants, animals, and habitats. The Encyclopedia examines the causes and the cures of environmental degradation in an easy-to-use, comprehensive format.

Key Features

@introbul:Key Features @bul:* A three-volume set including a complete subject index with more than 10,000 entries and a directory of contributors * 154 articles written by the world's leading scientists and approved by an independent review procedure * 150 halftones, 600 line drawings, and 100 tables complement the text * Easy-to-use and meticulously organized * Bibliographies at the end of each article allow easy access to the primary literature * 2114 pages in a large (8 1/2"x 11") double-column format for clarity and accessibility * Tailored to suit an international audience * Extensive cross-referencing system links related articles * 170 contributors from 16 countries * An eminent editorial board


Law offices; environmental action groups; city planning and government offices.

Table of Contents

LIST of ARTICLES: Acid Rain. Agriculture and Grazing on Arids Lands. Agroecology. Air Pollution and Forests. Antarctic Marine Food Webs. Aquatic Weeds. Arboreta. Artificial Habitats for Fish. Aspects of the Environmental Chemistry of Elements. Atmosphere-Terrestial Ecosystem Modeling. Atmospheric Ozone and the Biological Impact of Solar Ultraviolet Radiation. Bioregradation of Pollutants. Biodiversity. Biodiversity, Processes of Loss. Biodiversity, Economic Appraisal. Biodiversity, Values and Uses. Biogeochemical Cycles. Biogeochemistry. Biological Communities of Tropical Oceans. Biological Control. Biological Engineering for Sustainable Biomass Production. Biomass Burning. Biosphere Reserves. Bird Communities. Bog Ecology. Captive Breeding and Management of Endangered Species. Community Based Management of Common Property Resources. Conservation Agreements, International. Conservation Programs for Endangered Plant Species. Continental Shelf Ecosystems. Controlled Ecologies. Coral Reef Ecosystems. Deciduous Forests. Deforestation. Desertification: Causes and Processes. Deserts. Deserts, Australian. Diversity Crises in the Geologic Past. Duties to Endangered Species. Ecological Energetics of Ecosystems. Ecological Energetics of Terrestrial Vertebrates. Ecological Restoration. Ecology and Genetics of Virulence and Resistance. Ecology of Mutualism. Ecology of Size, Shape, And Age Structure in Animals. Ecology, Aggregate Variables. Ecophysiology. Ecosystem Integrity. Impact of Traditional Peoples. Ecotoxicology. Environmental Radioactivity and Radiation. Environmental Stress and Evolution. Equilibrium and Nonequilibrium Concepts in Ecological Models. Eutrophication. Everglades, Human Transformations of a Dynamic Ecosystem. Evolution and Extinction. Evolutionary History of Biodiversity. Evolutionary Taxonomy Versus Cladism. Farming, Dry Land. Fire Ecology.Fish Conservation. Fish Ecology. Foraging Strategies. Foraging By Ungulate Herbivores. Forest Canopies. Forest


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"The authors and editor have succeeded in making the material accessible to the nonspecialist reader. The writing is generally clear and to the point and each article is followed by a glossary to assist those unfamiliar with the topic as well as by a short bibliography. The encyclopaedia should be helpful to government officials and lawyers." @source:--NATUREA @qu:"Sterling effort worth a place on any library shelf, not least for its combination of academic rigour and environmental relevance... The greatest strength of these columns is the rigour of their editing." @source:--BBC WILDLIFE @qu:"This encyclopedia will be a useful resource for any academic library." @source:--JOURNAL OF PESTICIDE REFORM @qu:"The quality of scholarship is very high and all articles contain current bibliographies... For...professionals in environmentally related fields, the encyclopedia is very thorough and needed. An excellent specialized encyclopedia, useful for all college libraries and for professionals." @source:--CHOICE @qu:"The set fills a void in reference collections in the area of environmental biology...The entries are readable and easy to understand without being too simplified, making the set appropriate for public, high school, and academic libraries...highly recommended." @source:--ARBA