Electrical and Electronic Principles

Electrical and Electronic Principles

Volume 2

2nd Edition - January 1, 1987

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  • Author: S. A. Knight
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483278421

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Electrical and Electronic Principles, 2, Second Edition covers the syllabus requirements of BTEC Unit U86/329, including the principles of control systems and elements of data transmission. The book first tackles series and parallel circuits, electrical networks, and capacitors and capacitance. Discussions focus on flux density, electric force, permittivity, Kirchhoff's laws, superposition theorem, arrangement of resistors, internal resistance, and powers in a circuit. The text then takes a look at capacitors in circuit, magnetism and magnetization, electromagnetic induction, and alternating voltages and currents. Topics include phasors, addition and subtraction of sine waves, generator and motor principles, inductance of a coil, energy stored in an inductance, magnetization curves, magnetic hysteresis, and practical capacitor construction. The manuscript ponders on the elements of data transmission, principles of control systems, and instruments and measurements. Concerns include moving iron meter, measurement of resistance, automatic and temperature control, transmission methods, and channel capacity and encoding. The text is a vital reference for electrical and electronics engineers.

Table of Contents

  • 1 Units and Definitions System of Units

    Fundamental Dimensions

    Derived Units

    Electrical Units

    Radian Measure


    Problems for Section

    2 Series and Parallel Circuits Ohm's Law

    Arrangements of Resistors

    Internal Resistance

    Power in a Circuit

    Problems for Section 2

    3 Electrical Networks

    The Superposition Theorem

    Kirchhoff's Laws

    Potential Dividers

    Problems for Section 3

    4 Capacitors and Capacitance Flux Density

    Electric Force


    The Capacitor

    Problems for Section 4

    5 Capacitors In Circuit

    Capacitors in Series

    Capacitors in Parallel

    Energy in a Charged Capacitor

    Practical Capacitor Construction

    Problems for Section 5

    6 Magnetism and Magnetisation


    Definition of Unit Current

    The Solenoid


    Magnetisation Curves

    Magnetic Hysteresis

    Hysteresis Loss

    Problems for Section 6

    7 Electromagnetic Induction the Generator Principle

    The Motor Principle


    Inductance of a Coil

    The Transformer Principle

    Energy Stored in an Inductance

    Problems for Section 7

    8 Alternating Voltages and Currents

    Measurement of Alternating Quantities

    The A.C. Generator Principles



    Addition and Subtraction of Sine Waves

    Problems for Section 8

    9 Magnetic Circuits Series Magnetic Circuits

    Circuits with Air Gap

    Magnetic Circuit Materials

    Magnetic Screening

    Problems for Section 9

    10 Reactance and Impedance Circuit with Resistance

    Circuit with Inductance

    Inductive Impedance

    Circuit with Capacitance

    Capacitive Impedance

    Problems for Section 10

    11 Power and Resonance Power in A.C. Circuits

    Power in Series Circuits

    Resonance in a Series Circuit

    Reactance Curves

    Voltages at Resonance

    Problems for Section 11

    12 A.C. to D.C. Conversion A.C. to D.C. Conversion

    Rectifiers and Rectification


    Problems for Section 12

    13 Instruments and Measurements

    Moving Coil Meter

    Moving Iron Meter

    Shunts And Multipliers

    Connections and Errors

    Measurement of Resistance

    The D.C. Potentiometer

    Alternating Current Measurements

    Rectified Instruments

    Problems for Section 13

    14 Principles of Control Systems

    Open-Loop and Closed-Loop System

    Characteristics of Control Systems

    Automatic Control

    Temperature Control

    Transient and Steady-State Behaviour


    Position Control


    Problems for Section 14

    15 Elements of Data Transmission

    Analogue and Digital Quantities

    Data Transmission

    Transmission Methods

    Modulated Data Transmissions


    Channel Capacity and Encoding

    Serial and Parallel Transmission

    Rs232c Interface

    Problems for Section 15

    Solutions to Problems


Product details

  • No. of pages: 176
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Newnes 1988
  • Published: January 1, 1987
  • Imprint: Newnes
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483278421

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S. A. Knight

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