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Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9780122268106, 9780080494746

Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs

1st Edition

Editors: Philip Currie Kevin Padian
Hardcover ISBN: 9780122268106
eBook ISBN: 9780080494746
Imprint: Academic Press
Published Date: 6th October 1997
Page Count: 869
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This book is the most authoritative encyclopedia ever prepared on dinosaurs and dinosaur science. In addition to entries on specific animals such as Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, and Velociraptor, the Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs covers reproduction, behavior, physiology, and extinction. The book is generously illustrated with many detailed drawings and photographs, and includes color pictures and illustrations that feature interpretations of the best known and most important animals. All alphabetical entries are cross-referenced internally, as well as at the end of each entry. The Encyclopedia includes up-to-date references that encourage the reader to investigate personal interests.

Key Features

  • The most authoritative encyclopedia ever prepared on dinosaurs
  • Includes many detailed drawings, photographs and illustrations in both color and black-and-white
  • Contains comprehensively cross-referenced alphabetical entries with internal references, as well as references at the conclusion of each entry
  • Provides in-depth references, allowing readers to pursue independent interests
  • Includes sixteen plates and 35 color illustrations


Reference and college libraries, public and high school libraries, book clubs, trade distributors, and professional societies for paleontology, evolution, geology, zoology, and ecology

Table of Contents

Thematic Table of Contents. Contributors. A Guide to Using the Encyclopedia. Michael Crichton, Foreword. Preface. Dedication. F.E. Novas, Abelisauridae. L.L. Jacobs, African Dinosaurs. G. Erickson, Age Determination. A. Chinsamy, Albany Museum. K. Padian and J.R. Hutchinson, Allosauroidea. P. Dodson, American Dinosaurs. L. Dingus, American Museum of Natural History. K. Carpenter, Ankylosauria. J.M. Parrish, Archosauria. J.R. Hutchinson and K. Padain, Arctometatarsalia. R.E. Molnar, Australasian Dinosaurs. L.M. Chiappe, Aves. The Editors, Avetheropoda. K. Padian, Avialae. H. Osmólska, Barun Goyot Formation. J.L. Sanz, Bastus Nesting Site. The Editors, Bavarian State Collection for Paleontology and Historical Geology. P. Currie, Bayan Mandahu. H. Osmólska, Bayn Dzak. J.R. Horner, Behavior. A. Chinsamy, Bernard Price Institute for Paleontological Research. J. Le Loeuff, Biogeography. R.M. Alexander, Biomechanics. R. Chapman, Biometrics. C. Trueman, Biomineralization. S.G. Lucas, Biostratigraphy. K. Padian, Bipedality. K. Padian, Bird Origins. B. Breithaupt, Bone Cabin Quarry. P. Currie, Braincase Anatomy. K. Padain and J.R. Hutchinson, Bullatosauria. M. Lockley, Cabo Espichel. J.S. Moratalla and J.L. Sanz, Cameros Basin Megatracksite. C. Coy, Canadian Dinosaurs. K. Carpenter, Cañon City. M. Lockley, Carenque. J.S. McIntosh, Carnegie Museum of Natural History. J.R. Hutchinson and K. Padian, Carnosauria. J. Kirkland, Cedar Mountain Formation. M. Norell, Central Asiatic Expeditions. The Editors, Cerapoda. P. Dodson, Ceratopsia. T. Rowe, R. Tykoski, and J.R. Hutchinson, Ceratosauria. H. Bocherens, Chemical Composition of Dinosaur Fossils. D. Zhiming, Chinese Dinosaurs. J.M. Parrish, Chinle Formation. J.B. Smith, Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry. D. Maxwell, Cloverly Formation. J.R. Hutchinson and K. Padian, Coelurosauria. M.J. Ryan and A.P. Russell, Color. B. Breithaupt, Como Bluff. R.E. Chapman and D.B. Weishampel, Computers and Related Technology. J. Wright, Connecticut River Valley. D.B. Weishampel, Constructional