Electrotherapy Explained

4th Edition

Principles and Practice


  • Val Robertson
  • Alex Ward
  • John Low
  • Ann Reed
    • Electronic ISBN 9780702037757

    Key Features

    • Up to date research detailing the evidence both supportive and deprecatory for the use of each modality
    • Written by experts from biophysics and the clinical domains
    • Comprehensive and well referenced
    • Clear and well chosen illustrations elucidate the text
    • Text boxes and summary sections help to break down what is sometimes a complex subject into manageable and memorable chunks
    • Contraindications and risks have been updated in light of the most recent research
    • Three books for the price of one - the website (http://booksite.elsevier.com/9780750688437) contains the entire texts of 'Physical Principles Explained' by Low and Reed, and 'Biophysical Bases of Electrotherapy' by Ward. The text directs readers to the website for further reading at relevant points.

    Table of Contents

    1. Introduction
    2. Background Biophysics And Physiology
    3. Electrical Stimulation - Currents And Parameters
    4. Effects Of Electrical Stimulation
    5. Motor Electrical Stimulation
    6. Sensory Stimulation And Other Uses
    7. Risk Management
    8. Biofeedback
    9. Ultrasound
    10. Heat And Cold
    11. Therapeutic Conduction Heating
    12. Cold Therapy
    13. Electromagnetic Fields: Shortwave
    14. Electromagnetic Radiation
    15. Microwave Diathermy
    16. Infrared And Visible Radiation
    17. Ultraviolet Radiation


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