Emergency Nursing Procedures - 4th Edition

Emergency Nursing Procedures

4th Edition

Authors: Jean Proehl
Imprint: Saunders


Written by expert emergency nurses across the country, EMERGENCY NURSING PROCEDURES, 4th Edition includes 193 step-by-step emergency procedures, including four new procedures — umbilical vessel cannulation, pelvic splinting, peripheral nerve stimulator (twitch monitoring), and methotrexate for ectopic pregnancy. Detailed illustrations visually reinforce techniques and clearly show steps to procedures — making this handbook an essential and comprehensive resource for any emergency professional.

Key Features

  • Includes pediatric and geriatric information, with procedures when appropriate, to help you treat these specialized patient populations.
  • Consistent format and handy, portable size make this handbook ideal for everyday quick reference.
  • Emphasis on research-based practice helps you provide the best care possible according to the latest evidence.
  • Focused on the most essential, practical information, this handbook provides all the information you’ll need on a day-to-day basis.

Table of Contents

Section One: Assessment Procedures

1. Primary Survey
2. Secondary Survey

Section Two: Airway Procedures

3. Airway Positioning
4. Airway Foreign Object Removal
5. Oral Airway Insertion
6. Nasal Airway Insertion
7. Laryngeal Mask Airway
8. General Principles of Endotracheal Intubation
9. Rapid Sequence Intubation
10. Oral Endotracheal Intubation
11. Nasotracheal Intubation
12. Retrograde Intubation
13. Extubation
14. Combitube Airway
15. Crichothyrotomy
16. Percutaneous Transtracheal Ventilation
17. Tracheostomy

Section Three: Breathing Procedures

18. Positioning the Dyspneic Patient
19. Drawing Arterial Blood Gases
20. Capillary Blood Gases
21. Pulse Oximetry / Carbon Monoxide Oximetry
22. Assessing Pulsus Paradoxus
23. Peak Expiratory Flow Measurement
24. End Tidal Carbon Dioxide Detection/Monitoring

Section Four: Oxygen Therapy

25. General Principles of Oxygen Therapy and Oxygen Delivery Devices
26. Application and Removal of Oxygen Tank Regulators
27. Non-Invasive Assisted Ventilation
28. T-piece

Section Five: Suctioning

29. Pharyngeal Suctioning
30. Nasotracheal Suctioning
31. Endotracheal/Tracheostomy Suctioning

Section Six: Ventilation

32. Mouth-to-Mask Ventilation
33. Bag-Mask Ventilation
34. Anesthesia Bag Ventilation
35. Mechanical Ventilators

Section Seven: Inhalation Therapy

36. Nebulizer Therapy
37. Metered Dose Inhaler

Section Eight: Pleural Decompression

38. Emergency Needle Thoracentesis
39. Chest Tube Insertion
40. Management of Chest Drainage Systems
41. One-Way Valve
42. Chest Drainage Bottles
43. Chest Drainage Devices: Emerson
44. Chest Drainage Devices: Pleur-Evac®


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About the Author

Jean Proehl

Affiliations and Expertise

Emergency Clinical Nurse Specialist, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, Lebanon, NH, USA