Electron Microscopy

Electron Microscopy

Fifth International Congress for Electron Microscopy Held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, August 29th to September 5th 1962

1st Edition - January 1, 1962

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  • Editor: Sydney S. Breese
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483265063

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Fifth International Congress for Electron Microscopy, Volume 2: Biology focuses on the processes, methodologies, approaches, and principles involved in electron microscopy. The selection takes a look at some aspects of freeze-substitution in electron microscopy; fixatives for cytological and cytochemical studies; intramembranous localization of succinic dehydrogenase using tetranitro-blue tetrazolium; and evaluation of different methods of auto-radiography in electron microscopy. The book then examines the fixation of nuclear structures by unbuffered solutions of osmium tetroxide in slightly acid distilled water; some electron microscope observations on the contraction mechanism in vertebrate smooth muscle; arrangement of myofilaments in the oblique-striated muscles; and electron microscopic observations of cat splenic nerve fibers after fixation by freeze-drying. The text ponders on differentiation of oligodendroglia from migratory spongioblasts; morphological changes in the Purkinje-cells after orthostatic collapse; electron microscopic observations of the development of the neuroblast in the rabbit embryo; electron microscopic observations on the development of blood vessels in the nervous system of the rabbit embryo; and simple methods for nucleic acid and acid mucopolysaccharide localization in electron micrographs. The selection is a valuable source of data for researchers interested in electron microscopy.

Table of Contents

  • L-Biological Techniques

    The Ferritin-Conjugated Antibody Technique

    Some Aspects of Freeze-Substitution in Electron Microscopy

    New Fixatives for Cytological and Cytochemical Studies

    L'Avenir de l' Utilisation de Matières Plastiques Hydrosolubles en Cytochimie Ultrastructurale

    Post-Mortem Changes of the Plasma Membrane

    Submicros copie Localization of Two Dehydrogenase Systems

    Intramembranous Localization of Succinic Dehydrogenase Using Tetranitro-Blue Tetrazolium

    Methodische Voraussetzungen der Intracellulâren Enzymlokalisation

    Etude des Réactions Cytochimiques du Fer au Microscope Electronique

    High-Resolution Autoradiography

    Evaluation of Different Methods of Autoradiography in Electron Microscopy

    Localization of Norepinephrine in Adrenergic Axons by Light-and Electron-Microscopic Autoradiography

    Autoradiographic Studies on the Distribution of Cholesterol H3 in the Hepatic Cell

    Fixation of Nuclear Structures by Unbuffered Solutions of Osmium Tetroxide in Slightly Acid Distilled Water

    M-Motility Mechanisms

    The Contractile Apparatus in Some Invertebrate Muscles and Spermatozoa

    Observations on the Circular Movement of Sperm at an Interface

    Fine Structure of Human Sperm Tail

    Development of the Fibrous Sheath of the Mammalian Sperm Tail

    Differences in the Sheath and Core of the Vibrio Flagellum Follett

    Electron Microscopic Observations on the Cilia of the Style Sac of Crassostrea virginica DeLamater

    Observations on Normal and Abnormal Cilia in Paramecium

    Some Electron Microscope Observations on the Contraction Mechanism in Vertebrate Smooth Muscle

    Fine Structure of the Smooth Muscle of the Chicken's Gizzard

    Elektronenmikroskopischer Nachweis von Adenosintriphosphatase-Aktivität im Herzmuskel

    Arrangement of Myofilaments in the Oblique-Striated Muscles

    Band Patterns in Frog Skeletal Muscle

    Fine Structure of Nematocysts in a Sea Anemone

    N-Nerve Cells and Tissues

    Electron Microscopic Observations of Cat Splenic Nerve Fibers after Fixation by Freeze-Drying

    Electron Microscopic Study of Developing Human Peripheral Nerves

    Differentiation of Oligodendroglia from Migratory Spongioblasts

    Fine Structure of the Lateral Line Organ of the Japanese Sea Eel

    Feinstruktur heller und dunkler Zellen

    Morphological Changes in the Purkinje-Cells after Orthostatic Collapse

    Fribrillogenesis by Reactive Schwann Cells in Regenerating Dorsal Roots

    Electron Microscopic Observations of the Development of the Neuroblast in the Rabbit Embryo