Morphology. K. Chin, Coprolites. L.M. Witmer, Craniofacial Air Sinus Systems. E-B. Koppelhus, Cretaceous Period. J.M. Clark, Crocodylia. W.A.S. Sarjeant, Crystal Palace Dinosaurs. B. Britt and K.L. Stadtman, Dalton Wells Quarry. A. Sahni, Deccan Basalt. The Editors, Deinonychosauria. K. Carpenter, Denver Museum of Natural History. C. Coy, Devil's Coulee Dinosaur Egg Historic Site. M.J. Ryan and M.K. Vickaryous, Diet. K. Padian, Dinosauria: Definition. D. Chure, Dinosaur National Monument. A.B. Arcucci, Dinosauromorpha. C. Coy, Dinosaur Provincial Park. M. Lockley, Dinosaur Ridge. Don Lesson, Dinosaur Society. M. Lockley, Dinosaur Valley. M. Lockley, Dinoturbation. P. Dodson, Distribution and Diversity. T. Jerzykiewicz, Djadokhta Formation. P.A. Murry and R.A. Long, Dockum Group. P. Currie, Dromaeosaridae. B. Britt and B.I. Curtice, Dry Mesa Quarry. M.J. Ryan, Dryosauridae. D.A. Eberth, Edmonton Group. J.R. Horner, Egg Mountain. K.E. Mikhailov, Eggs, Eggshells, and Nests. P. Currie, Elmisauridae. The Editors, Enantiornithes. P. Currie, Erenhot Dinosaur Museum. The Editors, Euornithopoda. E. Buffetaut, European Dinosaurs. J.D. Archibald, Evolution. J.D. Archibald, Extinction, Cretaceous. M.J. Benton, Extinction, Triassic. P. Guangzhao, Fabrosauridae. M. Lockley, Fatima. P. Currie, Feathered Dinosaurs. M. Lockley, Footprints and Trackways. Per Christiansen, Forelimbs and Hands. J.I. Kirkland, Fruita Paleontological Area. M.J. Ryan, Fruitland Formation. X-C. Wu, Functional Morphology. L. Claessens, Gastralia. D.D. Gillette, Gastroliths. The Editors, Genasauria. J.M. Parrish, Genetics. C.C. Swisher, Geologic Time. C. Coy, Ghost Ranch. K. Padian, Glen Canyon Group. D.A. Winkler, Glen Rose, Texas. P. Currie, Graduate Studies. D.J. Varricchio, Growth and Embryology. K. Padian, Growth Lines. C.A. Forster, Hadrosauridae. K.R. Johnson, Hell Creek Flora. D.F. Lofgren, Hell Creek Formation. F.E. Novas, Herrerasauridae. J.A. Long and K.J. McNamara, Heterochrony. J.B. Smith, Heterodontosauridae. Per Christiansen, Hind Limbs and Feet. R.E.H. Reid, Histology of Bones and Teeth. W.A.S. Sarjeant, History of Dinosaur Discoveries: Early Discoveries. B. Breithaupt, History of Dinosaur Discoveries: First Golden Period. E. Buffetaut, History of Dinosaur Discoveries: Quiet Times. L. Psihoyos, History of Dinosaur Discoveries: Research Today. B. Breithaupt, Howe Quarry. H-D. Sues, Hypsilophodontidae. C.A. Forster, Iguanodontidae. A. Sahni, Indian Dinosaurs. The Editors, Institute de Paléontologie, Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris, France. D. Zhiming, Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology, Beijing, China. D.A. Russell, Intelligence. R.R. Rogers, Ischigualasto Formation. Y. Azuma and Y. Tamida, Japanese Dinosaurs. D.A. Eberth, Judith River Wedge. D. Lessem and M. Schweitzer, Jurassic Park. P. Dodson, Jurassic Period. H. Haubold, Keuper Formation. M. Lockley, Khodja-Pil-Ata. M.J. Ryan, Kirtland Formation. A. Sahni, Lameta Formation. B. Breithaupt, Lance Formation. S.G. Lucas, Land-Mammal Ages. B.P. Pérez-Moreno and J.L. Sanz, Las Hoyas. V.L. Santucci, Legislation Protecting Dinosaur Fossils. D.B. Weishampel, Life History. M. Lockley, Lommiswil. E. Frey and J. Martin, Long Necks of Sauropods. D. Zhiming, Lufeng. K. Padian, Maniraptora. K. Padian, Maniraptoriformes. The Editors, Marginocephalia. K. Padian, Megalosaurus. M. Lockley, Megatracksites. K. Padian, Mesozoic Era. H-D. Sues, Mesozoic Faunas. J. Basinger, Mesozoic Floras. R. Hernandez-Rivera, Mexican Dinosaurs. J.A. Schiebout, Microvertebrate Sites. M.J. Ryan, Middle Asian Dinosaurs. G.S. Paul, Migration. R. Barsbold, Mongolian Dinosaurs. K. Carpenter, Morrison Formation. J.M. Parrish, Musculature. J. Le Loeuff, Musée des Dinosaures, Espèraza, Aude, France. The Editors, Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard