Emergency and Trauma Care for Nurses and Paramedics - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9780729579827

Emergency and Trauma Care for Nurses and Paramedics

1st Edition

eBook ISBN: 9780729579827
Imprint: Mosby Australia
Published Date: 15th August 2011

Table of Contents

Section 1 Overview of emergency care

Chapter 1: Emergency nursing and the practice environment

Chapter 2: Pre-hospital care overview in Australia and New Zealand

Section 2 Professional practice

Chapter 3: Clinical ethics for emergency healthcare

Chapter 4: Emergency care and the law

Chapter 5: Cultural considerations in emergency care

Chapter 6: Management and leadership

Section 3 Systems and clinical fundamentals

Chapter 7: Professional development

Chapter 8: Research for emergency care

Chapter 9: Patient education

Chapter 10: Scene assessment, management and rescue

Chapter 11: Pre-hospital clinical reasoning, triage and communication

Chapter 12: Major incident preparedness management

Chapter 13: Emergency nursing triage

Chapter 14: Patient assessment and essentials of care

Chapter 15: Resuscitation

Chapter 16: Stabilisation and transfer

Chapter17: Clinical skills

Chapter18: Minor injury and management

Chapter19: Pain management

Chapter 20:Physiology for emergency care

Section 4 Emergencies

Chapter 21:Respiratory emergencies

Chapter 22: Cardiovascular emergencies

Chapter 23: Neurological emergencies

Chapter 24:Gastrointestinal emergencies

Chapter 25: Renal and genitourinary emergencies

Chapter 26: Endocrine emergencies

Chapter 27: Infectious and communicable diseases

Chapter 28: Pandemics and environmental emergencies

Chapter 29: Haematological emergencies

Chapter 30: Toxicological emergencies

Chapter 31: Envenomation

Chapter 32: Dental, ear, nose and throat emergencies

Chapter 33: Ocular emergencies and trauma

Chapter 34: Gynaecological emergencies

Section 5 Unique populations

Chapter 35: Obstetric emergencies

Chapter 36: Paediatric emergencie


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