Electronic Connection Techniques and Equipment 1968-69

Electronic Connection Techniques and Equipment 1968-69

Pergamon Electronics Data Series

1st Edition - January 1, 1968

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  • Editors: G.W.A. Dummer, J. Mackenzie Robertson
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483151427

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Electronic Connection Techniques and Equipment 1968–69 presents the methods and equipment used in the wide field of electronic connections. This book describes all connection methods, including automated systems and microelectronic interconnections. This text covers all aspects of electronic connections, such as the system selection parameters and applications, as well as information on reliability. This book provides information on a wide range of methods and equipment in use and available in the United States of America and in the United Kingdom. Information is also included on welding, smoldering, wrapping, bonding, and crimping. The materials are extensively illustrated with diagrams and photographs describing system, equipment, application, and operation. This book is a valuable resource for readers who are interested in the connection and interconnection of electronic components, equipment, and devices.

Table of Contents

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    Wire and Cable Strippers

    Ancillary Items

    Contents Index

    A Review of Connections in Electronics

    Bibliography on Connection Techniques


    ADAMIN Micro Soldering Instruments

    De-Soldering Tool

    Thermal Strippers

    Solder Pot


    ADCOLA Soldering Instruments

    Soldering Bit Extractor


    Dipping Pot

    De-Soldering Tool

    Thermal Strippers


    AMPHENOL Applications Data: Soldering Hermetically Sealed Receptacles to Aluminum and Stainless Steel Panels