    Ultrastructure of Ranvier's Node in Central Fibers, Analyzed in Serial Sections

    Further Studies on the Mossy Fiber System in the Hippocampal Region of the Cerebral Cortex

    The Fine Structure of the Crayfish Nervous System

    The Blood Vessels in the Central Nervous System of the Opossum

    Electron Microscopic Observations on the Development of Blood Vessels in the Nervous System of the Rabbit Embryo

    Electron Microscopic Observations of the Rat Pituitar

    O-Nucleic Acids and Proteins

    Studies on the Structure of Natural and Synthetic Protein Filaments from Muscle

    Electron Staining and Fine Structure of Keratins

    Molecular Features of Fibrinogen and Fibrin

    Simple Methods for Nucleic Acid and Acid Mucopolysaccharide Localization in Electron Micrographs

    Considerations of Nucleic Acid Morphology in Fixed Tissues

    The Selective Staining of Nucleic Acids in a Model System and in Tissue

    The DNA Component of the Nucleolus, Studied in Autoradiographs Viewed with the Electron Microscope

    Intrazelluläre Desoxyribonucleinsäure von Bakterien

    Actin in Contractile Systems

    Ribbons of α-Helical Fibrous Protein

    P-Biological Techniques II

    Use of Negative Staining in the Study of Subcellular Fractions from Brain

    A Collodion Sandwich-Film Technique for the Study of the Growth of Ice in Very Thin Layers of Aqueous Solution

    Electron Microscopic Study of Microorganisms Subjected to Freezing and Drying: Cinematographic Observations of Yeast and Coli Cells

    Freeze-Substitution Method Using a Water-Miscible Embedding Medium

    In Vitro and In Vivo Fixation of the Retina for Electron Microscopy

    Effective Simultaneous Fixation of Host Spleen Tissue and Infecting Bacterial Spores and Vegetative Cells

    On the Preservation of Gastric Mucos

    Further Observations on a Phosphate Buffer for Osmium Solutions in Fixation

    Some Characteristics of Mixed Embedding Media for Biological Tissue

    A Study of Cellular Swelling and Shrinkage During Fixation, Dehydration and Embedding in Various Standard Media

    Maraglas Epoxy Embedding Media

    A Method of Dehydration for Improved Visualization of Lipids, Membranes and Other Cytoplasmic Inclusions in Tissues to be Embedded in Epon

    A New Spray Mounting Device

    On the Distortion in Dimensions Produced by Shadowing

    The Effect of Fixation Technics on the Appearance of Ultra Thin Sections of Various Nocardia Cultures

    Q-The Nephron

    A Unique Structural Component of Mitochondrial Cristae

    Acid Phosphatase Localization in Renal Protein Absorption Droplets

    Structural Variations in the Glomerular Capillary Wall Under Different Functional Conditions

    Mikromorphologie des Nephron nach Temporärer Ischaemie

    Electron Microscopic Studies in Human and Experimental Renal Diseases

    The Significance of the Mesangial Region of Glomeruli

    Extracellular Compartments in Renal Tubules Associated with Polyuria

    Presumptive Formative Stages of Glomerular Endothelial Fenestrae

    Mitochondrial Changes and Cytochrome Oxidase in the Frog Nephron

    Contributions to the Cytology of Dugesia tigrina (Turbellaria) Protonephridia

    Cellular and Extracellular Morphology of the Glomerular Stalk

    R-Lipoprotein Structure

    Wall Structure as a Guide to the Nature of the Surface Membranes in Plant Cytoplasm

    Consideration of Membranes and Associated Structures After Cryofixation

    The Molecular Organization of Photoreceptor

    Electron Microscope Observations on the Retina of the Bat (Myotis lucifugus)

    A Unique Invertebrate Photoreceptor

    Preliminary Observations on the Fine Structure of Müllers Cells of the Avian Retina

    A Comparative Study of the Fine Structure of the Inner Segments of Human and Amphibian Photoreceptor