University. D.K. Smith, Museum of Earth Science, Brigham Young University. M. Schweitzer, Museum of the Rockies. D. Chure, Museums and Displays. A. Chinsamy, National Museum, Bloemfontein, South Africa. P. Davis, Natual History Museum, London. H. Osmólska, Nemegt Formation. P. Dodson, Neoceratopsia. The Editors, Neotetanurae. H-D. Sues, Newark Supergroup. K. Padian, Origin of Dinosaurs. L.B. Tatarinov, Orlov Museum of Paleontology. M.K. Vickaryous and M.J. Ryan, Ornamentation. K. Padian, Ornithischia. K. Padian, Ornithodira. H. Osmólska, Ornithomimosauria. The Editors, Ornithopoda. K. Padian, Ornithosuchia. R. Barsbold, Oviraptorosauria. J.B. Smith, Oxford Clay. H-D. Sues, Pachycephalosauria. H. Haubold, Paleoclimatology. P. Dodson, Paleoecology. J.F. Lerbekmo, Paleomagnetic Correlation. E.A. Buchholtz, Paleoneurology. P.J. Currie, Paleontogical Museum, Ulaan Baatar. P. Davis, Paleontology. D.H. Tanke and B.M. Rothschild, Paleopathology. K. Padian, Pectoral Girdle. D. Rasskin-Gutman, Pelvis, Comparative Anatomy. C. Trueman, Permineralization. J.M. Parrish, Petrified Forest. K. Padian, Phylogenetic System. K. Padian, Phylogeny of Dinosaurs. K. Padian, Physiology. B. Tiffney, Plants and Dinosaurs. E. Hoch, Plate Tectonics. T.H. Rich, R.A. Gangloff, and W.R. Hammer, Polar Dinosaurs. H. Osmólska, Polish-Mongolian Paleontological Expeditions. D.F. Glut, Popular Culture, Literature. P. Makovicky, Postcranial Axial Skeleton. B. Britt, Postcranial Pneumaticity. R.E. Molnar, Problems with the Fossil Record. P. Upchurch, Prosauropoda. P. Davis, Pseudofossils. K. Padian, Pseudosuchia. P. Sereno, Psittacosauridae. K. Padian, Pterosauria. K. Padian, Pterosauromopha. M. Lockney, Purgatoire. K. Padian, Quadrupedality. D.A. Eberth, Radiometric Dating. P. Currie, Raptors. S.J. Czerkas, Reconstruction and Restoration. G.S. Paul, Reproductive Behavior and Rates. M.J. Benton, Reptiles. J. Wright, Rocky Hill Dinosaur Park. H-D. Sues, Royal Ontario Museum. B.G. Naylor, Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology. M. Lockley, Samcheonpo. K. Padian, Saurischia. J.S. McIntosh, Sauropoda. P. Upchurch, Sauropodomorpha. P. Currie, Sino-Canadian Dinosaur Project. P. Currie, Sino-Soviet Expeditions. N.J. Mateer, Sino-Swedish Expeditions. E.H. Colbert, Size. R.M. Alexander, Size and Scaling. K. Padian, Skeletal Structures. S.A. Czerkas, Skin. The Editors, Skull, Comparative Anatomy. M.K. Brett-Surman, Smithsonian Institution. H. Haubold, Solnhofen Formation. A. Chinsamy, South African Museum. F.E. Novas, South American Dinosaurs. E. Buffetaut, Southeast Asian Dinosaurs. C. Coy, Soviet-Mongolian Paleontological Expeditions. J.D. Archibald, Speciation. J.D. Archibald, Species. A. Milner, Spinosauridae and Baryonychidae. The Editors, State Museum for Natural History, Stuttgart, Germany. K. Padian, Staurikosauridae. P. Galton, Stegosauria. X-C. Wu and A.P. Russell, Systematics. A.R. Fiorillo, Taphonomy. P.M. Sander, Teeth and Jaws. G. Maier, Tendaguru. J.R. Hutchinson and K. Padian, Tetanurae. K. Padian, Thecodontia. D.A. Russell, Therizinosauria. P.J. Currie, Theropoda. K. Carpenter, Thyreophora. A.R. Jacobsen, Tooth Marks. G.M. Erickson, Tooth Replacement Patterns. W.L. Abler, Tooth Serrations in Carnivorous Dinosaurs. A.R. Fiorillo and D.B. Weishampel, Tooth Wear. K. Padian, Trace Fossils. J.M. Parrish, Triassic Period. D.J. Varricchio, Troodontidae. J.O. Farlow, Trophic Groups. D.B. Weishampel, Trossingen. R.R. Rogers, Two Medicine Formation. K. Carpenter, Tyrannosauridae. M. Norell, Ukhaa Tolgod. The Editors, University of California Museum of Paleontology. S.D. Sampson and M.J. Ryan, Variation. M.J. Benton, Vertebrata. P. Davis, Vertebrate Paleontology. G.M. Erickson, Von Ebner Incremental Growth Lines. D. Norman, Wealden Group. J.R. Horner, Willow Creek Anticline. M.A. Turner, Yale Peabody Museum. D. Zhiming, Zigong Museum.
Resources. Index.


