Emergency Medical Technician (Hardcover)

1st Edition

Making the Difference


  • Will Chapleau
  • Peter Pons
  • Key Features

    • Chapter Outlines, Lesson Goals, and Chapter Objectives begin each chapter.
    • Step-by-Step Skills in the text are broken down with detailed instructions and clear photographs, allowing you to clearly see the skills you need to perform.
    • The companion DVD contains more than 40 skills demonstrations, performed the right way by real practitioners. Plus, 20 medical animations demonstrate anatomy and physiology concepts and pathophysiological processes.
    • Case Scenarios reinforce key concepts and skills, allowing you to see how core concepts are applied in the field.
    • Ask Yourself critical thinking boxes promote problem solving skills.
    • Teamwork boxes explain how EMTs interact with other professionals on specific tasks, addressing the need for cooperation.
    • Special Considerations boxes address exceptions to the rules that you may encounter in the field.
    • Special Populations boxes discuss common complications patients with special challenges may face and call attention to relevant cultural considerations.
    • Nuts and Bolts review section at the end of each chapter contains Critical Points, a detailed Learning Checklist, Key Terms with definitions, and the National Standard Curriculum (NSC) Objectives - giving you a one-stop refresher.

    Table of Contents

    Division One - Preparatory

    1. Introduction to Emergency Medical Services

    2. Well-being of the EMT-Basic

    3. Medical/Legal and Ethical Issues

    4. The Human Body

    5. Baseline Vital Signs and SAMPLE history

    6. Lifting and Moving Patients

    Division Two - Airway

    7. The Airway

    Division Three - Patient Assessment

    8. Scene Size-Up

    9. Initial Assessment

    10. Focused History and Physical Examination of Trauma Patients

    11. Focused History and Physical Examination of Medical Patients

    12. Detailed Physical Examination

    13. Ongoing Assessment

    14. Communications

    15. Documentation

    Division Four - Medical and Behavioral Emergencies

    16. General Pharmacology

    17. Respiratory Emergencies

    18. Cardiovascular Emergencies

    19. Gastrointestinal/Genitourinary Emergencies

    20. Altered Mental Status

    21. Allergies

    22. Poisoning and Overdose

    23. Environmental Emergencies

    24. Behavioral Emergencies

    Division Five - Trauma

    25. Bleeding and Shock

    26. Soft Tissue Trauma

    27. Chest and Abdominal Trauma

    28. Musculoskeletal Trauma

    29. Head and Spinal Trauma

    Division Six - Special Populations

    30. Obstetrics and Gynecology

    31. Pediatric Emergencies

    32. Geriatric Emergencies

    Division Seven - Operations

    33. Ambulance Operations

    34. Gaining Access

    35. Disasters

    36. Hazardous Materials

    37. Weapons of Mass Destruction

    Division Eight – Advanced Airway (Elective)

    38. Advanced Airway Management


    A Additional Skills

    B. National Registry Skills Sheets


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