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  • Get a broad view of medical genetics with a unique three-part structure that looks at the Principles of Human Genetics, Genetics in Medicine, and Clinical Genetics.
  • Visualize the appearance of genetic disorders with a fantastic art program that presents many clinical photos of genetic diseases, and work through complicated ideas with an array of full-color illustrative diagrams.
  • Master the material you need to know with a title preferred by faculty and students alike over the last three decades and awarded the British Medical Association Medial Student Textbook of the Year in 2008.

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Table of Contents



1 The History and Impact of Genetics in

Medicine 3

Gregor Mendel and the Laws of Inheritance 3

DNA as the Basis of Inheritance 5

The Fruit Fly 6

The Origins of Medical Genetics 7

The Impact of Genetic Disease 8

Major New Developments 9

2 The Cellular and Molecular Basis of

Inheritance 13

The Cell 13

DNA: The Hereditary Material 13

Chromosome Structure 15

Types of DNA Sequence 15

Transcription 18

Translation 19

The Genetic Code 20

Regulation of Gene Expression 21

RNA-directed DNA Synthesis 22

Mutations 22

Mutations and Mutagenesis 26

3 Chromosomes and Cell Division 31

Human Chromosomes 31

Methods of Chromosome Analysis 33

Molecular Cytogenetics 34

Chromosome Nomenclature 37

Cell Division 38

Gametogenesis 41

Chromosome Abnormalities 42

4 DNA Technology and Applications 53

DNA Cloning 53

Techniques of DNA Analysis 57

5 Mapping and Identifying Genes

for Monogenic Disorders 73

Position-Independent Identification of Human Disease

Genes 73

Positional Cloning 75

The Human Genome Project 76

6 Developmental Genetics 83

Fertilization and Gastrulation 83

Developmental Gene Families 85

Role of Cilia in Developmental Abnormalities 96

The Limb as a Developmental Model 97

Developmental Genes and Cancer 100

Positional Effects and Developmental Genes 101

Hydatidiform Moles 101

Sexual Differentiation and Determination 101

Epigenetics and Development 103

Twinning 106

7 Patterns of Inheritance 109

Family Studies 109

Mendelian Inheritance 109

Multiple Alleles and Complex Traits 119

Anticipation 120



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