    S-Virus Fine Structure

    The Structure and Symmetry of Virus Particles

    SubStrukturen des Vaccine-Virus

    The Fine Structure of Different Forms of Vaccinia Virus

    Some Observations on the Vaccinia Viruses Treated with Uranyl Acetate

    Structure of Some Simian Adenoviruses

    Staining of T2 Bacteriophage with FeCl3

    The Molecular Structure of the nT Evenff Phage Tails

    Nouvelles Recherches au Microscope Electronique sur la Morphologie du Virus de la Mosaïque du Tabac

    The Structural Components of Wound- Tumor Virus

    Fortsatzstrukturen bei Actinophagen

    T-Molecular Structure of Cell Products

    Phytoferritin: A Plant Protein Discovered by Electron Microscopy

    Electron Microscopic Studies on the Molecules of Hemoglobin A and F

    The Zone of Keratinization in the Internal Root Sheath Qf the Mouse Hair

    High Resolution Electron Microscopy of Alpha-Keratin

    The Periodic Structure of Nuclear and Cytoplasmic Crystals of Dog Liver Cells

    Observations of Rabbit Leucocytic Pyrogen

    Ultrastructure of Yolk Platelets in the Amphibian Egg

    Electron Microscopic Ultrastructure of the Elastic Fiber

    Evidence for a Complex Internal Structure in Certain Collagen Fibrils

    Ultrastructure of Collagen Fibrils, Variations in Size

    Zum Räumlichen Aufbau der Kollagenfaser

    Electron-Micros cope Study of Squid Cartilage

    Some Aspects of Collagen Fibrogenesis Observed in the Adrenal Gland of Young Rats

    Studies of Collagen Formation During Recovery from Scurvy

    The Double Nature of the Amyloid Fiber

    U-Synapse and Nerve Cell

    Granule-Containing Vesicles in the Autonomie Nervous System

    Experimental Data on the Termination of the Efferent Fibers to the Inner Ear

    Degeneration in the Cerebral Cortex

    Specialized Contact Regions of the Myoneural Motor Junction of the Frog

    Submicroscopic Bases of Synaptic Organization in Gasteropod Nervous System

    Synapses et Boutons Terminaux Végétatifs dans l'Adenohypophyse du Rat

    Electronmicroscope Study of a Special Neurosecretory Neuron in the Nerve Cord of the Earthworm

    An Axonal Fibrous Component in Some Cockroach Neurons

    The Ultrastructure of Satellite Cells and Tunicated Nerve Fibers in Sympathetic Ganglia of the Frog (R. pipiens)

    Fine Structure of Red and White Muscle Fibers and Their Neuromuscular Junction of the Snake Fish

    V-Virus Reproduction

    Ultrastructure and Replication of Insect Viruses

    Restricted Diffusion Filtration Through Columns of Chipped Agar Gel, a Model System for the Separation of Various Components Produced in Cells as a Consequence of Virus Infection

    Electron Microscopy of Reproductive Mechanism of the Psittacosis - Lymphogranuloma-Trachoma Group Virus in Cell Cultures

    The Distribution of Vaccinia Virus in Aggregates

    The Time Between Contact and Infection with Vaccinia Virus and L Cells

    Surface Examination of Cultured Cells After Rapid Adsorption of Vaccinia Virus

    Examination of Rinderpest Virus in Tissue Culture

    The Early Stages of Polyoma Virus Infection in Mice Subcutaneous Tissue

    Attachment and Penetration of Influenza Virus into Host Cells

    Studies on Rift Valley Fever Virus in Mouse Liver

    W-The Plant Cell

    L'Origine et le Développement des Vacuoles des Cellules Végétables

    Sur l'Origine et l'Evolution de l'Appareil Vacuolaire dans les Organes Aériens des Graminées

    The Physical Significance of Pit Structure for Inter-Tracheid Liquid Movement in Coniferous Woods

    Avocado (Persea Americana) - Cell Wall Structure

    Submicroscopical Changes of Cell Wall Structures by Wood-Destroying Fungi

    Observations of Chemical Modifications of Cotton Fibers at the Submicroscopic Level

    Observations on the Endosperm of Cocos nucifera, L

    Veränderungen der Zellstrukturen durch Gamma-Bestrahlung bei Embryonalen Wurzelzellen des Hafers

    Ultrastructural Effects of Mineral Deficiencies in the Meristematic Cells of the Cereal Shoot Apex

