Emergency & Trauma Nursing

1st Edition


  • Clair Ramsden
  • Clair Ramsden
  • Julie Friendship
    • Print ISBN 9780729537698

    Key Features

    • Written by an interdisciplinary team of nurses, clinicians, academics, clinical nurse consultants, nurse lawyers, nurse practitioners and researchers
    • First comprehensive emergency and trauma nursing text written for our region
    • Uses body systems approach providing rationale for any nursing intervention
    • Physiologic explanations are included for each type of presentation, plus interventions
    • Detailed coverage of:
      • Professional practice
      • All aspects of adult and paediatric emergency presentations
      • Blast injury and post resuscitation trauma management
      • Stabilization and flight transfer considerations
      • Patient assessment; pain management; and mass casualty
      • Research and evidence-based practice
      • Legal, ethical and cultural dimensions

    Table of Contents

    Part A Foundations of emergency nursing

    1 Overview of emergency nursing in Australia and New Zealand, Margaret Fry

    2 Nursing and clinical ethics, Sarah Winch

    3 Nursing and the law, Ruth Townsend

    4 Cultural dimensions, Drew Burgess

    5 Management and leadership, Lorraine Ferguson

    Part B Professional practice

    6 Patient education, Judy Mullan

    7 Research for emergency nurses, Judith Donoghue

    8 Professional development, Amber van Dreven

    Part C Clinical concepts, practices and systems

    9 Triage, Margaret Fry

    10 Patient assessment and essential nursing care, Lucy Farnsworth, Kate Curtis

    11 Stabilisation and transfer, Kevin Holliday, Andrew Pearce

    12 Vascular access and fluid replacement, Jacqueline Jones, Catherine Ruff, Shelley Beech

    13 Laboratory, imaging, investigations and analysis, Carolyn Keane

    14 Wound management, Ron Wilson

    15 Pain management Bill Lord, Clair Ramsden

    16 Organ and tissue donation. Jane Trellogan

    17 Death and dying in the emergency department, Kerri Holzhauser, Julie Finucane

    18 Major incident preparedness management, David Koop, Martin Ward

    19 Physiology for emergency care, Adrian Verrinder, Leigh Kinsman

    Part D Medical and surgical emergencies

    20 Respiratory emergencies, Sarah Louise Power

    21 Cardiovascular emergencies, Sarah Louise Power

    22 Neurologic emergencies, Julie Considine

    23 Gastrointestinal emergencies, Ron Wilson

    24 Renal and genitourinary emergencies, Ann Bonner

    25 Endocrine emergencies, Tracy Lees, Clair Ramsden

    26 Infectious and communicable diseases, Kerrie Doolan

    27 Environmental emergencies, Jane Mateer

    28 Envenomation, Mark Monaghan, Sarah Parkinson, Jason Armstrong, Michael Cadogan

    29 Haematological emergencies, Ruth Dunleavey

    30 To


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