    A. N. T. E. X. Soldering Irons

    De-Soldering Tools

    Heat Sink

    Wire Stripper

    BERG Griplet Terminal

    BROWLECO Soldering Irons

    CAIG Laboratories Solder Baths

    CECO Vari-Stat Soldering Irons

    CIRCON Pulse Dot System - Printed Circuit Model

    CONTACT Hotip Resistance Soldering Equipment

    DELTA SONICS Ultrasonic Solder Bath System, Model DUSP-1


    ELECTRO-MINIATURES Solderdyne Automatic Resistance Soldering Machine

    ELREMCO Low-Voltage Soldering Iron System

    ENTHOVEN Miniscope Soldering Iron

    Superspeed Soldering Iron

    Solder Pre-forms, Solder Washers and Rings

    Pre-form Tool List

    ESICO Soldering Pots

    Soldering Irons

    Tip Cleaner

    GENERAL TRANSDUCER Soldering Temperature Control, Model R

    HENES Micro-Solder Console

    HUGHES Multi-Lead Reflow Soldering System, Model MLS/EL

    HUNTER TOOLS Kwikie Soldering Irons

    Soldering Iron Temperature Control Kit

    Thermal Shunts

    JENOLITE Quik-Shot Cartridge Heated Soldering Iron

    KERRY Ultrasonic Dip Tinning Equipment, Types TB1 and TB2

    MOORE Wetting Time Solderability Test Machine

    MULTICORE Solderability Test Machine, Mark II

    Automatic Soldering Machine

    PLANER Hot Gas Microbonder, Type B400

    Hot Gas Soldering Equipment, Type B400/1.3

    RAYCHEM Thermofit Zap Gun and Solder Sleeves

    Dimple Strip

    Solder-Pak System

    Terminating Wire to Microminiature Connectors

    SEALECTRO Cloverleaf Receptacle

    Transistor and Integrated Circuit Mounting Components

    SIPPICAN Multi-purpose Reflow Soldering System, Model RS-333

    Mechanized Reflow Soldering System, Model RS-334

    UNGAR Soldering Equipment

    Soldering Iron Handles


    Heating Units

    De-Soldering Tips

    Hot-Vac No. 7800 De-Soldering Tool

    Princess De-Soldering Tool

    Integrated Circuit Remover No. 859 - De-Soldering Tool

    Princess Isolated Low Voltage Soldering Station, No. 6970

    UNITEK a. c. Power Supply, Model 1-137-01

    WELLER Marksman Soldering Irons

    Instant-Heat Soldering Guns

    Precision Soldering Pencil, TCP-1

    Integrated Circuit Soldering Machine, Model C-700

    WELTEK Solder Reflow Machine, Model 950 SRM/FPR

    Controlled Soldering with AC-10 Power Supply and 310SP Head

    Multi-Lead Flatpack Soldering Machine, Model 900

    All-Purpose Head for Soldering and Welding, Model 410-E

    WESTERN ELECTRONIC PRODUCTS Hi-Temp Silver Soldering Tool, Model HS-1

    ZEVA TSM Drag Soldering Machines


    ARVIN Tape Controlled Wire Welding - IWW System

    B. T. I. Electron Beam Equipment

    Rotary Positioner

    Wire Feeder for Electron Beam

    DYNATECH Thermocouple Welder, Model 116SRL

    Thermocouple Welder, Model 125

    Thermocouple Welder and Wire Joiner, Model 216W

    Welding System, Model 316

    EMEC Thermocouple and Fine Wire Welding Equipment, Type G68

    HENES Oxy-Hydrogen Flame Generators

    Oxy-Hydrogen Flame Generator, Miniature, Model E

    Water Welder Gas Generator - Application Notes

    HUGHES Insulated Wire Welder, Model HMT-60

    General Applications Data - Basics and Practical Hint

    KERRY 20W Ultrasonic Fine Wire Welding Equipment

    MICRO-WELD Micro-Flame Gas Generator

    Welding Heads

    RAYTHEON Precision Resistance Welding Equipment

    Welding Heads


    SIPPICAN CP-PC Joining System

    Dual Range Power Supply, Model 307

    Varipulse, Model 310

    Arc/Percussive Welding Technique

    SLEE Capacitron Projection Welding Machines

    Precision Spot Welding Machines, Type RK

    Integrating Weld Monitor, Type WM/PC/1-10

    Capacitron Electronic Welding Controllers

    Modular Welding Controllers, Type SS

    S. T. P. Capacitor Discharge Thermocouple Welding Apparatus

    Technical Encapsulations Sel Weld Process

    THERMOSPOT Welding Handpieces

    TWEEZER-WELD Stored Energy Welding Equipment Welding Heads

    TWEEZER-WELD Stored Energy Welder, Model DC-80-C

    Semi-Automatic Wire and Ribbon Lead Machine

    Percussive Micro Flash Butt Welder, Model TW-7

    UNITEK Unibond Dual-Sensing Circuit Flatpack Welder

    Autobond Programmed Flatpack Welding System

    Heatstrip Controller, Model 1-139-01

    Micropull Pull Tester, Model 6-092-1

    Stored-Energy Welding Equipment

    WELTEK Polytronic Welder, Model 700

    Welder-Bonder, Model 750

    Flat Pack Welding Station 3

    Miniature Precision Spot-Welding Head, Model 410-HP

    AC/DC Welder, Model 1200


    HUGHES Micro Pulse Thermocompression Ball Bonder, Model MCW/BB

    KULICKE and SOFFA Wedge Bonder, Model 401-U

    Nail Head Wire Bonder, Model 420

    Scissors Wire Bonder, Model 421

    Ultrasonic Wire Bonder, Model 422