    Observations on Membranes in Plant Cells Fixed with OsO4

    Cytoplasm in Mature, Non-Germinated and Germinated Pollen

    Developmental Changes in Cytoplasmic Organelles


    Negative Staining of Gross Leukemia Virus in Thinly Spread Cells and After Partial Purification

    Electron Optical Studies on Immunological Reactions of Vaccinia Virus Particles in Suspensions and in Broken-Up Cells

    Quantitation of Papova Virus Particles in Human Warts

    Particle Counts on Herpes Virus in Phosphotungstate Negatively Stained Preparations

    Functional Factors in Virus Structure; A Guide to Grouping

    Two Types of Polyoma Virus Particle

    Studies on Street Rabies Virus Infected Mouse

    Attachment of Coliphage T2 to Escherichia coli B

    Elektronenmikroskopische Befunde an Gehirnen nach Infektion mit Tollwutvirus

    Studies on a Virus Isolated from Eyes of Cattle with Infectious Kerato-Conjunctivitis ("Pink-Eye")

    Cell-Virus Relationship in Mouse Lymphomas as Observed by Electron Microscope

    Acrolein - A Fine Structural Fixative for Viral Microcytochemistry

    LL-Cell Surface and Function

    Some Observations on the Fine Structure of the Interstitial Cell in the Human Testis

    Transport of Colloidal Particles Across the Corneal Endothelium

    Incorporation of Electron-Opaque Tracers by Cells of the Renal Glomerulus

    Specialized Sites on the Cell Surface for Protein Uptake

    Formation of the Brush Border by Fusion of Vesicles

    An Observation on the Thickness of Unit Membrane

    The "Hemato-Thymic Barrier" Examined with the Electron Microscope

    Die Oberflaechliche Konfiguration des Uebergangsepithels bei dem Meerschweinchen und Ihre Bedeutung

    Observations on the Relations Between Intestinal Epithelial Cells and Cellular Components of Luminal Contents in the Distal Ileum of the Mouse

    Modifications Ultrastructurales de la Vessie du Crapaud Traitée in Vitro par des Hormones Neurohypophysaires

    Studies on the Surface of the Erythrocyte with an Electron Microscope and Microcataphoresis

    The Ultrastructure of the Cuticle in the Cestodes H. Nana and H. Diminuta

    Electron Microscopic Studies on Vital Stain as Compared with Phagocytosis. A Concept of Segresomes

    MM-Tumor Viruses

    Avian Nephoblastoma Induced by BAI Strain A Virus

    Leukemic Cells and Etiological Virus in Long-Term Culture; Their Interrelationships with a Consideration of the Distribution of Viral Antigen

    An Intracellular Mode of Formation of Rous Sarcoma Virus. The Role of Temperature on the Multiplication of this Virus

    Substructure of Viruses within Cells Studied by Negative Staining

    Electron Microscope Studies on Mouse Lymphomas

    Purification and Subsequent Studies of the Mouse Mammary Tumor Virus

    Type C. Particles in Tissues of Mice with Nucleic Acid Induced Leukemia

    Submicroscopic Morphology of Mouse and Rat Leukemia Induced with Mouse Leukemia Virus

    NN-Mitotic Structures

    The Effect of Mercaptoethanol on the Mitotic Spindle

    Spindle Fibers in Meristematic Cells of Pisum sativum

    Conditions for Osmium Fixation of Fibrils in the Mitotic Apparatus

    The Metaphase-Figure in Saccharomyces

    Premières Observations sur la Structure Fine du Nucléole Révélées par des Méthodes de Cytochimie Ultrastructurale

    Sécrétion Nucléolaire au cours de la Spermatogenese de l'Ascaris

    Formation des Constituants Figurés du Cytoplasme à Partir du Nucléoplasme du Zygote chez le Proembryon du Pinus Laricio Poir. (Var. Austriaca)

    Studies on the Ultrastructure and Metabolism of Nucleoli in Amphibian Oocytes

    Persistence of Nucleolar Material in Mitotic Erythroblasts

    Observations on the Fertilized Egg and Two-Cell Stage of Mytilus edulis

    The Ultrastructure of the Centromere

    Species Specific Functional Structures of Spermatocyte Chromosomes in the Genus Drosophila

