Volumes 26 and 27 are both concerned with reactions occurring at electrodes arising through the passage of current. They provide an introduction to the study of electrode kinetics. The basic ideas and experimental methodology are presented in Volume 26, whilst Volume 27 deals with reactions at particular types of electrodes.

Chapter 1 of the present volume deals with redox reactions at metal electrodes, Chapter 2 with semiconducting electrodes and Chapter 3 with reactions at metal oxide electrodes. Both theoretical aspects and experimental results are covered.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Redox Reactions at Metal-solution Interfaces (M.J. Weaver). Introduction. Basic characteristics. Reaction types. Electron-transfer models. Comparisons between predictions of theoretical models and experimental kinetics. Future prospects. References. 2. Semiconductor Electrochemistry (A. Hamnett). Introduction. Electronic structure of semiconductors. Double layer models for the semiconductor-electrolyte interface. Alternating current techniques. Faradaic currents on semiconductors. Photoeffects in semiconductors. Semiconductor electrochemistry techniques involving light. References. 3. Reactions at Metal Oxide Electrodes (E.J.M. O'Sullivan, E.J. Calvo). Introduction. Types of oxide electrode. The metal oxide-electrolyte interface. Thermodynamic aspects of metal oxide electrodes. Ion and electron transfer reactions at metal oxide electrodes. Oxygen electrode. Chlorine evolution. Electro-organic reactions. Conclusions and recommendations. References. Index.


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