    Tape Transport Wire Bonders, Models 450 and 451

    Integrated Circuit Tailless Ultrasonic Wire Bonder, Model 483

    LINDBERG HEVI-DUTY DIL Wire Bonder, Model 2212

    Ultrasonic Wire Bonder, Model 2400

    Portable Ultrasonic Wire Bonder, Model 2600

    Portable Ball/Stitch Bonder, Model 2500

    PLANER Thermocompression Bonder, Type B600

    Eyelet Thermocompression Bonder, Type B801

    SLEE Wedge Bonding System, Type T101

    Ball Bonding System, Type T102

    Dice Mounting System, Type T201

    SPECIALTY GLASS PRODUCTS Heated Bonding Capillary

    TEXAS INSTRUMENTS Circuit Bonder, Model 730

    ULTRA Microcircuit Bonding Equipment, Model 1001

    L. I. D. Bonder

    UNITEK Die Bonder, Model 8-140-02

    Ultra Sonic Wire Bonder, Model 8-141-02

    Thermocompression Wire Bonder, Model 8-146-01

    VACWELL Ultra Sonic Wire Bonder, Type PR80

    WELTEK Molecular Bonder, Model 800


    AMPHENOL Snap-Wrap and Mini-Wrap

    AUGAT High Density dual-in-Line Packaging Panels

    FERRANTI Solder Less Wrapped Connections

    Tool Data

    Operating Instructions

    GARDNER-DENVER Tools for Solder Less Wrapped Connections

    Automatic Wire-Wrap Machine, Type 14F

    Parameters for Programming 14F Machine

    PLESSEY Data - Properties Of Solder Less Wrapped Connections

    STANDARD PNEUMATIC Wire Wrapping Tools

    Power Unwrapping Tools


    AMP Crimping Techniques


    AMPHENOL Poke Home Contact Crimping

    Econo-Tac Manual Crimping

    Econo-Tac Semi- Automatic Crimping

    BERG P. V. C. Terminal

    Crimp to Wire Terminals and Associated Tools

    BUCHANAN Crimping Tools

    Miniature Microcrimp Tool, No. 612118

    Die-type Crimping Tools, C-Series

    Cycle Controlled Manual Feed Pneumatic Crimping Tool, No. 10967

    Cycle Controlled Automatic Feed Crimping Tool, No. 11148

    DANIELS Basic Crimping Tool, Type MH780

    Basic Crimping Tool, Type M2700B

    DEUTSCH Integrated Termination System

    ETC Crimping Tools

    Three-in-One Tools (Cut-Strip-Crimp) Models ABC-100 and ABC-300

    Hand Crimping Tool, Model HT-900

    PLESSEY UNIcrimp Tools

    Heavy-Duty Hand Crimping Tool

    Mining Tool

    Hydraulic Crimping Unit

    Crimping Tools, 4-Indent

    PROSSER Pneumatic Presser, Model 818-4

    SCHJELDAHL Feather-Seal Environmental Wire Splices

    SEALECTRO Crimp-on Assembly Tool

    SUHNER Crimping Tools

    UECL Removable Wire Crimp Termination Contacts, Series 25

    Crimping Tools for Removable Contact Connectors

    VARELCO Varilok Contacts

    Varilok Tools

    WALDOM Ratchet Tool

    Selectakrimp Tool

    Power Crimping Tools


    A-MP Helical Spring Contacts

    Reusable Component Receptacles

    Termi-Point Technique

    BARNES Quik-Sert Uni-Lead Spring Sockets

    Wire and Cable Strippers

    A. B. ENGINEERING Wire Strippers, Marks 1/S, 1/F, 2/S, 2 /F and 3

    Cutting-off Machine

    ARTOS Wire Stripping Machines

    CARPENTER Powered Wire Stripping Equipment

    Bench Model 70, Single Swing Blade

    Bench Model 70, Twin Swing Blade

    Bench Model 74A, Three-in-One Swing Blade

    Swing Blade Machines, Model 76, Single and Twin Blade

    Flat Cable Stripper, Model 44

    CONTACT Thermal Wire Stripper, Model WS-40A


    Power Control Case, Model H-303CD

    Power Control Case, Model H-101A

    CREATORS LTD Plansel Cable Stripping Tools

    Strip Wright Tool

    Automatic Stripping Pliers

    Roller Cable Stripper

    GAGNE Associates Shield-Stripp Hand Stripping Tool for Metal Braid Shielding

    HUNTER Tools Thermal Wire Strippers

    HYDE Bench Cable Stripper

    LUCO Wire Strippers

    RUSH Wire Strippers

    Strip-Mate, Model D-1

    Dual-Strip, Model D-8

    Thermal Wire Stripper, Model A5C

    Blue Arc Stripper, Model MSS-105

    WELWYN TOOL CO. Cable Cutter and Stripper for Multiple Conductors

    WESTERN ELECTRONIC PRODUCTS Coaxial Cable Stripper, Model CX-1

    Auto-Therm Wire Stripper, Model AT-1

    Ancillary Items

    AMP Note on Plating

    AUGAT High Density Packaging Panels

    ETC Wire Cutter, Model AT-200

    KING King-Stripper Wire Cleaning Equipment

    WELWYN TOOL CO. Wire Ejector

    WESTERN ELECTRONIC PRODUCTS Automatic Measuring Cutter for Wire, Model MC-2

Product details

  • No. of pages: 570
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Pergamon 1968
  • Published: January 1, 1968
  • Imprint: Pergamon
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483151427

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G.W.A. Dummer

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Malvern Wells, Worcestershire, UK

J. Mackenzie Robertson

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