    OO-Cytoplasmic Organelles

    La Formation de Mitochondries Nouvelles dans les Spermatocytes du Rat

    Surface Structure of Whole and Sonicated Mitochondrial Membranes from Beef Heart

    Accumulation of Divalent Ions in Mitochondrial Granules of Intact Cells

    Micro-Centrifugal Processing of Isolated Mitochondria for Electron Microscopy

    The Observation of Unusual Membraneous Structures Associated with Liver Mitochondria in Thyrotoxic Rats

    Enzyme Activity and Electron Microscopy of Mouse Liver Mitochondrial Subfractions

    The Ultrastructure of Human Epithelial Cells (HEp2) Grown in Vitro

    Ultrastructure of Normal Human Thrombocytes

    Ultrastructural Features of the Ovine Placentome

    Fine Structure of the Endoderm Cells of an Ascidian Gastrula

    The Fine Structure of the Rat Rete Testis

    The Fine Structure of Mesenchymatous Cells in Regenerating Limbs of Larval and Adult Triturus

    Preliminary Observations on the Ultrastructure of the Lymph Gland Cells of Drosophila Melanogaster

    PP-Tumor Viruses and Neoplastic Cell

    Localization of RNA, Protein and Lipid in Rous Sarcoma Virus by Electron Microcytochemistry

    Preliminary Studies of Cytochemistry of Avian Tumor Viruses in Electron Microscopy

    Application des Techniques de Digestion Enzymatique et d'Autoradiographie à l'Etude de Virus Cancérigènes

    The Fine Cytology of Human Malignant Hepatoma Cells

    A Comparison of the Structure of Individual Tumor Cells

    Die Cancerogenese in der Rattenleber nach Verfütterung von Buttergelb

    Electron Microscopic Studies on Human Brain Tumor

    General Ultrastructure and Differentiation in Human Epidermal Neoplasms

    Observations on Human Malignant Lymphoma Cells

    Ultrastructure of Avian Sarcomas

    Electron Microscopy of the Mouse "Myeloma" Kidney

    Intracellular Duct Formation in Human Breast Cancer

    Observations on the Fine Structure of Slow and Fast-Growing Rat Hepatomas

    Further Observations on a Chicken Pancreas Agent

    Electron Microscopic Study of Uicerogenic Tumors of the Pancreas

    QQ-Extracellular Matrices

    Some Recent Results on the Electron Microscopy of Tropocollagen Structures

    Development of the Basement Lamella

    Features of Extracellular Matrices which Mineralize

    The Relationship Between the Apatite Crystals and the Organic Matrix of Rat Enamel

    Preferential Mineralization of Elastin in a Matrix Also Containing Collagen

    The Fine Structure of the Ameloblast-Enamel Junction in Rat-Incisors; Epithelial Attachment and Cuticular Membrane

    Observations on the Relationship Between the Inorganic and Organic Phases in Dental Enamel

    The Formation of Collagen Fibrils in Bone

    Investigation of the Erosion of Tooth Sections with an Argon Ion Beam

    The Fine Structure of the Osteocytes in the Adult Compact Bone

    On the Bone Induced by Estrogens in Birds

    Some Problems in Bone Pathology

    RR-Bacterial Morphology

    Fine Structure and Function in Bacteria

    The Electronmiscroscopic Evidence in the Study of Bacterial Sporulation

    On the Morphology of Conjugation in Bacteria

    The Fine Structure of a Fruiting Myxobacterium

    Fine Structure of Mycobacterial Cell

    Intracytoplasmic Membranous Organelles in Cell Division of Mycobacteria

    Protoplast Morphology and Chromatophore Formation in Rhodospirillum rubrum

    Electron Microscopic Observations on Cells of Bacillus megaterium Dissected with Bile Salts

    Studies on the Residual Cell Wall Structures of E. coli and B. megaterium Spheroplasts and of L-Forms of Proteus Mirabilis

    The Initial Formation of Para-Sporal Inclusions in Bacilli

    Demonstration of Structure-Bound Mineral Constituents in Thin-Sectioned Bacterial Spores by Ultramicroincineration

