Electronics - 2nd Edition - ISBN: 9780408004916, 9781483135489


2nd Edition

A Course Book for Students

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Authors: G. H. Olsen
eBook ISBN: 9781483135489
Imprint: Butterworth-Heinemann
Published Date: 1st September 1982
Page Count: 432
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Electronics: A Course Book for Students, Second Edition, provides a general introduction to electronics for those who find formal or examination texts to be unsuitable for their needs. This revised text includes more analytical work on circuits. Examples and examination-type exercises are also provided. The book's early chapters focus on the basic components, such as resistors, capacitors, inductors, and transistors. Readers are then introduced to combinations of these components that form the fundamental circuits from which most electronic equipment is built. Semiconductor devices are also discussed, especially monolithic integrated circuits. Several practical aspects of electronics are covered and some useful circuits are given with details of the components used. The book supplies a suitable course for the non-electronic specialist. For those who are studying as physicists or electronic engineers the work should provide a useful introduction that supplements the mathematical and analytical texts. Although it is assumed that the reader has no previous knowledge of electronics, some acquaintance with certain aspects of physics and mathematics must be taken for granted. The reader is expected to have heard of Ohm's Law, to be able to manipulate algebraic expressions, to perform very simple differentiations and to know what is meant by a simple integral.

Table of Contents

1 Introduction

2 Passive Components - Resistors, Capacitors and Inductors

Basic Circuit Laws (Ohm, Kirchhoff) Voltage and Current Concepts


Resistive Elements, Thermistors

Thevenin and Norton Theorems

Capacitors, Practical Types, Combination of Capacitors, Energy Storage

Inductors Practical Types, Energy Storage, Combination of Inductors, Mutual Inductance between Two Coils



3 Response of Circuits Containing Passive Components

Step Response of CR Circuits, Differentiating and Integrating Circuits, Square Wave Response

Step and Square Wave Response of LR Circuits

Sine Waves

Response of Capacitor

Inductor and Resistor Combinations to Sine Wave Signals

Phasor Diagrams, J Notation, J Operator and Its Applicability to LCR Circuits

Kirchhoff, Thevenin and Norton Theorems Applied to D.C. and A.C. Circuits

The Decibel Scale

Frequency and Phase Response of Passive Circuits, Bode Diagrams

Passive Filters

4 Semiconductor Devices

Conductors, Insulators, Semiconductors, p- and n-Type Silicon

The pn Junction Rectifier, Diode Applications, Zener Diodes, Simple Power Supplies

The Bipolar Transistor, Transistor Operation

The Field-Effect Transistor and Its Applications

The Unijunction Transistor, Tunnel Diodes

Microelectronics, Fabrication of Integrated Circuits, IC Types


5 Analogue Circuits and Harmonic Oscillators

Classification of Amplifier Types

Voltage Amplifiers, Single-Stage Amplifiers, Biasing, Input and Output Impedances

Frequency Response, Transient Response

Temperature Effects and Bias Stabilization

Transistor Parameters and Equivalent Circuits

Multistage Amplifiers, FET Amplifiers

Negative Feedback, Effect on Gain Stability, Frequency Response, Distortion, Input and Output Impedances

ICs, Frequency Compensation, Operational Amplifiers

Miscellaneous Circuits

Power Amplifiers

Harmonic Oscillators, LC Types, Hartley, Colpitts and Crystal Types, RC Types, Phase-Shift and Wien Bridge


6 Power Supplies

Batteries, Solar Cells

Power from the Mains, Rectifying Circuits, Filters

Voltage Stabilization Using Zener Diodes

Switched-Mode Power Supplies

The Silicon-Controlled Rectifier (Thyristor), Firing Circuits

The Triac, Power Control Circuits

Radio-Frequency Interference, Burst-Fire Methods


7 Digital Circuits and Relaxation Oscillators

Introduction to Boolean Algebra

Transistor Switches, Logic Terminology, Boolean Gating Functions (And, Or, Not, Nand, Nor and Exclusive-Or), De Morgan's Theorem

TTL and CMOS Gates

Simple Logic Controllers

Minimization, Venn Diagrams, Karnaugh Mapping

Counting and Counting Codes, Bistable Circuits, Schmitt Trigger, SR and JK Flip-Flops

Counters and Code Converters

Digital-to-Analogue and Analogue-to-Digital Converters

Numeral Display Devices, Shift Registers

Relaxation Oscillators, Astable Multivibrator

Miller Integrator, Blocking Oscillator


Appendix 1 Range of Preferred Values of Resistors

Appendix 2 Logic Functions Available in the 7400TTL and in the 4000 CMOS Series of ICS

Appendix 3 Matrix Algebra and Transistor Parameters



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1st September 1982
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