Key Features

  • An emergency medicine test bank, with questions and answers sections
  • Filled with evidence-based, clinically oriented material, with references to currently relevant literature
  • Practice Exams in Emergency Medicine App will also be released in conjunction with this text and is sold separately for iPhone, iPad, Android phone and tablet.
  • Practice Exams in Emergency Medicine App features 3 exam papers and 60 MCQs reflecting topics covered in the core curriculum of the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine fellowship program.

Table of Contents

(Total 715 questions and answers)

  1. Resuscitation (50 questions and answers)
  2. Cardiovascular emergencies (50 questions and answers)
  3. Respiratory emergencies (40 questions and answers)
  4. Neurological and neurosurgical emergencies (30 questions and answers)
  5. Endocrine emergencies (30 questions and answers)
  6. Gastrenterological emergencies (30 questions and answers)
  7. Renal emergencies (25 questions and answers)
  8. Haematological and oncological emergencies (20 questions and answers)
  9. Infectious diseases (25 questions and answers)
  10. Dermatological emergencies (10 questions and answers)
  11. Electrolyte and acid-base disorders (25 questions and answers)
  12. Emergency anaesthesia in pain management (20 questions and answers)
  13. Trauma and burns (50 questions and answers)
  14. Orthopaedic emergencies (40 questions and answers)
  15. Surgical emergencies (40 questions and answers)
  16. Eye, ENT and dental emergencies (25 questions and answers)
  17. Urological emergencies (15 questions and answers)
  18. Obstetric and gynaecological emergencies (25 questions and answers)
  19. Toxicology and toxinology (50 questions and answers)
  20. Environmental emergencies (10 questions and answers)
  21. Psychiatric emergencies (15 questions and answers)
  22. Paediatric emergencies (50 questions and answers)
  23. Disaster management (10 questions and answers)
  24. ED management and medicolegal issues (30 questions and answers)


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About the authors

Waruna De Alwis

Dr de Alwis obtained specialist training in emergency medicine in New Zealand and Australia and works as an emergency medicine consultant at Logan Hospital in Brisbane, Australia. As the Director of Emergency Medicine Training he contributed to the development of the training programme in the hospital since 2008. He will be practising as an emergency medicine consultant in both adult and paediatric emergency departments in The Prince Charles Hospital in Brisbane from late 2012. His special interests include specialist training in emergency medicine and healthcare leadership.

Affiliations and Expertise

Emergency Medicine Consultant, Director of Emergency Medicine Training, Logan Hospital Meadowbrook, QLD, Australia

Yolande Weiner

Dr Weiner completed her master's degree in emergency medicine at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. She subsequently attained fellowships from emergency medicine colleges in both South Africa and Australasia. Currently she is practising as an emergency consultant at Logan Hospital in Brisbane, Australia. Dr Weiner is actively engaged in the ACEM fellowship training programme at Logan Hospital, as well as being an accredited supervisor for the ACEM Emergency Medicine Certificate Programme. She is a co-founder of the post-graduate Advanced Paediatric Emergency Medicine (APEM) course, an ACEM fellowship exam preparation course covering the ACEM paediatric emergency medicine curriculum. Her special interests include thrombolysis for acute stroke in the ED, emergency ultrasound and paediatric emergency Medicine in mixed ED settings.

Affiliations and Expertise

Emergency Medicine Consultant, Logan Hospital, Meadowbrook, QLD, Australia