Key Features

  • Presents a user-friendly, comprehensive course in normal development.
  • Provides Observational, Interview, and Examination points for each age.
  • Arranges developmental concept chapters according to the child's age, with more attention given to younger children when much of their development occurs.
  • Offers many resources available to parents, including many found on the Internet.
  • Addresses the mandated training requirements and fulfills Residency Requirements on normal childhood development. .
  • Incorporates children's art throughout, for use in clinical practice.

Table of Contents

1. Perspectives and Format: What, Why and How of This Book

2. Theories and Concepts in Child Development

3. Cultural Dimensions in the Care of the Child

4. Developmentally Based Office: Setting the Stage for Enhanced Practice

5. The Use of Children’s Drawing in Practice

6. The Prenatal Visit: Making a Relationship with the Family

7. The Newborn: Ready To Get Going

8. The NICU: Special Issues for the At-Risk Infant and Family

9. First Days At Home: Making A Place In the Family

10. One to Two Months: Getting On Track

11. Three to Four Months: Having Fun with the Picture Book Baby

12. Six Months: Reaching Out

13. Eight to Nine Months: Exploring and Clinging

14. One Year: One Giant Step Forward

15. 15 to18 Months: Declaring Independence and Pushing the Limits

16. Two Years: Language Leaps

17. Three Years: The Emergence of Magic

18. Four Years: A Clearer Sense of Self

19. Five Years: Opening the School Door

20. Six to Seven Years: Reading, Relationships and Playing By the Rules

21. Seven to Ten Years: The World of Middle Childhood

22. Ten to Twelve Years: The Age of Rapid Changes

23. Thirteen – Sixteen Years: The Heart of Adolescence

24. Seventeen to Twenty-one Years: Transition To Adulthood

25. Special Families

26. Encounters with Illness: Coping and Growing

27. Encounters With Separations, Loss, Trauma and Death

28. Resources for Families



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About the authors

Suzanne Dixon

Affiliations and Expertise

Emeritus Professor of Pediatrics, University of California, San Diego, La Jolla, CA; Clinical Faculty, University of Washington, Seattle, WA; Great Falls Clinic, Great Falls, MT

Martin Stein

Affiliations and Expertise

Professor of Pediatrics, Director, Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics, University of California, San Diego, La Jolla, CA