Electrons to Tissues V1 - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9780122254017, 9780323142717

Electrons to Tissues V1

1st Edition

Editors: P Dutton
eBook ISBN: 9780323142717
Imprint: Academic Press
Published Date: 1st January 1978
Page Count: 750
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Frontiers of Biological Energetics, Volume I: Electrons to Tissues consists of papers presented at the 1978 International Symposium on ""Frontiers of Biological Energetics: Electrons to Tissues,"" held at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, on the occasion of the 65th birthday of Professor Britton Chance and of the 50th anniversary of the Johnson Research Foundation. The symposium aims to bring together scientists from many different disciplines to discuss the common problems of biological energetic from different standpoints and from various levels of cellular organization. Organized into three parts, the book begins with a discussion on the electrochemical interactions. It then continues to describe the electrons, protons, and energy. Lastly, the book presents new instrumental approaches to cellular biophysics.

Table of Contents

Contributors for Volumes I and II


Part I Electrochemical Interactions

Vectorial Electron, Hydrogen, Proton, and Oxyanion Conduction in Chemiosmotic Reaction Mechanisms

Energetic Advantage of Ion Countertransport in Chemiosmotic Conversion

Tunneling Processes in Bacteriophotosynthesis and Vision

On the Efficiency of Electron Transfer Reactions in Proteins

Kinetics of Photochemical Electron Transfer Reactions in Vivo and in Vitro

Structural Organization of the Redox Groups in a Bacterial Photosynthetic Reaction Center Complex

Geometrical Relationships between the Cytochrome c-Cytochrome Oxidase Mitochondrial Redox Pairs

Excited and Ionic States of Dimeric Chlorophyll Derivatives. Biomimetic Modelling of the Primary Events of Photosynthesis

Covalently-Linked Porphyrin Quinone Complexes as RC Models

Protein Dynamics, Potential Regulation, and Redox Coupled Conformational Changes in Cytochromes

Electron Transfer by Cytochromes: Mechanisms and Problems

Cytochromes C2—An Evolutionary Family

Evolutionary Changes of the Heme C Electronic Structure in Cytochromes

Respiratory Proteins of Some Extremely Thermophilic Bacteria

Alternative Cyanide-Insensitive Respiratory Chain in Paracoccus denitrificans

Specification of and Regulation by the Cytochrome B Region of the Mitochondrial Genome in Yeast

Biosynthesis and Intracellular Translocation of Mitochondrial Proteins: Cytochrome c and the Carboxyatractyloside Binding Protein

Labelling of Complex III with 3 5 S Diazobenzenesulfonate. Orientation of this Electron Transfer Segment in the Mitochondrial Inner Membrane

Thermodynamic and EPR Properties of Hydrogen Carriers in the Succinate-Cyt. C Reductase Segment of the Respiratory Chain

Mitochondrial Ubiquinone Proteins

Thermodynamic and Functional Heterogeneity among the Ubiquinones of Rhodopseudomonas sphaeroides

Electron and Proton Transfer in Succinate-Cytochrome c Reductase Segment of the Respiratory Chain

A Single Ubiquinone Plays a Central Role in Electron Flow Through the Ubiquinone-Cytochromes b-c2 Oxidoreductase

Effects of Ethanol and Salicylhydroxamic Acid on the Interactions of the Ubisemiquinone Pair with Centre S-3 in Plant Mitochondria

Involvement of the “Protein" in Redox-Coupled Protonation Events of the Quinone Acceptor-Complex in Bacterial Photosynthetic Reaction Centers

Pigment Interaction and Picosecond Electron Transfer in Bacterial Reaction Centers

Recent Developments on the "Primary" Electron Acceptors in Photosystem I

Redox Potential Dependence of Electron Transport and Variable Fluorescence in Photosystem I

Flash-Induced Volume Changes in Purple Membrane Suspensions

Establishments of Electrochemical Gradients: General Views and Experiments on Purple Membrane

Site Specific Interaction of Protons Liberated from Photosystem II Oxidation with a Hydrophobic Membrane Component of the Chloroplast Membrane

Calibration of Flash Induced pH Changes inside Thylakoids and Kinetic Resolution of Proton Ejection and Consumption

Part 2 Electrons, Protons, and Energy

Formation of the Proton Gradient Across the Chloroplast Thylakoid Membrane in Relation to ATP Synthesis

The Molecular Mechanism of Light Activated Proton Transport in Purple Membranes of Halobacterium halobium

Coupling of Electron Transfer and Proton Translocation in Purple Photosynthetic Bacteria

Contributions from Both Electron Transport and Ion Transport to the Decay of the Carotenoid Shift After Flash-Activation of Chromatophores

