Egan's Fundamentals of Respiratory Care - 10th Edition - ISBN: 9780323082013

Egan's Fundamentals of Respiratory Care

10th Edition

eBook ISBN: 9780323082013
Imprint: Mosby


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Steven K. Hamick, BIS, RRT, AE-C (William Beaumont Hospitals)

In its 40th year, the revised ninth edition of this book is considered by many to be the authoritative text in the field of respiratory care. Last updated in 2003, this edition continues the tradition of defining the profession of respiratory care by providing the requisite information for students and serving as a valued resource for practitioners.

This book provides the education foundation for respiratory therapy students in training, yet serves as a treasured reference for practitioners.

It is uniquely written for both respiratory care students and practitioners. The authors, unquestionably, are experts in their fields of expertise.

This edition contains an unprecedented 51 chapters in seven sections. Each chapter begins with objectives, an outline, and key terms and ends with references. Four-color images, tables, "Rule of Thumb" notations, "Mini Clini"

case studies, and key points reinforce learning concepts throughout the book.

Four appendixes covering temperature corrections, STPD to BTPS and STPS to STPD conversions, normal values for vitals, blood gas parameters, hematology, blood chemistry, hemodynamics, and pulmonary function are supplemented by additional information (common medical abbreviations, equations, etc.) on the inside covers. The book ends with an excellent glossary and index.

More than just a textbook for students, this ninth edition defines the standards of practice in respiratory care and serves as an invaluable resource, particularly for hospital-based practitioners. Given the continuous advances in medicine and their impact on respiratory care, it is hoped the authors will continue to revise this book to educate and reinforce practice standards.


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