    On "Permanent Prophase Chromosomes" in Non-Dividing Bacteria


    E.M. Study of Atrophy by Denervation in Red and White Muscles of Rat

    The Fine Structure of Macrophages in WhippleTs Disease

    Observations of Human Leucocytes from Patients with Naturally Occurring Fevers

    Observations on Senile Elastosis Using the Electron Microscope

    Electron Microscopic Study of Ganglion Nerve Cells Undergoing Hypertrophy

    Ultrastructural Studies of Metastatic Calcification

    A Propos des Modifications Ultrastructurales dans les Tubes Initiaux du Rein lors de Diabete Alloxanique

    Acute Anuria and Osmotic Diuresis E.M. of Human Kidney Biopsy Material Embedded in Epon

    Elektronenmikroskopische Befunde zur Cytopathologie der Astrocyten im Zentralnervensystem der Säugetiere: Reaktive Veränderungen und gliöse Defektdeckung

    Electron Microscope Studies of the Homograft Reaction

    The Earliest Changes in Acute Normergic and Allergic Inflammation

    Synovial Tissue and the Uptake of Iron Following Intra-Articular Injection

    Pathologic Alterations of the Mesangium (Intercapillary Space)

    Experimental Ulcers of the Fundic Mucosa in Mice: Some Observations on the Early Stages of Regeneration

    Cytological Responses During Thyroxine-Accelerated Metamorphosis

    Über die zelluläre Differenzierung des Menschlichen Magencarcinoms

    Inclusion Bodies of Human Plasma Cells in Some Myeloproliferative Disorders

    TT-Intracellular Membrane Systems

    Physico-Chemical Behavior of Inner Membrane Systems

    Enzymic Activities of Cytomembranes

    The Sarcoplasmic Reticulum of Insect Muscles

    The Fine Structure of Triads from Swimmerette Muscle of A. salinus

    The Sarcoplasmic Reticulum of Macrocyclops albidus

    The Effects of Various Ions on the Sarcoplasmic Reticulum of Crayfish Muscle

    Ergastoplasmic Changes Associated with Glycogenolysis

    Properties of the Ergastoplasm of Seminal Vesicle Epithelium

    The Fine Structure of the Seminal Vesicles in Normal and Castrated Rats

    Maturation of Plasma Cells After Antigenic Stimulation

    Morphological Variations of the Cytoplasmic Membrane System in Gland Cells of the Adenohypophysis

    The Fine Structure of Rat Testicular Interstitial Tissue

    Fine Structure of the Mouse Testicular Interstitial Cell

    UU-Ultrastructure of Microorganisms

    Recherche de Cultures Portant sur des Germes Microbiens apres Examen en Microscopie Electronique sous Différentes Tensions d Accélération

    The Surface Envelope of Lampropedia hyalina

    Membrane Systems of Actinomyces bovis

    The Fine Structure of the Nuclear Apparatus of Saccharomyces

    The Fine Structure of Streptomyces cinnamonensis

    Ultrastructure of the Septal Pore Apparatus of Rhizoctonia solani

    Characterization of the Golgi Dictyosome of the Fungus Neobulgaria pura

    Some Observations on the Nucleus and the Kinetoplast of Leishmania donovani - the Kala-azar Parasite

    The Structure of Particles Isolated from the Chromatoid Body of Entamoeba invadens

    Ultrastructure du Pédoncule Fixateur chez les Ciliés Péritriches

    The Genesis of Basal Bodies with Special Reference to Stentor

    The Fine Structure of the Feeding Apparatus in Tokophrya infusionum

    Structural Changes in the Mitochondria of Tetrahymena pyriformis During the Growth Cycle

    The Non-Siliceous Fine Structure of a Diatom

    Details of the Fine Structure of the Primitive Blue-Green Alga, Anacystis Montana Var. Minor

    VV-Experimental Pathology

    On the Ultrastructural Changes of the Thyroid in Experimentally Radiothyroidectomized Rats

    Immediate and Delayed Effects of Ionizing Radiation on Hepatic Cells

    Alterations in Frog Skin after Heavy Gamma Irradiation

    Study of Regenerated Cortical Nervous Tissue After Alpha Particle Irradiation

    Ultrastructural and Enzymatic Changes in the Liver of the Riboflavin Deficient Rat

    Liver Cell Degeneration with Ethionine Administration

    Modifications Ultrastructurales des Hépatocytes au cours de l'Intoxication Chronique par la Thioacétamide