Inhibition of Electron Transport in RPS. Capsulata by a Ubiquinone Analogue

Vectorial Oxidoreductions: The Ferrous Iron Oxidase Complex of Thiobacillus ferrooxidans and the Nitrate Reductase Complex of Escherichia coli

Electron Translocating Function of Cytochrome Oxidase

Generation of Electrochemical Proton Gradient by Mitochondrial Cytochrome c Oxidase. Clarification of Some Controversial Experiments

Control Mechanisms for Proton Conduction in the Mitochondrial H+-ATPase

The Mechanism of Transmembrane AuH+ Generation by Cytochrome c Oxidase

The Three Proton Pumps of the Mitochondrial Respiratory Chain

Proton Stoichiometry of Mitochondrial Electron Transport, ATP Hydrolysis, and ATP-Dependent Reverse Electron Flow

Protonmotive Stoichiometry of Redox and ATPase Systems

Membrane Potential, Phase Transitions, and Coupling in Mitochondria

Further Studies on the Membrane Potential of Giant Mitochondria Using Microelectrodes

Can Energy Coupling Occur in the Mitochondrial Membrane in the Absence of Transmembrane Gradients?

The Energy Balance of Oxidative Phosphorylation

Effects of Anions on the Reaction between Cytochrome c and Cytochrome c Oxidase

Proton Translocating ATPase Subunit Structure and Pump, Gate, and Channel Activities

ATP-Synthesis Induced by a pH-Gradient Imposed Across a Collagen Film Bearing an ATPase-ATP Synthase

Site Directed Modifications of BFrATPase From E. coli. Comparison of Binding Properties of Bacterial and Mitochondrial F1 with Respect to Aurovertin, DCCD, and EEDQ

Solubilization of Coupling Factor 1 From Chloroplast Thylakoids Alters Its Interactions with Nucleotides

3'-Esterified Adenine Nucleotides as Extrinsic Probes of the Energy Coupling Device

New Results Reveal Subunit Catalytic Cooperativity in F1 ATPase

Reconstitution of Oligomycin- and Dicyclohexylcarbodiimide-Sensitive Mitochondrial ATPase from Isolated Components

Complex V: Composition and Molecular and Enzymic Properties

Biochemical Characterization of the Electrogenic Proton Pump of the Neurospora Plasma Membrane

Measurement of the Protonmotive Force in Amine Containing Subcellular Organelles

Enzymic Modification of Gastric Transport ATPase

Chloride Transport in Gastric Cells and Microsomes

Membrane Potential and Cl~ Transport Properties of Primary Glial Cultures from Rat Brain

The Interaction of Mg++ and pH in Chloroplast Processes

Part 3 New Instrumental Approaches to Cellular Biophysics

Electron Spin Echo Spectroscopy and Photosynthesis

Use of the Molecular Microprobe to Record Raman Spectra of a Single Mitochondrion and a Fiber of Calf Thymus DNA

Normal Coordinate Models for Heme Raman Spectra: Uses and Limitations

Added Precision in 57Fe Mossbauer Spectrometry of Proteins

Dynamics of the Local Iron Environment by the Selective Excitation Double Mossbauer Technique (SEDM)

Exchange Interaction in Spinach Ferredoxin Determined by Electron Paramagnetic Resonance

Precise EPR Measurements on Small Protein Crystals

How Sensitive is the EPR of Heme to a Perturbed Environment?

X-Ray Absorption Studies of Metalloproteins

Core Expansion vs. Coming in Porphyrins; Resonance Raman Discrimination between Five- and Six-Coordinate High-Spin FeIII Hemes

Dynamics of Non-Linear Electric Field Effects

Heme Protein Reactions at High Pressure and Low Temperature

Calorimetric Studies of the Heat of Respiration of Mitochondria

The Measurement of ÄH and the “On" Rate Constant of the Reactions of CO2 and 2.3-DPG with Deoxyhemoglobin by Thermal Stopped Flow

Studies of Stable Metal-Nucleotide Complexes Interacting with Myosin Subfragment

Intracellular Enzyme Activity

E. coli Unadenylated Glutamine Synthetase: Elucidation of the Catalytic Cycle and the Role of Some Feedback Inhibitors

High Voltage Microscopy of Cells and Membranes in the Hydrated State

Mitochondrial and Sarcoplasmic Reticulum Contents in Situ: Electron Probe Analysis

Augmentation of Tissue Water Proton Spin-Lattice Relaxation Rates by in Vivo Addition of Paramagnetic Ions

Anomalous X-Ray Scattering Studies for the Determination of the Location of Redox Centers in Membranes—A Feasibility Study

Magnetic Resonance Studies of the Mechanism of RNA Polymerase from E. coli

31P NMR of Brain Tissue Under Normal, Hypothermic, and Freeze-Trapped Conditions

Visualization of Dynamic Spatial Structures in Oscillating Cell Free Extracts of Yeast


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