Electromagnetic Wave Theory

Electromagnetic Wave Theory

Proceedings of a Symposium Held at Delft, The Netherlands, September 1965

1st Edition - January 1, 1967

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  • Editor: J. Brown
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483185927

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Electromagnetic Wave Theory, Part 2 contains the proceedings of a Symposium on Electromagnetic Wave Theory held at Delft, The Netherlands in September 1965. The symposium provided a forum for discussing electromagnetic wave theory and tackled a wide range of topics, from propagation in nonlinear media to electromagnetic wave propagation and amplification in solid-state plasmas. Electromagnetic waves in nonlinear transmission lines with active parameters are also considered, along with the phase dependence of maser active material Q-factor on pump intensity and frequency. Comprised of four sections, this volume begins with an analysis of two modes of propagation that are coupled through parametric modulation in nonlinear media. The discussion then turns to symmetry restrictions in nonlinear, non-absorbing, non-dispersive media; nonlinear interaction between two beams of plane electromagnetic waves in an anisotropic medium; radiation in periodically non-stationary media; and electromagnetic wave propagation in time-varying media. Subsequent chapters explore the diffraction of electromagnetic waves by plasma structures; resonant electromagnetic scattering from gyrotropic plasmas; scattering and transmission of electromagnetic waves at a statistically rough boundary between two dielectric media; and developments in wavefront reconstruction. This book will be useful for students, practitioners, and researchers in physics.

Table of Contents

  • Part 2

    Section D. Propagation in Non-Linear Media

    D.1 The Parametric Coupling of Modes of Propagation in Non-Linear Media

    D.2 Symmetry Restrictions, Non-Linear, Non-Absorbing, Non-Dispersive Media

    D.3 On Electromagnetic Wave Propagation and Amplification in Solid-State Plasmas

    D.4 Propagation of Modulated Waves in Non-Linear Dispersive Media

    D.5 Electromagnetic Waves in Non-Linear Transmission Lines with Active Parameters

    D.6 Nonlinear Interaction between two Beams of Plane Electromagnetic Waves in an Anisotropic Medium

    D.7 The Phase Dependence of Maser Active Material Q-Factor on Pump Intensity and Frequency

    D.8 Radiation in Periodically Nonstationary Media

    D.9 Electromagnetic Wave Propagation in Time-Varying Media

    D.10 The Structure of a Shock Electromagnetic Wave Front in Transmission Lines with Non-Linear Parameters

    D.11 Non-Linear Diffraction near the Focus of a Converging Wave

    D.12 Non-Linear Scattering by a Plasma Cylinder

    Section E. Antennas

    E.1 Experimental and Theoretical Evaluation of a Passive Communication Satellite (Echo II)

    E.2 Minimum Spot Size of Focused Apertures

    E.3 Radiation from the Paraboloid of Revolution

    E.4 Lentilles et Reflecteurs Bidimensionels à Grand Champ Angulaire

    E.5 Spherical Omnidirectional Antenna

    E.6 Diffraction Reflector Antennas

    E.7 Theoretical Investigation of Van Atta Reflectors

    E.8 Experimental Investigation of a Linear Van Atta Reflector

    E.9 Beam Scanning by a Dual-Mode Horn Antenna

    E.10 The Optimization of the Radiation Characteristics of an Open-Ended Waveguide

    E.11 On the Synthesis Problem for an Infinite Cylinder with an Axial Slot

    E.12 An Analysis of Surface Wave Antennas

    E.13 The "Backfire": A High Gain Cavity Antenna

    E.14 A Theoretical Study of the Conical Spiral Antenna

    E.15 Analysis and Synthesis of Aperture Fields of Log-Periodic Antennas

    E.16 The Equiangular Spiral Plane Excited by a Vertical Dipole

    E.17 Linear Arrays with Unequally-Spaced Radiators

    E.18 Analysis and Synthesis of the Radiating Near-Field of Array and Line Source Antennas

    E.19 A Method for Synthesizing a Cosecant Radiation Pattern by Phase Variation of a Constant Amplitude Equispaced Linear Array

    E.20 Optimum Non-Uniformly Spaced Antenna Arrays

    E.21 Moment Generated Non-Uniform Arrays

    E.22 Impedance of Linear Antenna in the Presence of a Stratified Dielectric

    E.23 Preparation of Continuously Stratified Medium for Experimental Studies on Radiation and Circuit Properties of Antennas in Different Environments

    Section F. Scattering and Diffraction

    F.1 Recent Highlights in Diffraction Theory

    F.2 Asymptotic Theory of Transients

    F.3 Asymptotic Expansions of Solutions of Initial-Boundary Value Problems for a Dispersive Hyperbolic Equation

    F.4 LOW Frequency Solution of Electromagnetic Scattering Problems

    F.5 Application of Conformal Mapping to Scattering and Diffraction Problems

    F.6 Wave Propagation near a Smooth Caustic

    F.7 Diffraction by a Transparent Elliptical Cylinder

    F.8 The Diffraction of Waves by a Penetrable Half-Plane

    F.9 Cross-Polarised Electromagnetic Fields Diffracted by Knife-Edge Obstacles

    F.10 The Scattering of a Plane Electromagnetic Wave by a Perfectly Conducting Spherical Shell with a Conical Hole

    F.11 Scattering of Microwaves by Dielectric Slabs and Hollow Dielectric Wedges

    F.12 High-Frequency Scattering by an Impenetrable Sphere

    F.13 On Transition Functions Occurring in the Theory of Diffraction in Inhomogeneous Media

    F.14 Correlated Signals from Uncorrelated Distributions of Scatterers

    F.15 Propagation in Random and Periodic Media

    F.16 High Frequency Wave Propagation through Dielectric Irregularities

    F.17 Scattering and Transmission of Electromagnetic Waves at a Statistically Rough Boundary between two Dielectric Media

    F.18 Diffraction by a Half-Plane in the Transverse Plane of a Uniaxially Anisotropic Medium

    F.19 Diffraction by a Wide Aperture in a Magnetoionic Medium

    F.20 Resonant Electromagnetic Scattering from Gyrotropic Plasmas

    F.21 Diffraction of Electromagnetic Waves by Plasma Structures

    F.22 Diffraction by a Slit of Intermediate Width in an Anisotropic Plasma

    F.23 Scattering from Inhomogeneous Anisotropic Plasma Columns

    F.24 Scattering of Short Electromagnetic Waves by a Circular Cylinder of Warm Enclosed Plasma

    Section G. Statistical Optics and Coherence

    G.1 La Formation et la Filtrage des Images Optiques

    G.2 Étude de Certains Problèmes d'Optique Statistique

    G.3 Coherent Transfer Characteristics of an Optical System

    G.4 Some New Theorems on Coherence Functions and in Cross-Spectral Densities of Wave Fields

    G.5 Some Properties of Higher Order Coherence Functions

    G.6 A "Thermostatic" Calculus for Space-Coherent Electromagnetic Radiation, and its Application to the Theory of Partial Coherence

    G.7 Rigorous Diffraction Theory with Partially Coherent Illumination

    G.8 Coherence Measurement in Radio Propagation

    G.9 Recent Developments in Wavefront Reconstruction

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  • No. of pages: 566
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Pergamon 1967
  • Published: January 1, 1967
  • Imprint: Pergamon
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483185927

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