Elastic Analysis of Soil-Foundation Interaction

1st Edition

Authors: A.P.S. Selvadurai
Hardcover ISBN: 9780444416636
eBook ISBN: 9780444596284
Imprint: Elsevier Science
Published Date: 1st January 1979
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Table of Contents


Chapter 1. Introduction to Soil—Foundation Interaction Problems

1.1 Idealized Soil Behaviour

1.2 Foundation Behaviour

1.3 Interface Behaviour

1.4 Analytical Techniques

1.5 Scope of Soil—Foundation Interaction Analysis

Chapter 2. Idealized Soil Response Models for the Analysis of Soil-Foundation Interaction

2.1 Elastic Models of Soil Behaviour

2.1.1 The Winkler Model

2.1.2 Elastic Continuum Models

2.1.3 Two-Parameter Elastic Models

2.2 Elastic—Plastic and Time Dependent Behaviour of Soil Masses

2.2.1 Elastic—Plastic Behaviour

2.2.2 Time Dependent Behaviour

Chapter 3. Plane-Strain Analysis of an Infinite Plate and an Infinitely Long Beam

3.1 Bernoulli—Euler Beam Theory and its Modifications

3.1.1 Effects of Shear Deformations

3.2 Plane-Strain Analysis of the Infinite Plate Problem

3.2.1 Infinite Beam Loaded by a Concentrated Force

3.2.2 Infinite Beam Loaded by a Concentrated Couple

3.3 Reissner's Method of Analysis of the Infinite Plate Problem

3.4 Three-Dimensional Effects in the Infinite Beam Problem

3.4.1 Infinite Beam of Finite Width Resting on a Winkler Medium

3.4.2 Infinite Beam of Finite Width Resting on a Two-Parameter Elastic Medium

3.4.3 Infinite Beam of Finite Width Resting on an Isotropic Elastic Half-Space

3.5 Some Numerical Results for the Infinite Beam Problem

Chapter 4. The Analysis of Beams of Finite Length

4.1 Finite Beams on a Winkler Medium

4.1.1 The Method of Initial Parameters

4.1.2 The Method of Superposition

4.1.3 The Strain Energy Method

4.2 F


Developments in Geotechnical Engineering, Vol. 17: Elastic Analysis of Soil-Foundation Interaction focuses on the analysis of the interaction between structural foundations and supporting soil media.

The publication first elaborates on soil-foundation interaction problems; idealized soil response models for the analysis of soil-foundation interaction; and plane-strain analysis of an infinite plate and an infinitely long beam. Discussions focus on three-dimensional effects in the infinite beam problem, elastic models of soil behavior, foundation and interface behavior, and elastic-plastic and time-dependent behavior of soil masses. The manuscript then ponders on the analysis of beams of finite length, axisymmetric three-dimensional problem of an infinite plate, and analysis of finite plates. Concerns cover axisymmetric loading of a circular plate, analysis of rectangular plates, axisymmetric three-dimensional problem of the infinite plate, modifications of the thin plate theory, finite beams on a two-parameter elastic medium, and finite beams on an elastic solid medium.

The book tackles the determination of soil parameters, experimental investigations and field studies, as well as experimental investigations and field studies and measurement and interpretation of parameters encountered in the idealized soil models in relation to soil-foundation behavior.

The publication is a valuable reference for researchers interested in the elastic analysis of soil-foundation interaction.


© Elsevier Science 1979
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@qu:The book is clearly written and is an excellent reference... the presentation is lucid and a definite contribution to its field. @source: Applied Mechanics Reviews

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