No. of pages:
© Academic Press 1997
6th October 1997
Academic Press
Hardcover ISBN:
eBook ISBN:

About the Editors

Philip Currie

Philip Currie is noted for many expeditions to sites in North and South America and Asia, particularly in China where he and others unearthed the "feathered" dinosaurs. He is currently the Curator of Dinosaurs at the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology in Drumheller, Alberta, Canada, and an adjunct professor at the University of Calgary. He holds a doctorate from McGill University and is the author or co-author of nine earlier books on dinosaurs, as well more than 100 papers and articles. His work has been reported on by The New York Times, National Geographic, the PBS Nova series, Canadian Geographic, a CBS special on dinosaurs, and various other media.

Affiliations and Expertise

Royal Tyrell Museum of Paleontology, Drumheller, Alberta, Canada

Kevin Padian

Kevin Padian is Professor of Integrative Biology and Curator of Lower Vertebrates in the Museum of Paleontology, University of California, Berkeley. His doctorate is from Yale University. He is a frequently quoted authority in both the scientific and popular press on the subject of dinosaurs, particularly on the relationship of birds and dinosaurs. His previous publications include seven books as well as 60 technical papers and 60 general articles, and his research findings have been described in Time, National Geographic, The New York Times, Discover, Scientific American, and other media.

Affiliations and Expertise

University of California, Berkeley, U.S.A.


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"Currie is well known for unearthing the "feathered dinosaur" in China, and Padian has written extensively on the relationship of birds and dinosaurs. Their book features 275 original articles, heavily illustrated with photographs, paintings, drawings, and diagrams, many in color. Given the enduring interest among the general population in dinosaurs, this will prove to be a very popular reference source." --LIBRARY JOURNAL

"Although this is definitely an adult reference book, libraries with young dinosaur aficionados should prick up their ears. What most recommends this densely written volume is that it brings readers straight to the facts, fresh from the scientists' mouths, instead of filtering the information through an intermediary writer." --SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL

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--EUGENIE C. SCOTT, Executive Director, National Center for Science Education, El Cerrito, California
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"For those of you who haven't liked any animal that's walked, crawled, swum, or flown since the Jurassic Period, fear not: The 1000-page Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs tells you everything you ever wanted to know about these cold-blooded creatures - including the possibility that some of them were actually warm-blooded." --EXPRESS BOOKS

"The authoritative and comprehensive Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs covers not only specific animals but also dinosaur reproduction, behavior, physiology, and extinction. The book is written, edited, and illustrated by dozens of the world's dino experts. References follow each entry, and extensive cross-references lead to other articles in the book." --EARTH

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