Emergency First Responder (Revised Reprint) - Textbook and RAPID First Responder Package Revised Reprint

2nd Edition

Making the Difference


  • Will Chapleau
    • Not Applicable ISBN 9780323085212

    Key Features

    • Caution! boxes provide tips and precautions for emergency first responders.
    • Illustrated step-by-step skill sheets offer easy-to-follow instructions for performing the basic interventions required for certification.
    • Nuts & Bolts sections at the end of each chapter include Critical Points, Learning Checklists, Key Terms, and a listing of the relevant NSC objectives.

    Table of Contents

    1. Introduction to EMS Systems

    2. Well-Being of the Emergency First Responder

    3. Legal and Ethical Issues

    4. Documentation and Communications - NEW!

    5. The Human Body

    6. Lifting and Moving Patients

    7. Airway Management and Ventilation

    8. Patient Assessment

    9. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and AED

    10. Medical Emergencies

    11. Bleeding, Soft Tissue Wounds, and Shock Management

    12. Musculoskeletal Injuries

    13. Childbirth

    14. Infants and Children

    15. Operations

    16. Environmental Emergencies - NEW!

    17. Special Populations


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    About the author

    Will Chapleau

    Affiliations and Expertise

    Fire Chief, Chicago Heights Fire Department, Chicago Heights, IL