Encyclopedia of Dairy Sciences - 2nd Edition - ISBN: 9780123744074

Encyclopedia of Dairy Sciences

2nd Edition

eBook ISBN: 9780123744074
Imprint: Academic Press
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Dairy Science includes the study of milk and milk-derived food products, examining the biological, chemical, physical, and microbiological aspects of milk itself as well as the technological (processing) aspects of the transformation of milk into its various consumer products, including beverages, fermented products, concentrated and dried products, butter and ice cream.

This new edition includes information on the possible impact of genetic modification of dairy animals, safety concerns of raw milk and raw milk products, peptides in milk, dairy-based allergies, packaging and shelf-life and other topics of importance and interest to those in dairy research and industry.

Key Features

  • Fully reviewed, revised and updated with the latest developments in Dairy Science
  • Full color inserts in each volume illustrate key concepts
  • Extended index for easily locating information


Academic researchers in laboratories; researchers and managers working in industry; students studying applied dairy sciences or related subjects; those involved in economic and nutritional policy agencies; and the media

Table of Contents


Additives in dairy foods

Analytical methods

Animals that Produce Dairy Foods

Bacteria, beneficial



Biofilm formation

Biogenic amines

Body condition

Bull Management

Business Management

Butter and other milkfat products


Chocolate, milk


Concentrated dairy products

Contaminants of milk and dairy products

Dairy Education

Dairy Farm Layout and Design

Dairy Farm Management Systems

Dairy Production in Diverse Regions

Dairy Societies, Associations, etc. (including IDF)

Dehydrated dairy products

Diseases of Dairy Animals

Enzymes exogenous to milk in dairy technology

Enzymes indigenous to milk

Feed Concentrates

Feed Supplements

Feeds, Prediction of Energy and Proteins

Feeds, Ration Formulation

Fermented Milks

Flavours and off-flavours in dairy foods

Forages and Pastures

Gamete and Embryo Technology

Genetic Defects in Cattle


Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points

Heat treatment of milk

Homogenisation of milk

Hormones in milk

Husbandry of Dairy Animals

Ice cream and desserts

Imitation dairy products

Labelling of dairy products

Labour Management on Dairy Farms


Lactic acid bacteria

Lactose and Oligosaccharides

Liquid milk products


Mammary Gland

Mammary gland, milk biosynthesis and secretion

Mammary resistance mechanisms

Manure / Effluent Management

Mastitis pathogens

Mastitis therapy and control

Microorganisms associated with milk


Milking and Handling of Raw Milk

Milk biosynthesis and secretion

Milk lipids


Academic Press
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"...Highly recommended." --Anita Ezzo, Food Science and Technology Librarian, Michigan State University Library

"This encyclopedia should be in every library dealing with dairy science..." --International Dairy Journal

"The four-volume reference work serves as a complete resource guide for dairy science students, researchers, practitioners and industry personnel. Dairy cattle, their milk and milk products are the main emphases of the encyclopedia, but it also includes articles on other milk-producing animals, such as goats, sheep, horses, camels and Northern Scandinavian reindeer. There are articles specifically on economics and trade issues related to milk and milk products." --DeltaFarm Press.com