    Mitochondrial Alterations in Liver Cells Following Vitamin E Deficiency

    Early Cytoplasmic Changes of Mouse Liver During In Vitro Necrosis

    Electron Microscopic Studies on Vacuolar Degeneration

    The Nature of Inclusion Bodies in Lead Poisoning

    Distribution of Acid Phosphatase in Liver Tissue of Dextr an-Injected Mice as Observed with the Electron Microscope

    Changes in Renal Microvilli and Mitochondria After Phlorizin Treatment

    Lysosomes in Prostatic Epithelium of Older and Castrate Rats

    The Toxic Effects of "Habu" Snake Venom on the Renal Glomerulus

    Correlation Between Ultrastructural and Histochemical Changes in Experimental Hemoglobinuric Nephrosis

    Pathogenesis of Glomerular Ultrastructural Changes Induced by Nephrotoxic Serum

    Submicroscopic Study on Cells Isolated with Chelatings from Normal and Regenerant Livers of Rats

    WW-Ultrastructure of Cellular Systems

    The Fine Structure of Parafollicular (Light) Cells of the Rat Thyroid Gland

    Electron Microscopy of TSH-Stimulated Embryonic Chick Thyroids

    The Origin of the Thyroidectomy Cell in the Salamander

    Histogenesis of White Adipose Tissue

    Ultrastructure of the Blood Air Barrier of the Neonatal Human Lungs

    Pulmonary Epithelium in the Human Fetus and Newborn

    Structural Variation in Epithelial Cells from the Tip and Sides of Intestinal Villi of the Rat

    The Reticular Connective Tissue Cells of the Rat Spleen

    Electron Microscopy of the Female Rabbit Adenohypophysis

    Internal Structures Observed in Bovine Erythrocytes

    Nectar Secretion and Cell Membrane

    L'Origine des Inclusions en Bâtonnet des Macrophages

    Organization of Frog Oocytes Before the Yolk Synthesis

    Electron Microscope Observations on the Excretory Organ of the Pulmonary Molluscs

    XX-Self Duplicating Components

    Ultrastructure of Certain Self-Dependent Cytoplasmic Organelles

    The Fine Structure of Chromosomes of Ascites Tumor Cells as Revealed by Electron Microscopy

    Centriole Replication

    Observations Préliminaires sur la Structure et la Cytochimie du Centriole

    Light and Electron Microscope Studies of Tritiated Thymidine Incorporation

    Fine Structure of Grillus argentinus Spermatocyte Chromosomes

    Electron Microscopic Studies of Giant Salivary Gland Chromosomes

    Lampbrush Pachytene Chromosomes of Pigeon After Enzyme Treatment

    Chromosomes of Rat Testis

    Evolution de l'Infrastructure Plastidiale d'un Mutant Chlorophyllien du Chlorella vulgaris

    Electron Microscope Studies on the Development and Structure of Plastids in Cabbage Leaves

    Osmiophilic Granules of Spinach Chloroplasts

    YY-Synthesis and Secretion of Cell Products

    Some Morphological Aspects on the Secretory Activities of Various Glandular Cells

    An Analysis of the Secretory Process in the Exocrine Pancreatic Cell

    A Secretory Function of the Golgi-Apparatus in Certain Plant Cells

    The Fine Structure of the Histamine Stimulated Oxyntic Cell of Bullfrog In Vitro Gastric Musosa

    The Rectal Salt-Gland of Elasmobranchs

    Gas Secretion in Physalia, Involving Cells Lacking in Golgi and, Possibly, Mitochondria

    Experimental Production of Electron Dense Intramatrical Bodies in Adrenal Zona Glomerulosa Cells of Calves

    Studies of the Secretory Process of the Apocrine Gland of the Monkey

    Morphological Studies on the Catecholaminic Synthesis in the Adrenal Medulla

    The Fine Structure of the Mouse Anterior Pituitary During the Estrous Cycle

    Changes in the Ultrastructure of the Exocrine Pancreas of the Cat After Stimulation by Secretin and Pancreozymin

    Formation of the Acrosomal Process in Echinoderm Spermatozoa

    Index of Contributors for Volumes I and II follows article YY-12

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