Volume 15. Electrical Stimulation in Pain Relief

1st Edition

Pain Research and Clinical Managemnet Series, Volume 15


  • B. A. Simpson
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    Dedication. Foreword. Preface. List of Contributors. 1. Introduction (B.A. Simpson). 2. The history of electrical stimulation of the nervous system for the control of pain (U. Rossi). 3. Principles of neurostimulation (J. Holsheimer). 4. Transcutaneous and peripheral nerve stimulation (M. Stanton-Hicks). 5. Sacral nerve root stimulation for interstitial cystitis (D.S. Bennett, D. Brookoff). 6. Spinal cord stimulation for back pain (G. Barolat, A. Sharan, J. Ong). 7. Spinal cord stimulation for neuropathic pain (J.C. Oakley). 8. Spinal cord stimulation for complex regional pain syndromes (D.S. Bennett, T.L. Cameron). 9. Spinal cord stimulation in peripheral vascular disease (G.H. Spincemaille). 10. Neuromodulation for refractory angina pectoris (T. Eliasson, M.J.L. DeJongste, C. Mannheimer). 11. Spinal cord stimulation - mechanisms of action in neuropathic and ischemic pain (B.A. Meyerson, B. Linderoth). 12. Spinal cord and peripheral nerve stimulation: technical aspects (R.B. North). 13. Motor cortex stimulation (J.-P. Nguyen, J.P. Lefaucheur, Y. Keravel). 14. Deep brain stimulation (V.M. Tronnier). 15. Selection of patients and assessment of outcome (B.A. Simpson). 16. The future of spinal cord stimulation and related "neuroaugmentative" procedures (E. Buchser, S. Thomson). Subject Index.


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